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Thank Grizzly It’s Friday: I’m Sorry But Can You Allow Me To Find You Attractive?

G2_099[Short BearFic] Gay Bear Fighter Meets With
Korean Time-Traveling Warrior
(Jung-Yul Kim in G2: Mortal Conquest)

Gay Bear Fighter
Hello, Mr. Korean Time-Traveling Warrior.  I’m a gay bear and I–

Korean Time-Traveling Warrior
당신이 떠나 곰이 동성애!
(Translation: You leave gay bear!)

* * * * *

It’s been a scorching summer so far and I’ve had my share of heated debates with the same arguments I’ve been repeating ever since I started this blog.  I’ve decided to put my rant on such matters on today’s Thank Grizzly It’s Friday.

BearMythology's DisclaimerTo your left is my “Disclaimer” for posting images/videos of men I personally find attractive.

How many websites are out there where straight girls/women and boys/men who would have a similar type of a disclaimer for their blog/site?

I’d wager zero to completely none.

Why?  Because they’re heterosexuals.  They’re “straight” while the rest are “queer.”Scouserugger's Disclaimer

Queers can be attracted to the same sex; however, they shouldn’t let their attractions be known.


It’s gross.  It’s hilarious.  It’s wrong.  It’s pathetic.  It’s disturbing.  It’s funny.

To your right is Scouserugger with his own disclaimer:

You have two bloggers who are basically apologizing for finding such men attractive.

I can’t help but feel like a criminal and Scouserugger and I shouldn’t be treated as one.  Yet we receive angry complaints about doing what we’re doing.

I still cannot comprehend where the animosity and disgust is coming from.  Maybe if I pretended I was a female in the first place, then maybe no one would be complaining.  Because, honestly, the men would then be flattered.  But I have to be a hot female first though, because if I posted a fake photo of a mediocre-to-ugly looking gal, then they wouldn’t be flattered.  But since they are still females, they wouldn’t be creeped out by such public showing of attraction.

Anyway, perennial favorite strongman, Terry Hollands actually shared his thoughts on a forum where I had a brief discussion with about gay men being sexually-explicit with strongmen (online and off).

Terry Hollands b

I quite regularly get messages from them and as a whole most are very decent. You do get the odd one or two that push the limit a little by being a bit crude but that’s the same in all people not just gay guys!

I think people are way too sensitive to this sort of stuff, just take it as a compliment! They understand you aren’t gay. The way I look at it if a very unattractive woman thought you was nice looking would it bother you? if not then don’t worry about this! Just cause they think you’re attractive doesn’t mean you have to do anything about it!!

I have blocked a couple on Facebook due to VERY inappropriate messages but like I said as a whole they are decent guys.

I am really happy to hear this from a strongman whom I have posted quite a number of times on the blog.  (I’ll just pretend I didn’t talk about the “underwear model” comment for Big Tall Order.  That was purely from a consumer’s viewpoint.  *winks*)  Sometimes, the hateful and insulting comments are overshadowed by something simple.  And in this case, Mr. Hollands’ understanding viewpoint on gay men.Terry Hollands 35

Yes, we are just like any kind of people.  We can be nice, obnoxious, generous, selfish, loving, and hateful.  We’re not aliens, for crying out loud.  And, please, don’t make grandiose statements that “gay bears are the worse” in comparison to something a straight woman, bisexual chick, or female dog would do.  It’s like saying that all black people like chicken.  Well then, also call me black.

Enough of today’s rant.  It’s another scorching Friday afternoon and I’d rather look at hot men.  😛

So, my dearest gentlemen of the big and burly variety…  May we have your permission to find you attractive?

Jung-Yul Kim says no
Korean Time-Traveling Warrior transformed into a Japanese Yakuza

(Jung-Yul Kim from War)


Ray Winstone - just a little bit
"Okay, maybe just a 'lil bit"

Well, I guess that’s pretty good enough. -_^

Good Dags. D’ya Like Dags?

