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April Fools (Level One Comedy)

[vodpod id=Video.5893651&w=425&h=350&fv=key%3Da04aaf2da3]

Here’s a great treat.  Remember my big obsession, Joey Oglesby?  Well, he’s currently with a comedy group called Level One Comedy.  They just released this off-kilter comedy short about April Fool’s Day.  And it’s really, really good.

Look at this link.  I just made you click on that and it didn’t lead you to anywhere on the internet. APRIL FOOLS!!!!!  :p

Joey Oglesby: “The Ballad Of Ted & Tad”

Going through my archives, I realized that I have quite a handful of posts about the ever adorable Mr. Joey Oglesby.  He has a new web series called “The Ballad Of Ted & Tad.”  I’ve seen it, downloaded it, and watched it countless of times.  Others might feel offended by the conceit of the joke, but this is exactly what I come to expect from someone who sung a catchy song about a gay-hating God.  Check it out folks…

I can’t wait to watch further installments of this online series.  In the meantime here are screenshots of Joey from the video.  If I may add some constructive criticism: thank you for wearing a tanktop.  A big thumbs up from me, for sure…  😉

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Joey Oglesby Sports A Prison Guard Uniform In “Prison Break”

Joey Oglesby Prison Break 005

Prison Break (definitely one of my all-time favorite TV shows) has officially ended a few weeks ago.  There were two episodes that were not released, but repackaged as a full-length film that filled in the blanks to the show’s surprisingly downer (yet, uplifting in a way) ending.  You can check it out on DVD and it’s called Prison Break: The Final Break.  I appreciated how they did this as it did not overwhelm the fans with more prison break absurdities to the point of self-parody.

More importantly, and to my pleasant surprise, Joey Oglesby was in it as well.  Unlike his tacky clothing from Private Practice, he gets to don a prison guard uniform.  Yowza!

Joey Oglesby Prison Break 002

Joey Oglesby Prison Break 004

Joey Oglesby Prison Break 011

Joey Oglesby Prison Break 013

Joey Oglesby Prison Break 018

Joey Oglesby Prison Break 019

Joey Oglesby Prison Break 021

Speaking of Prison Break parodies, here’s a Simpsons version…

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Joey Oglesby: “Private Practice”

It has been a long time since I’ve posted about one of my favorite cubby bear actor, Joey Oglesby.  But here he is in all of his super cute glory (sometimes you gotta get all “girly” with the adjectives) from the TV show, Private Practice (“Second Chances” Season 2, Episode 14).

Joey Oglesby Private Practice 04Even with the tacky clothing, it could not defy his adorable cuteness

Joey Oglesby Private Practice 02

Joey Oglesby Private Practice 07

Joey Oglesby Private Practice 08

Joey Oglesby Private Practice 09

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Good Dags. D’ya Like Dags?

I’ve decided to add the “Tag Cloud” on this blog’s sidebar; and as somewhat of an experiment on my part, I wanted to see if some — if not, all — of my favorite tags would become popular.  Here are the current results…


Shirtless, Big Bear, Chubby Bear, Musclebear, Armpits, Strongman, Football, mmm, mmm, mmm…

I’m very amazed to learn that those keywords and tags are the most popular and they also happen to be my “choice tags” as well.  Whenever I scour the internet for bear-related information, those are the “special” keywords/topics I look for to see if I would investigate a particular website or blog.

The only media personalities that showed up were these four: the talented cute cub, Joey Oglesby, the classic chubby bear John Goodman, the daddy bear Ray Winstone, and the big bear Warren Sapp.  I really love the fact how all four are so varied from each other.

