The Many Woofy Faces Of Australian Weightlifter, Damon Kelly

BOOM! POW! BOOM! That’s pretty much the only way I could verbalize my instant thoughts when I first saw this Australian weightlifter.  His name is Damon Kelly and when I quickly did some thorough research (lol), I noticed that for a weightlifter, he’s quite stylish, to the point that I might even call him a “hipster” (or “bipster” for “bear hipster”).  Let me lay out the evidence, and you be the judge…

But before we do so, let’s get to know this massive man’s skills in weightlifting.  Here is a video of him from the Commonwealth Games last year:

Ain’t he a sexy bunyip*?!  A massive guy sporting a bald head and thick beard is always a perfect and lethal combination.  Anyway, as far as our bunyip is concerned, here are the photographic evidence showing just how stylish Mr. Damon Kelly is…

* (I’m trying to learn Australian slang, though apparently, bunyip means “a mythical bush spirit, Australia’s bigfoot; probably just a hairy surfie!” lol.)

Blimey! He is the dinky-di! A fair dinkum Aussie! The ridgy-didge! Gday mate! (lol, got carried away)

Seriously, just look at this image. Does it look like its from a weightlifting competition? Or does it look like its from some colorful Bear Fashion Show?

6 thoughts on “The Many Woofy Faces Of Australian Weightlifter, Damon Kelly”

  1. The fellow has a good face…powerful features appeal, especially the eyes. If his heart and personality are a match to his face and body-strength, what a supreme catch he’d be!

  2. oh my goodnes he is very hot i have some other pics without bear and with it he looked bearlicious mmmm have you found any picture of him shirtless he surely must have a very hairy chest woooof

  3. I’m falling in love with Damo right now. What a hot guy. By the way, where did you find the last picture? Couldn’t find it. Can I see more his shirtless pictuers? Thanks.

    1. Most of those photos are from his Facebook, especially the shirtless one. The other photos are just out there from sports and photo sites. I will definitely post more shirtless photos if I managed to find more. 🙂

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