I’ve decided to add the “Tag Cloud” on this blog’s sidebar; and as somewhat of an experiment on my part, I wanted to see if some — if not, all — of my favorite tags would become popular.  Here are the current results…


Shirtless, Big Bear, Chubby Bear, Musclebear, Armpits, Strongman, Football, mmm, mmm, mmm…

I’m very amazed to learn that those keywords and tags are the most popular and they also happen to be my “choice tags” as well.  Whenever I scour the internet for bear-related information, those are the “special” keywords/topics I look for to see if I would investigate a particular website or blog.

The only media personalities that showed up were these four: the talented cute cub, Joey Oglesby, the classic chubby bear John Goodman, the daddy bear Ray Winstone, and the big bear Warren Sapp.  I really love the fact how all four are so varied from each other.

And with that, this is a sampling of what most of you guys and gals like the most:

Shirtless big/chubby musclebears

shirtless-bearNot sure who he is, but it’s definitely a spectacular photo…

shirtless-bear-patriot-powerlifterI’ve seen him before in YouTube doing powerlifting stuff in what
looks like his basement; I’m also not completely sure if his nick is “Patriot”

shirtless-bear-powerlifter-01I previously mentioned my love for these washed-out
’70s porn-looking photos; well, here’s a musclechub for ya

shirtless-bear-powerlifter-02I completely forgot who this big hairy brute is…

shirtless-bear-brian-schoonveldBrian Schoonveld

shirtless-bear-zydrunas-savickasZydrunas Savickas

Ray Winstone: Happy Valentine’s Day

Last year’s Valentine, I talked about how I did not have a Valentine since 2004.  Today is no different.  However, because of it, I managed to find time to celebrate today’s Valentine’s Day by creating a music video from Martina McBride & Jim Brickman’s “My Valentine” with Ray Winstone‘s locker room scene from All In The Game.

Anyway, here’s a funny song that inspired me to do the above video…

Anyway, I just uploaded the video so it might take some time to process.  As I’m going out (to work, unfortunately), I’m posting this now…  In the meantime, somebody needs to bitchslap the lady below.  ^_^


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Shirtless Saturday: Ray Winstone (“All In The Game”)


It’s Valentine’s Day and it’s Shirtless Saturday, so here is My Number One Bear, the ever beautiful Ray Winstone, baring it all (almost) from a made-for-TV movie, All In The Game.

And screenshots just won’t do.  Here is the 2:20 video clip of this most awesome scene.  As for absolutely trivial knowledge, good ‘ol Ray utters the word, “Fuck” and its colorful iterations 21 times.  That’s about 1 fuck a minute!  Atta boy, Ray!  I’m proud of ya!  -_^










Well, this is Part 1 of the series.  I will post the next parts tomorrow.

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BearComicSlashFic (aka When A Blogger Ran Out Of Ideas)

I’m a big fan of bizarre and offbeat humor.  My favorite is/was The Perry Bible Fellowship (unfortunately the website’s gone now); however, a suitable replacement is the clever Married To The Sea and Superpoop which are created by a married couple, Drew and Natalie Dee.

One of my secret dreams is to be a cartoonist.  Unfortunately, I can’t even draw a straight line.  In the meantime, let’s do a little bit of metahumor by combining some Married To The Sea/Superpoop comics/photos with my collection of bearish/chubby screenshots/photos.  Did you get a headache/rolly-eyes yet with all of that forward slashes?  I hope you did and I’m calling this type of subgenre of BearFic as a BearComicSlashFic.  -_^


* * * * * * * * * *


* * * * * * * * * *

Like I said, I have a “very different” type of humor.  As I was inspired by Drew and Natalie Dee’s creations, here’s my attempt…  Please be nice.  😛


BearMythology: A 1-Year Retrospective


One year ago, I decided to blog about a large, yet hidden, part of me: my attractions and love for “bearish men.”  It was very new to me, because prior to this, I managed a private Yahoo Group that pretty much did the same thing I’m doing now here (and long story short, I abandoned that group because I thought that it was best if I “turned straight” — thank goodness I didn’t go with it).

