BearMythology version 5.0

BearMythology Version 5.0

Here I go again.

Last time I posted was on April of 2018. It’s getting close to April 2021, so it’s been three years since I was here. During that time, I would randomly post on tumblr.

I also got addicted to TikTok, where I mostly danced and got political. I also spent most of my time browsing through Twitter and Reddit, reading through news & opinions that closely matched mines.

Then in August of Our Year of the Coronovirus, I underwent a Triple Bypass Heart Surgery. It was mostly due to genetics, but it was also mostly due to my diet. In 2020, I ate the unhealthiest foods imaginable.

Here I am. I have survived the surgery. Still unemployed. As an introvert, you figure that I would have loved the isolation. But it completely affected me. I was depressed to the core.

Well, I am slowly getting out of my rut and I am vowing to continue my WordPress blog. I will also do something different. I will do something that I have always dreamt of and talked about for the past 30 years: to create a “Bear Magazine.” Not the adult type of magazine, but more of a Celebrity/Athlete/Social Media type of magazine.

That is literally what I have been doing on this blog and on tumblr. However, I want something that’s “tangible.” Granted, I cannot afford to make actual magazines, so this will be a “digital magazine” format, or an “e-mag” (e-magazine). It’s definitely cost-productive and easier to do.

I also want to start something that will encourage others to do the same. There’s information overload on any topic you can think of, and “digests” are definitely something that I am seeing will become popular in the future — if not, they definitely already are.

Just look at the bears culture. In tumblr alone, I have seen various types of bears that people are attracted to. And it’s even more amazing to see just how many of us are out there. It’s definitely not how it used to be back in 1993 where I was connected on dial-up (such as AOL and Earthlink) talking to about 200 people through BBS and email digests. Talking about John Goodman and Richard Karn (Al Borland from Home Improvement).

Starting on April 1st, I will publish my very first issue of my e-magazine. I will publish this monthly. I will also try to be as social as possible, because I believe in this e-mag and would like to promote it.

I do worry about celebrities, athletes, and social media personalities not being too happy to be in my blog and upcoming e-magazine. This blog has always existed to promote them. And if they’re in my blog, it means that, at the very least, I personally find them visually appealing. Yes. It’s just art. At the barest minimum, I find them as artistic works. And as I always do, I will reference everything that I post and share.

I also discovered that advertisers do not want anything to do with my blog because it’s not “family-friendly” (it was considered “disagreeable and offensive”). WordPress Support even suggested that I leave them and move to another host (that kinda hurt me); but I really don’t want an advertising solution with questionable products and services to promote. I don’t want you guys to hate me.

So I am specifically choosing the ads which I think will be of interest to you. And I promise that such ads will not be intrusive at all.

So you will notice that I have a PayPal link for donation. There will be banner ads, and affiliate links starting from now (both in my WordPress blog and the upcoming e-mag). I will be transparent with such ads. Not only will this support my hosting fees, this will definitely encourage me to continue. Though, honestly, I can do this for free — which is what I have been doing for the past three decades. But being unemployed and realizing your mortality makes you reconsider things. 🙂

Thank you very much. Looking forward to talking to you guys. See you.

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