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BearMythology Tumblr Version 2.0

Rob Crow 02

I’ve been spending most of my time at Tumblr simply because I am still working on my main computer (upgrading, fixing, and all that) and it’s easier for me to post via my phone.  Anyway, make sure to check out my two Tumblr pages:


BearMythology Fetishes (Totally NSFW!)

Just recently posted about the woofy Rob Crow in my main Tumblr blog and a very different look at Orcs and Dwarves in World Of Warcraft in my scandalous Fetishes blog…

Corey Procter: Dallas Cowboys’ Center, Free Reign Drummer, Buffalo Bill Impersonator

Corey Procter as Jim Morrison
In an alternate universe, I would so buy this album...

A few months ago, Pat sent me an email about a metal group composed of four Dallas Cowboys players called “Free Reign” and I’ve been meaning to post about it but just “forgot” about it.  (I’m sorry, Pat!)  Two days ago, Brad sent me a video link to one of the woofy band member being shirtless and reenacting a very memorable/disturbing scene from Silence Of The Lambs.  You just have to see it for yourself…

Point is, I seem tend to focus on any news concerning big guys being shirtless…  😉

Corey Procter

This spectacularly beefy man is Corey Procter (Dallas Cowboys’ Center and Free Reign‘s drummer).  Here’s a video of Corey Proctor and Marc Colombo promoting their debut concert at the Granada Theater:

Free Reign 1

Free Reign 2

Goonday Moonday: Joell Ortiz

joell ortiz

Joell Ortiz is a Puerto Rican rapper who specializes in freestyle.  I am not truly a big fan of freestyling, but I do respect the art of improvising hip hop lyrics.  And, maybe I’m biased, but I have listened to a number of Joell Ortiz’s music and I can safely say that he is a master of his craft.  Perhaps the eye candy of such a husky and stocky Latino is clouding my vision?  Well, you guys decide for yourself.  Here are a couple of music videos from Mr. Ortiz.  (Check out his blog, which is written by other bloggers and Mr. Ortiz himself — just read the “Tags”…  We’re using the same WordPress template.  Word up.)

This one is my favorite.  It’s titled, Good Times.


Here are some photos (courtesy of Natty Photography) from the making of Memories

Joell Ortiz and Rik Cordero

Joell Ortiz Memories 01

Joell Ortiz Memories 02

Joell Ortiz Memories 03

You’ll notice that  Joell likes to wear a wifebeater a lot.  Here is a NSFW interview of him just wearing a black tanktop.  Gadzooks!  This Brooklyn Bullgoon definitely has thick arms and a massive chest.

Currently, Joell Ortiz is part of a hip-hop supergroup called Slaughterhouse…  Joell reminds me of Yankees pitcher, C.C. Sabathia, in this album cover.


CC Sabathia New York Yankees

This first song that they have released is very radio-friendly, in my opinion (even with the explicit lyrics).  I expected their songs to be a bit more hardcore, but maybe this is that introduction song to draw audiences in.  In fact, Joell’s lyrics are a bit “subdued,” for lack of a better word.  Still, he knows how to flow with his rhymes and, as a bonus, he’s wearing a wifebeater on a couple of scenes…

Joell Ortiz The One

Joell Ortiz - slaughterhouse 01

Joell Ortiz slaughterhouse apron 1What is it with rap and blood?  Check out Spain’s Panzers’ album cover


BearSong Sunday: Jason Singleton Of Trust Company

TrustCompany band

I was never a huge fan of Trust Company (aka TRUSTcompany), but the few songs I’ve heard from them were definitely memorable.  Downfall is definitely one of my favorites:

[vodpod id=Groupvideo.2887926&w=425&h=350&fv=]

And, of course, the other main reason is to point out the fact that the drummer is quite a handsome cub (note that drummers tend to be taken by bearish men).  His name is Jason Singleton and don’t be fooled by his young & cubbish good looks.  He’s definitely of legal age.

Jason Singleton flexingJason Singleton drinking

I just saw Criss Angel Believe @ The Luxor and his use of creepy and haunting bunnies in the show reminded me of the music video for Running From Me.

[vodpod id=Groupvideo.2887930&w=425&h=350&fv=]

Jason Singleton 01

Jason Singleton 02

Jason Singleton 03

Jason Singleton 05

Jason Singleton 06

Jason Singleton 07

The Electric James Monroe Iglehart Sings “Silent E”

James Monroe Iglehart (pronounced eagle heart) has one of the most memorable songs, Silent E, in a show that I’ve been a staunch supporter of: The Electric Company.  I would have paid more attention in grade school if my teacher looked like Mr. Iglehart.  And, wow, this gorgeous bear can sing as well.