Over the course of that year, I have met many new and old friends alike.  I am very thankful to all of you for browsing through, commenting (both positive and negative), and supporting this blog.  I can’t express my gratitude enough for being able to share such passions with like-minded people.

So with that, I’ve decided to drop the “Weblog” as this blog is starting to have a life of its own.  Plus, I seem to imply that my name is “BearMythology.”  Anyway, I’m not “physically” a bear, though the years seem to be putting some good pounds on me.  I’m slowly trying to “come out of the closet” somewhat, so if you have a MySpace page or LiveJournal blog, do add me as your friend.  Also, if you have a YouTube page, please add or invite me.  I’m not quite “savvy” with all of these social-networking sites since I’m not a very “sociable” person (both online and off).

So, what happened this past year?


My number one bear is still Ray Winstone.


Chris Dowd is one media personality I am unbelievably massively obsessed with.


John Goodman, Richard Karn, James Gandolfini, Mark Addy, Faizon Love, Kevin James, Andy Richter, Larry The Cable Guy, and Drew Powell are just but a handful few of my favorite bearish actors.


Chad Brock, Steve Harwell, Steven Page, Billy Milano, Dave Williams, and Kirk Windstein are just but a handful few of my favorite bearish musicians.


Heinz Ollesch, Terry Hollands, Leon White, Reese Hoffa, Manuel Martinez, Christian Cantwell, Prince Fielder, Joba Chamberlain, Jeff Saturday, and Kasey Studdard are just but a handful few of my favorite bearish athletes.


I posted about Warren Sapp about 1 post too many…  And I will continue to post about this woofy bear!


Strongman and musclechub extraordinaire Phil Martin emailed me and he was super friendly.


I am completely in love with the talented and lovable Joey Oglesby, sometimes known as Donnie Davies.


Interviewed a fantastically woofy straight pro wrestler, Shane Morbid.


Got involved in some online drama with a strongman’s (Boris Haraldsson) girlfriend which fortunately led to a happy ending.

Recently started doing weekly polls (Two Woofy Tuesday) for which I’m not doing too good in (I’m 0-for-3!).

Having way too much fun on Shirtless Saturday.

[BearBeat], [BearPit], and [BearFic] are and will continue to be my very unique bear fetishes.

Chubarama — the greatest chubby men blog — is my only and greatest promoter/supporter.  Thanks, guys!

I love pro-wrestling way too much as it completes the trifecta of my bear fetishes.

I’m always fascinated/horrified at what the straight guys tend to comment about this blog.  Here’s one recent discussion about my J-Rocc posting.  (“Popular gay blog”?  Lol)

Here’s my most important post ever on the blog: Carl Sagan’s A Pale Blue Dot.

Dominic Filiou and Ty Olsson are not as hefty as I once knew them.

In my American-centric worldview, I was treated to the fantastic bearish athletes of Ssirum, Kirkpinar, Kushti Wrestling, Kabaddi Wrestling, and, lol, Rugby

Well, that’s pretty much a small sampling of what happened this past year.  Here’s looking forward to Year 2…

Ray Winstone: “Jerusalem” (William Blake Biopic In Limbo)

Ah, Ray Winstone (and, yup, still my “Number One Bear”).  I’ve been following the news of him playing the role of poet William Blake since 2004.  It appears that he won’t be starring in it (if it ever gets produced) as he stated, “I’m getting a bit old to play it now.”

What a shame.  I’ve been eagerly checking out that news, since William Blake’s works were forcefully fed to me by my woofy college professor.  If it wasn’t for my professor, I would have discounted Blake’s works (I originally found them to be simple and devoid of meaning).  Perhaps my views changed because my woofy professor loved Blake?  I’m not sure.  What I do know is that he made me realize that one of Blake’s works was a masterpiece: “Songs of Innocence and Experience.”