And with that, this is a sampling of what most of you guys and gals like the most:

Shirtless big/chubby musclebears

shirtless-bearNot sure who he is, but it’s definitely a spectacular photo…

shirtless-bear-patriot-powerlifterI’ve seen him before in YouTube doing powerlifting stuff in what
looks like his basement; I’m also not completely sure if his nick is “Patriot”

shirtless-bear-powerlifter-01I previously mentioned my love for these washed-out
’70s porn-looking photos; well, here’s a musclechub for ya

shirtless-bear-powerlifter-02I completely forgot who this big hairy brute is…

shirtless-bear-brian-schoonveldBrian Schoonveld

shirtless-bear-zydrunas-savickasZydrunas Savickas

Joey Oglesby On California’s Proposition 8

Mr. Joey Oglesby puts his alter-ego, the Reverend Donnie Davies, on the sidelines for a moment to deliver a very important Public Service Announcement concerning California’s Proposition 8 — where voting “Yes” means the elimination of the right of same-sex couples to marry.

[vodpod id=Groupvideo.1707028&w=425&h=350&fv=clip_id%3D2079361%26server%3Dvimeo.com%26autoplay%3D0%26fullscreen%3D1%26md5%3D0%26show_portrait%3D0%26show_title%3D0%26show_byline%3D0%26context%3Duser%3A646310%26context_id%3D%26force_embed%3D0%26multimoog%3D%26color%3D00ADEF]

Mr. Oglesby, you are a GENIUS!  🙂

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Donnie Davies: “Take My Hand”

Bless ye, oh Lord, thank thee for heeding my prayers and guiding the Reverend Donnie Davies from composing another wonderful music video about those homosexual heathens…


(higher quality version)

Ah, yes, it’s been a long time, ahem, coming, but oh, hell freaking yes, I just love this second music video from the infamous reverend of The Bible Says.  That Donnie Davies moustache is a character in itself.  Love it!  Anyway, I was amazed at my Joey Oglesby radar for knowing that he had just uploaded this video on his YouTube channel (or maybe it’s because I’m always checking it and his MySpace page everyday).  -_^

Gotta love the random Michael Phelps photograph on the piano…

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Joey Oglesby: “DATE” Collage

Mr. Joey Oglesby truly played this role to perfection in that hilarious video, “DATE.”  Even though I’m working on a Doctorate’s degree in all things Oglesby, I have to admit that I have to do a double-take as he barely resembles his beloved Donnie Davies character.  It must be the hair.

I have been noticing that he sometimes resembles a huskier Wes Bentley.  In fact, Joey is practically Mr. Bentley’s dead ringer if you took a gander at Mr. Oglesby in his slimmer college days:

Of course, Joey Oglesby is way much better-looking than Wes Bentley.  No contest.

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Joey Oglesby: “DATE”

I can’t believe that I have missed this.  Here’s a hilarious, gut-splittin’ video from this amazingly handsome man, Joey Oglesby.

“But that’s actually ‘DTATE..W'”  LOL!

I was literally in tears from laughing.  Mr. Oglesby, you are indeed GOD.

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Joey Oglesby: Handsome Headshots

The unbelievably handsome Joey Oglesby just posted an IMDB headshot and two new woofy headshots.  I knew that if I kept e-stalking his MySpace Page, I’ll eventually find new photos.  Lol.  And what a present it was today!  I mean, I just can’t help it.  The man is just beyond gorgeous.  I hate to talk hyperbole, but in this case, I’ll make an exception.  This man is pure and simple utter perfection.  It’s true.  *sighs*

And as an important Public Service Announcement, Season 2 of Friday Night Lights comes out on DVD this Tuesday, April 22.  Why is this important?  I have 4 reasons:

REASON #1: Joey Oglesby appears in 5 episodes
REASON #2: He’s shirtless in one of them
REASON #3: He reveals his armpits in most of them
REASON #4: It’s freaking Joey Oglesby.  You don’t need any other reasons

Just in case you need a visual reminder:

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Ole Anderson: Sporting A Franz-Josef Beard, Not To Mention A Woofy Build



One of the most distinguishing feature of a “Bear” is the facial hair.  Beards in particular are always sexy on most bearish men.  They are to be admired as oftentimes sporting a beard is an artform in itself.  As I can’t grow a decent moustache to save my life, I had to research the types of beards that are out there.  In particular, I wanted to know what type of beard Joey Oglesby had (from my latest post about him).  Apparently, it is a “Franz-Josef” beard (with a bit of a modification).