James Monroe Iglehart 04

James Monroe Iglehart 02

Shirtless Saturday: Big B

Big B

That beautiful man above is none other than my local city’s beloved rapper, Big B (real name Bryan Mahoney).  He has been a staple of the Las Vegas’ music scene and you can see him in a couple of billboard posters in the city.  Here’s a couple of him promoting a pool bar called Rehab at the Palms Resorts Casino:

Palms rehab

Big B rehab promo 01

Big B rehab promo 02

Big B reminds me of a hybrid between Yankees pitcher, Joba Chamberlain, and one of my favorite woofy actor Brian Leckner (will post about this handsome man soon).  Unlike those two, Big B is oftentimes shirtless — proudly and comfortably showing his tatooed-filled body.  One word can come out of it: HOT.  As this is Shirtless Saturday, here are just a few music videos of him where he’s shirtless for most of the time…

He is actually singing with one of my favorite groups, OPM.

My all-time favorite song from Big B, “White Trash Life.”
(The way he’s rapping here, he sounds like Billy Milano.)

The following is not a “shirtless” video, though we get to see Big B in a prison outfit while he recreates for us what his “camel toe” looks like.  Much thanks for Big B’s daytime boss, Corey Hart (of Inked fame).  Yes, most musicians have a second job just to make ends meet.

[vodpod id=Groupvideo.2679673&w=425&h=350&fv=file%3D%2Fhh-swf%2Fhart-tv%2FBIG_B_VIDEO_SHOOT_Part_1.flv%26autostart%3Dfalse]
This is a behind-the-scenes for Big B’s latest music video, Sinner.
(More similar Big B videos on the Hart & Huntington site.)

And I just have to pimp OPM (been a big fan since their classic Heaven Is A Halfpipe) by posting one of their newest songs (Dirty White).  And not only is this a great song, we get to see Big B with a goatee!

Finally, here are more shirtless goodness from the lovely Big B.  All of the photos that have been posted here are from his MySpace page.

Big B Tattoos

Big B 05

Big B 10

Big B 11

Big B beard

Big B 03

Big B 04

Big B 08

Big B 09

And, finally, here’s a rebus for ya…

Big B 06

Shirtless Steelers’ Casey Hampton = I Have “Nothing Left To Say”

In the above photo, Casey Hampton of the Pittsburgh Steelers celebrates his team’s SuperBowl victory with his adoring fans.  Man, don’t you just want to hug the big guy?  You can find him semi-shirtless in this post as well…

Seriously, I have nothing left to say by just staring at that beautiful perfection.  And with that, here’s one of my favorite R&B groups from back in the day, Mint Condition, singing “Nothing Left To Say.”  They’re back with a vengeance and still delivering dope (yeah, I said “dope”) rhythms.

Ray Winstone: Happy Valentine’s Day

Last year’s Valentine, I talked about how I did not have a Valentine since 2004.  Today is no different.  However, because of it, I managed to find time to celebrate today’s Valentine’s Day by creating a music video from Martina McBride & Jim Brickman’s “My Valentine” with Ray Winstone‘s locker room scene from All In The Game.

Anyway, here’s a funny song that inspired me to do the above video…

Anyway, I just uploaded the video so it might take some time to process.  As I’m going out (to work, unfortunately), I’m posting this now…  In the meantime, somebody needs to bitchslap the lady below.  ^_^


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Big Black Musclebear Bartender Wearing A White Wifebeater In A Music Video Challenges You To Find A Specific Halls Candy TV Commercial


Back in the day, I would randomly channel surf the television while I had a blank VHS tape in my VCR.  This VCR would then be on “Pause/Record” so that I could just hit “Pause” again with my remote control so that I could somewhat instantly record a “bearish” guy that shows up on the boob tube.  One of the annoyances of said VCR is that it automatically un-paused itself if I did not hit “Pause” within 5 minutes or so.  So, I’d be constantly hitting the freaking “Pause” button every 1 minute so that I won’t experience a “recording delay” common to VCRs.  You might be asking, “Hey, Will, what is this recording delay“?  Well, my DVR-spoiled brethren, there’s a margin of error of about 5 seconds before you truly began recording on a VCR.  And since I was always searching and waiting for “money shots” of our bearish kin, those 5 seconds are utterly crucial.