And for some reason, when I was reading Bearotic‘s post about the twisted, demented, and very sick online comic strip, The Other Family (a completely whacked out version of Bill Keane’s Family Circus), I can’t help but think of William Blake’s “Songs of Innocence and Experience.”

I’ve divided the comic strips into three parts.  So if there’s anybody out there who’s doing a report on William Blake’s “Songs of Innocence and Experience,” just read through these modern comics and you’ll get the main gist of Blake’s ideas…

The Birth Of Innocence and Ignorance

The Death Of Innocence and Birth Of Experience

Songs Of Innocence and Experience

Yes, in spite of and because of the comic strip’s absurdity, it actually perfectly portrays the juxtaposition of the innocent, pastoral world of childhood against an adult world of corruption and repression (thank you, Spark Notes!).  I wish this comic strip was around back then so that I could have gotten an A+.  ^_^

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The Flintstones: Winston Cigarettes Commercial

[vodpod id=Groupvideo.1417658&w=425&h=350&fv=]

Fred Flintstone has always been one of my favorite bearish cartoon character.  As a kid, I was completely in love with his blue-collarness (even though I had no concept as to what that meant) and childlike manliness.  I guess he represents my version of a “dumb blonde” that some straight men tend to get attracted to.

Here’s a pretty cute Ray Winstone lookalike wearing a Fred Flintstone costume.

Anyway, there’s something — for lack of a better word — sexy about seeing Fred Flintstone just chilling and smoking.  I definitely have some sort of fetish with seeing bearish dudes smoking.

And here’s John Goodman as Fred Flintstone, chilling and drinking with his wifey.  Gotta love the nip slip.

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Happy Father’s Day!

Look long and hard enough, you’ll find My Number One Bear wearing nothing but his full Father’s Day suit…  -_^

I, Rob deLeeuw

Rob deLeeuw was the physical representation of a fictional character that I used to roleplay in the CHUD message boards.  I also did some of the designs of our fictional posters:

It was a fun game as it was like a Grand Theft Auto game, except, there wasn’t a lot of driving missions.  My character was your typical hitman who eventually rose up in rank.  Playing that game made me even more realize that not only do I love bearish men, I wish that I, myself, was bearish.

Anyway, we loved it so much that we had a sequel.  And just to show you how predictable I am, my new character was Ray Winstone…  Lol.

Photo was taken from Love, Honour & Obey
LFBears from YouTube had posted a funny clip from that movie

So I got a bit creative in the sequel.  I played a lounge singer who learned to wield his microphone as a weapon.  Lol.  Okay, maybe more farfetched than creative…

Anyway, here are screenshots from the film where I got Mr. Rob deLeeuw’s photo from: My 5 Wives.  Unfortunately, he’s an inept gangster in the film, but there is simply no denying that he is simply and utterly dashingly handsome.

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Ray Winstone: “Ripley’s Game”

LFBears from YouTube has posted this one and only best scene to the sequel of The Talented Mr. Ripley (one of the best character-driven thrillers, imo).  I say that it’s the one and only best scene because the movie, well, to put it nicely, sucked monkey balls.  Instead of watching an older and more complicated Ripley, we get, well, John Malkovich being John Malkovich.  More importantly, Malkovich’s character was definitely not a Tom Ripley at all.  Bad casting and bad story.  Other than that, it’s beautifully shot and both John and Ray acted well for the roles that were given to them.

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[BearFic] “Lonely London” (Ray Winstone)


Lonely London
-Ray Winstone BearFic-

London woke up.  Alone.  As usual.  Two-hundred pounds was the deal, but the cunt also took his wallet.  That’s alright.  She’d be in for a real surprise to find Noptiz on his driver’s license.  That bugger loved brunettes.  Pity, London thought.  Her face was pretty.


