Drew Powell: Solomon Grundy, Gotham’s Thick Musclebear For Any Dark Day

Drew Powell Gotham S04E05 Solomon Grundy Origin 50.jpg

Gotham is one of my favorite TV shows. Third season, was undoubtedly the best, in my humble opinion. The 2-part season finale was beyond exciting and characters would just drop off like flies left and right. I loved it.

What got me excited for the fourth season, was when we found out Drew Powell’s Butch Gilzean’s character’s “real” name was Cyrus Gold.

Believe me, I was a giddy little school girl when I found out in the 3rd season’s finale that he was mudda F’N CYRUS GOLD!

So when episode 5 of season 4 came rolling around, I was shocked in amazement to see Solomon Grundy’s origin story. Holy. Serious. Fuck.

To be honest, Drew Powell is one of the main reasons why I kept watching the show. Butch was a character you just loved to hate, yet at the same time, he was just so bearishly endearing. Gotham is definitely no stranger to having husky and chubby characters; and casting did a great job with Mr. Powell. I just wonder if Butch was already planned on becoming Solomon Grundy from the get-go. Whatever it was, it definitely caught me off guard. But what a pleasant surprise it was. Such a pleasant surprise, that I shall barrage you with screencaps…

I am curious where they will go with Grundy’s character. He’s basically a hulking man-child and I wonder if he might even be a hero instead of a villain. (Off-tangent, a similar film plot where it involved a hulking man-child who was forced to fight in death matches is Lou Ferrigno’s film, Cage.) If previous episodes are any indication, they will make sure that Arkham will sound like a better place to be in than Gotham City…

I will definitely be anticipating to see what happens with Solomon Grundy’s story arc. Major congrats to Drew Powell to becoming one of DC’s legendary villains.

The following screenshots are from Season 4, Episode 6…


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