Casey Campbell: There Is More To This Prime Bear

Casey Campbell More To Prime 01The moment the darkened light slowly revealed a husky Amazon employee theatrically singing “More To Prime” on television, I fell immediately and instantly in love with the gorgeous bear.

What’s not to love? Such a cute and handsome face, a husky physique I’m sure all lovers of the dadbod physique went drooling over, and a fantastic singing voice that just practically made the entire Earth swoon and quiver.

Luckily for us (in the US, anyway), he’s in a couple of TV commercials. One of his most recent one is with CarFax:

Here’s a less beardy Casey beating himself violently (I love the “Do not attempt” warning in the commercial) because he couldn’t afford to increase his A/C to 2 more degrees because he has a car payment to make. If only he had used CarFax…

And in this Kings Hawaiian commercial, Casey plays an adorable dad with a not-so adorable kid stealing the one thing he craves for in life: Kings Hawaiian sweet dinner rolls. Number one reason to not have children.

Next is this series of Stratosphere commercials about “Taking Vegas Back.” It’s a manifesto about doing things like drinking a six-pack instead of just having a six-pack; just ordering a regular drink; and just wearing shorts while chilling with friends. I’m from Vegas, and I do agree that casinos like Stratosphere do cater to locals and tourists who just want to chill out. I do like what they’re advertising here, as they’re making Vegas a more grounded place to be in where you can just have fun. No lie. I love it in Vegas. And tourists love it too, from my experience.

Holy moley, this sexy fella has more commercials!

This TradeStation spot is definitely one of my favorites. Casey’s delivery is just spot-on. He needs more acting gigs in feature-length films for sure. Also, he was feeling “bearish” on the steak…

Not quite sure if this is his voice, but, either way, he’s darn-tootin’ hot in a Western-inspired weed & grass killing commercial for Roundup.

This is his Jose Cuervo commercial. He could be wearing just underwear and I’ll follow him to go wherever… Umm… I guess I should be saying that he could be wearing a 5-layer padding of clothing and I’ll still follow him wherever.

In this commercial for the TV show, SVU, he plays the perfect clueless straitlaced dad. His face is just very expressive. And cute, if I had neglected to mention that.

Finally, here is a hilarious “What Happens In Vegas, Stays In Vegas” commercial. I just love Casey’s confused look at his wife’s sketchbook of stick figure drawings, instead of seeing actual photos.

Hmm… if you’ve made it this far then you’re going to get excited for the next post… Because he gets shirtless. That’s right ladies and gents. Shirtless!… -___^

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