Three  centuries.  That’s what he’d be.  Three hundred fucking years old.  It’s funny how it did not feel like he was a walking corpse, how he was the reincarnation of the thrice-defeated Rafael from that forgotten war.  Also funny was how he had survived through the waves of minions of the so-called great Lucifer’s Great Army.  He was reborn to be a Soul Eater, but London would rather drink and fuck anyone he sees.

Last night was a close call.  Mephistopheles had summoned a Shifter in the mold of a handsome cab driver.  He should have read the signs.  But London was careless and all he could think about was the big man’s mouth around his throbbing cock.  The cabbie had transformed into a ferocious bear but London was able to suppress the beast by tearing his teeth on its massive neck.

London took a shower when it hit him.  He did not know what it was.  Was he turning human?  It was a feeling that he could not comprehend.


Through the years of battles and hate, this was the moment he did not expect nor want.  Weakness will befall him and lead him back to Hades’ realm.  He needed a way to prevent this.


His wallet had returned on the coffee table.  Noptiz did not make a grand presentation.  He just seemed to know when not to irritate his wingless master.

London suddenly remembered this beautiful name: Peter.  A name from two hundred and thirty-three years ago.  London did not know love but he was sure that he had fallen in love with him as Peter did things to London that had frightened him.  And that was what caused him to leave him.  London had decided to visit Peter in his Palace only to find him slained and butchered in his Royal Prince’s pool.  London had dove in, only to resucitate a dead man.  Peter was soulless and craved for nothing more but meat so London had no other choice but to kill him again.


That’s what it was.  Happiness.  He felt joy whenever he was with Peter.  How he had felt safe in his big arms and how he actually felt what love was.  Why now?  Why feel this?  Noptiz peeked out from London’s wallet and watched the Wingless One, curled up on the bed like a lost and lonely babe.


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Ray Winstone and Malcolm-Jamal Warner: “Fool’s Gold”

Ah, yes, Mr. Ray Winstone.  He’ll be turning 50 this February 19.  And he is still as sexy as ever.  Pretty much, when I think of the term “masculine,” I think of Ray Winstone.

The following are screenshots from the trailer for Fool’s Gold.  I haven’t seen the movie, but my best friend mentioned that there were a lot of nice armpit shots and informed me that I should definitely own it on DVD one day.  He also mentioned that Malcolm-Jamal Warner* was very bearish in the film.  (Funny thing is, my best friend is not gay.  I love that guy!)





* Make sure to check out his site; a couple of cool semi-shirtless pics.  Pretty funky music too.  Who knew Bill Cosby’s kid’s gonna grow up into a bonafide woofy bear stud?


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[BearPit] Terry Hollands: Massive Arms Of A Massive Man






Terry Hollands is just a majorly cutie woofy that I’ve regressed into a quivering school girl when describing this man’s bulky arms in a rhyming scheme.  Still, what would you be doing if you’re standing inches away from this big man?  Also, he reminds me of a younger and bigger Ray Winstone which is a bonus in my bear book…

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Ray Winstone: aka My Number One Bear

Ah, Mr. Ray Winstone. He’s quite possibly my number one bear. It used to be James Gandolfini. Richard Karn before him. Then John Goodman. <sighs>

Anyway, I often wonder why I was so attracted to him. He’s not the typical bear I tend to get attracted to. What is it about him? His sexy voice? His oh-just-so-perfect gut? His penetrating eyes? His overwhelmingly husky and masculine face? His seeming cocky demeanor? (I love that in a bear!) Come to think of it, I guess I have illuminated my own ruminations.

The following is a collage from quite possibly the best movie evar!!11!!1! Sorry. It’s from a wonderful movie called Sexy Beast. Mr. Winstone’s actual physique should have been motion-captured in Beowulf (I’d take a well-rounded belly over a 6 pack abs) — or at least when Beowulf got older in the film.

Ray Winstone (aka My Number One Bear)

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