“Crucial”?  You might be laughing at such silliness, but take this precautionary tale to heart: I was enjoying an episode of DangerMouse on Nickelodeon when the VCR “timed out” and un-paused itself.  Suddenly, without any warning, that Halls Candy commercial with the two hairy, large, and beefy Turkish bears in a bath and only wearing a towel showed up while my Cheetos-encrusted fingers could not find the remote control’s “Pause” button in time.  And by the time I hit “Pause,” it was all too late.  All I recorded was the final 4 seconds of the commercial where I could only see the Halls Candy.  To this day, I’ve hunted for this commercial far and wide and I have been wholly unsuccessful.  This Halls Commercial is my Moby Dick…

Well, back on topic, that’s just an extra back story for my blurry collage of that big black musclebear bartender wearing a white wifebeater in a 112 music video titled, Anywhere.  There was a time in my life when I just watched music videos on MTV, VH-1, CMT, and BET.  That above collage are screenshots from my BET music video watching days.

1:35 | 1:42 | 1:48 | 1:54 | 2:01 | 2:19 | 2:32 | 3:38
(exact times you see the bartender)… lol

So if there is anybody out there who knows where we can view this Halls Commercial, I will be deeply grateful and I will send you a reward.  I’m not kidding.  Trust me on this, it will be a fairly great reward…

Woofy Winner Wednesday: Kyle Gass


Well, it was the closest poll so far that it’s almost a tie.  However, based on emails, comments, and poll (106-116), Kyle Gass got the edge and was voted as your woofiest member of Tenacious D.  Here is Kyle as “Walrus Boy” (I kept hearing the most awesomest D song, Wonder Boy) in the it’s-so-terrible-that-it’s-horribly-good film, Wieners.










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Woofy Winner Wednesday: Max Flövik


Based on emails, comments, and poll (96-131), Max Flövik was voted as your woofiest balding, bearded, husky/chubby, and oftentimes shirtless or semi-nude hard rocking musician.  So here is your woofy Swedish guitarist in all of his shirtless and semi-nude glory…



Make sure to check out these following MySpace links: [Lillasyster] and [Max Flövik].  Also check out Lillasyster’s Official Site which currently has a music video for Beratta Det For Lina.  Why is this important?  Must you ask?  Well, you get to see more of Max Flövik jamming in the nude, that’s why!













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Two Woofy Tuesday: Jack Black Vs. Kyle Gass


On today’s Two Woofy Tuesday, we are pitting both bearish/chubby members of a satirical rock opera band, Tenacious D.  And, like always, the simple, yet difficult, question is asked…  Who is the woofiest member of Tenacious D: Jack Black or Kyle Gass?

Two Woofy Tuesday ends with this poll…  That is, it will be back after 9 weeks.  In its place will be Two Woofy Tuesday: Beary Yummy Seconds edition.  Hopefully, my sad attempt at a Gummi Bears pun gives you a hint as who would be showing up on every Tuesday for the next 9 weeks…


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Woofy Winner Wednesday: Ringo Garza Jr.


Based on emails, comments, and poll (50-105), Ringo Garza Jr. was voted as your woofiest drummer.  Ringo is just this extremely cute chubby bear with a killer smile that would just melt hearts and cause any sane person to become loco.  Personally, my weakness is seeing such beefy biceps and arms.  *swoons*






Los Lonely Boys singing the Star Spangled Banner

Behind The Scenes With Los Lonely Boys Part 1 of 3
Part 2 | Part 3

You can find more awesome Ringo Garza Jr. videos on this YouTube Channel: Los Lonely Boys TV.

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Two Woofy Tuesday: Damian Abraham Vs. Max Flövik


On today’s Two Woofy Tuesday, we are pitting two hard rocking musicians who are balding, bearded, husky/chubby, and are oftentimes shirtless or even semi-nude.  Hello, daddy!  So, as always, the simple, yet difficult, question is asked…  Who is the woofiest balding, bearded, husky/chubby, and oftentimes shirtless or semi-nude hard rocking musician: Damian Abraham of Fucked Up or Max Flövik of Lillasyster?

Big “Thank Yous” to the most awesome Chubarama for introducing me to Fucked Up and Medonje Serbian Gay Bear Blog for introducing me to Lillasyster.

Here are some videos from both groups…

Buh… Airs… Bears!

Luis Avalos in The Electric Company

As we age, the next generation will rely on our wisdom and guidance while they continue on with the human race.  As a believer of responsible worldwide parenting, I would always approve of childhood education.  In my personal opinion, learning to read is the most fundamental skill our youths need to master.  Especially now, where there are literally mind-bogglingly amounts of easily-accessible information right at our fingertips.


