Cute Guy Uses His Cubbish Charms To Sell Trident Layers Gum And It Works


Commercials are, more or less, fairly effective.  They are visual invasions and auditory assaults to the senses which can do their manipulative job in less than 30 seconds.  When I first saw the “Sword” Trident Layers Gum commercial, the ad did its spectacular magic on me as the cute cub in it caught my attention in less than 3 seconds. [KEEP ON WOOFIN’!]

Sumo Wrestlers & White Background: “Distributel”


My good friend, Erl, from the Brotherhood Of Bears Yahoo Group has shared this “Distributel” commercial using sumo wrestlers to make a visual point.

There’s something about seeing two semi-nude large men superimposed on an overwhelmingly white background.  You can check out more screenshots in the bearmythology Flickr Photostream.

Sumo Wrestlers - Distributel 15

Drew Powell: Mr. “Stinky” Auto Coverage


Drew Powell insurance 08

Is Drew Powell cornering the market of “the sweaty and smelly husky guy”?  Check out his Jack-In-The-Box fruit smoothies commercial for proof.

Drew Powell as Mr. “Stinky” Auto Coverage

Anyway, I’m guessing that the rest of the population is supposed to cringe at the “fat slob” as the camera focuses on his sweaty armpits and belly fold (lol, thanks DG!).  I’m also guessing that it should induce a nasty nasal reaction from such images.  I say “guessing” because all I could see is an amazingly beautiful and huggable husky body that’s drenched in sweat and emanating a delicious musky scent.

Drew Powell insurance 02

Drew Powell insurance 09

Drew Powell insurance 04

Drew Powell insurance 07

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Terry Hollands: Big Tall Order Model



I’ve been going through the blog’s comments and missed out on Matt updating us about strongman, Terry Hollands, being a model for Big Tall Order.  I quickly went to the website and guess which links I clicked on first?  That’s right.  “Trousers” and “Underwear.”  Unfortunately, there were no husky models for those links and I hope I can convince you guys to email the proprietors and demand them that we need to see Terry Hollands modeling in trousers and underwear, because — goshdangit! — we need to, uh, make informed decisions when making our purchases…  Yeah, that’s it…  ;P

Terry Hollands Big Tall Order

And here are just a few more of Terry Hollands awesome modeling photos…

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Billy Keenly Pimping


A year ago, Chubarama posted this hilarious video that starred Billy Keenly.  I then clicked on a advertisement on YouTube and pleasantly found Billy in it:

Anyways, so I went to and went straight to the Images search and typed in “musclechub” (’s musclechub results) and got 5 images.  Lol.   And that’s with Safe Search off.  I then didn’t try the rest because the Image search is a dealbreaker for me (the actual search might actually be spectacular).  Anyway, here’s more of Billy Keenly from that Microsoft commercial.  Billy has a MySpace page too and check out his Serious Lunch comedy troupe.

Billy Keenly bing 01

Billy Keenly bing 02

Billy Keenly bing 03

Cute Chub Involved In Improv & Advertising For Eclipse Gum



Vodpod videos no longer available.

There’s a series of commercials for Eclipse gum in Funny Or Die.  It’s pretty good and it’s even better because there is this cute chub who I probably wouldn’t reject even if he did have bad breath.  He’s called Will but I’m not sure what his real and full name is.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Two Hawaiian Musclebears & A Whoo-Ha Black Musclechub Taking A Shower


This is a trailer for the ‘Ohina Short Film Showcase 2003 in Hawaii.  And, more importantly, whoever picked the actors for this commercial deserves a gold star.  The second musclebear is bodybuilder, Ernest Chang, and I have no clue who the other two are.  My personal favorite is definitely the massively built black musclechub.  The moment he showed up on the video, I actually silently spelled “Damn!” as “D-A-Y-U-M!” in my head.

ohina-musclechubThe reason the post’s title had a random Pacino “Whoo-Ha!”