Dieter Seidenkranz: German Strongman

German strongman, Dieter Seidenkranz, definitely caught my eye when I first saw the photo you see above.  That smile just caught me blissfully unaware…

Check out this YouTube interview of his.  I have no clue what’s being said, but, man, oh, man, I can just watch the man talk for hours on end…
(higher quality version)

Unfortunately, that site doesn’t exist any longer.  Fortunately, I was able to archive the fantastic photos that were in that website.  (It was actually a strongman site for both Dieter Seidenkranz and Andi Hoffman.)

Need I say that this is my favorite Dieter Seidenkranz photo?  Yes!

Just look at those arms…

This is either from a TV show or film.  Does anybody know?

I love the following photos as they focus on his fantastic muscular pecs.

Here are some commercials that he was in:

Not sure if it’s a commercial or a photo shoot. Either way, he’s very “woofy”…

EDIT: In the comments section, it’s been mentioned that Mr. Seidenkranz had passed away due to suicide. His cause of death is embolism. You will be very missed, sir.

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  1. This is a very old post but I would like to clarify a little bit. 🙂
    He didn’t commit suicide, although the neglect of his health had to do with his death. I want to tell you his story as a means of education:
    He had varicose veins and postponed their treatment all the time. Then two coincidences led to his death: He was flying to Hamburg and back – you can imagine, not a comfortable thing for a huge man like him and also not great for his veins. The day after he did mention pain in his calves. This is usually a sign of an emergency, that embolism might be imminent. Again the day after he perfomed some of his training routines as a summer project for children. That caused the clot to travel through his body and killed him that very day. It could have been prevented, if he had visited his doctor as recommended. If you know someone with varicose veins, please urge them to seek treatment.

    He was a kind, energetic man, a bit of a peacock but with a golden heart, who commited all his time to his work, his ambitions to become an actor and to his family.
    Best wishes from his now adult daughter 😉
    If anybody is interested in stories, feel free to ask.

  2. actually he´s dead. by scd. he was handeled the strongest man in germany. he died in 2006.
    the one photo of him is from the german tv show hausmeister krause which is not very funny but very popular.
    really sexy guy.

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