So I’m pleased to find out that one of my influential childhood television show, The Electric Company, is now returning for the new generation of kids.  The original iteration of the show had a funky Motown vibe whereas this new one is updated with hip-hop culture.  It appears to be a very ambitious project where not only is the show isolated in one channel, but will also be broadcasted through the internet, schools, mobile devices, and video games.  I’m not sure how this will play out but I’m definitely excited for it and wishing the program the best.  I feel that The Electric Company and other shows like it did influence me greatly and probably encouraged me to be a teacher (well, ex-teacher).  Not only that, such shows were also highly entertaining and did not talk down to children.  I believe that its entertainment factor (the goofier the better) is also a very important ingredient when it comes to retaining information.

Well, that’s a bit of my personal thoughts on the subject of youth education.  The point is, I noticed that The Electric Company 2009 — wait for it — has one cute chubby Hispanic bear in it.  He appears to be the “Prankster” who manipulates robots and gadgets (the show involves 4 kids gifted with superpowers with words as they battle the neighborhood troublemakers, aka “Pranksters”).  I have no clue who he is, but I’m sure a young boy or young girl will definitely later realize why they would enjoy watching this show…




the-electric-company-12Note the Nintendo Power Glove…  I love this show already!

If there’s a great educational show that I could recommend to any parents out there (specifically those kids between the ages of 6 and 8), WordGirl is a complete blast.  And as for the rest of you (read: all of you, lol), the animated Butcher is definitely cute looking, especially with his gruff Brooklyn accent.

And since I’m in an heightened state of aching nostalgia, check out these awesome theme songs for The Electric Company and 3-2-1 Contact

Luis Avalos was my favorite daddy bear in the show

Nicholas Barker: Woofy Chubby Bear Of Dimmu Borgir


DG, the resident “Music Bear” expert, just linked me to a YouTube video of a shirtless Nicholas Barker drumming it up for Dimmu Borgir.  Wow.  He said that the video will get me hot, and he was absolutely right, it’s not even funny.  Check it out:

(higher quality version)

It’s pretty anti-climactic, but here’s my shirtless photo of Nick Barker.  I forgot where I got it, but I’m guessing it was from Kerrang! or some metal magazine.


I have the 2-Disc DVD of Dimmu Borgir – World Misanthropy but the second disc was unreadable.  There’s supposed to be some great stuff in it with Nicholas Barker.  I probably bought a bad bootleg.

Happy New Year’s Day!


Happy 2009 to all of you!  To kick off this new year, here is a collage of the six winners from my weekly installments of Two Woofy Tuesday and Woofy Winner Wednesday


Two Woofy Tuesday: Dave Buckner Vs. Ringo Garza Jr.


On today’s Two Woofy Tuesday, we are pitting two woofy bearish musicians.  And as always, the simple, yet difficult, question is asked…  Who is the woofiest drummer: Dave Buckner (ex-drummer of Papa Roach) or Ringo Garza Jr. (Los Lonely Boys)?

Beefy Musclebear Posing Behind Tina Turner


Tina Turner is 69 here and donning her Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome outfit.  Not to be an ass, but I wished she moved a little bit to the right so that I could view that magnificent musclebear behind her.  Thanks to the DailyMail for that photo.

Luca O’Zulu: Bearish, Woofy, & Italian


Back in the day of dial-up internet connection, one of the best websites I frequented was (and it is still the best: check out their unbelievable Movie Bears page).  It was one of my first experiences with a website that celebrated “bearish personalities” in the media.  It opened up my virgin eyes to a world where I did not feel alone.  There were actually people out there who were like me.  I just wish that my tale was a lot cooler, such as finding out that I had super powers, or that I was an alien, or that I was the descendant of a shape-shifting clan (where did that one come from?); but, alas, all I found out was that I was gay and that I was attracted to big and husky dudes.  Oh well.

Anyway, one of the bearish media personalities Orsi Italiani introduced me to was Luca O’Zulu of 99 Posse.  With my speedy internet connection, I searched for and downloaded every conceivable photo of this marvelously handsome bear.  The above collage is the result of my obsessive collecting habits.

Mr. O’Zulu doesn’t appear to be with the band anymore and performing solo. And, unfortunately, that’s pretty much all the info I have on him.  So, I was wondering if any of our Italian friends out there could enlighten us about him.  Links to photos and videos would most definitely be awesome.  Anyway, here is the Official Site/Blog of Luca O’Zulu.


The above animated gif — which is something I can stare at FOREVER — is from the music video “Corto Circuito”:

(higher quality version)