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Joey Oglesby: Handsome Headshots

The unbelievably handsome Joey Oglesby just posted an IMDB headshot and two new woofy headshots.  I knew that if I kept e-stalking his MySpace Page, I’ll eventually find new photos.  Lol.  And what a present it was today!  I mean, I just can’t help it.  The man is just beyond gorgeous.  I hate to talk hyperbole, but in this case, I’ll make an exception.  This man is pure and simple utter perfection.  It’s true.  *sighs*

And as an important Public Service Announcement, Season 2 of Friday Night Lights comes out on DVD this Tuesday, April 22.  Why is this important?  I have 4 reasons:

REASON #1: Joey Oglesby appears in 5 episodes
REASON #2: He’s shirtless in one of them
REASON #3: He reveals his armpits in most of them
REASON #4: It’s freaking Joey Oglesby.  You don’t need any other reasons

Just in case you need a visual reminder:

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