EDIT: As an astute Pope had pointed out, Ole Anderson is actually sporting the “Friendly Mutton Chops.”


Joey Oglesby: My Obsession With This Catchy Cub Continues

Yes, I’m constantly visiting Mr. Joey Oglesby’s MySpace Page for any updates and such.  And, boy howdy, he just recently uploaded some new hot photos.  I swear, he could be wearing a burlap sack and he’s still going to be as hot and woofy as ever.

One word: “Damn!”  That’s a truly badass look.
They need to replace Hugh Jackman with Mr. Oglesby for the
upcoming “Wolverine” film!… ASAP!

Like I said, he could wear just about anything and still be teh hotness.

Lol.  Joey’s the younger brother.  Something’s inherently sexy
about a younger sibling who is of a bigger frame than the older one.

Well, wow!

Joey with Kevin Everett

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Defending Donnie Davies

I figure I post this as I’ve been emailed/scolded a goodly enough time to set me straight. <– sarcasm

Donnie Davies and his Evening Service is a hoax.  I am not sure who actually created it, but the viral internet video frontman of it all is an actor/entertainer, Joey Oglesby.  In his MySpace Page (which, quite frankly, has the gayest pink wallpaper background I have ever seen — sorry, Joey, but it’s true), click on his blog and you’ll read the following:

Joey on Donnie Davies

I , joey oglesby, have recently been identified as the fundamentalist preacher and songwriter Donnie Davies. I am very aware of the uncanny similarities in our appearance, including a very unfortunate chicken pox scar in between my eyes. Also, while we are both big fans of lists, his deals with gay bands while mine is a comprehensive list of ladders. However, that is where the similarities end. For instance, my Mom will tell you that I am much skinnier and more handsome than him. Also he can dunk a basketball, where as, I cannot. Although, in interest of full disclosure and to prevent further confusion, I can touch the rim and have a wicked sweet jump shot.

Most importantly though, our messages are vastly different. Donnie’s message seems to be one of hate and intolerance, where as mine, is of love and acceptance. Ultimately, it is my opinion that the message Donnie Davies conveys and the prejudice inherent in it do indeed exist in this world. Although i disagree personally with Pastor Davies, it seems his video has sparked some much needed dialogue. And for that i am grateful. But, it is ultimately the difference in our messages that makes me, Joey Oglesby, and him Donnie Davies, two very different people.

Joey Oglesby


Joey Oglesby’s Comprehensive List of Ladders (shortest to longest)

Bunk Bed
Rope (position depends on length of rope)
A frame *
Little giant
Fire truck (red)

There you have it.  The best thing is that I stumbled upon that blog entry while searching for “proof”; and because of it, I am now an even bigger fan of his (is that even possible?).  Anyway, the following are my Googled links showing that Joey Oglesby is an entertainer, first and foremost, where he seems to be interested in truly thought-provoking drama and comedy that border on the obscene and offensive:

Theater: Jesus Hates Me’ provokes questions between the laughs

Chicken & Pickle Guys

Dallas Theatre League

Joey Oglesby has done such a tremendously good job in keeping Donnie Davies’ character in check that he had managed to infuriate GoodAsYou.org — a gay-friendly site that ironically uses “humor and irreverence rather than anger and protests, Good As You represents a new generation of GLSBT activism.”  If anything, Good As You should have been massively promoting Donnie Davies if they claimed to use “humor and irreverence.”  You can’t get much better irreverent humor than Donnie Davies.  Here’s a couple of posts by that site:

Our short, mostly-confined-to-the-blogosphere nightmare is over

Friday Night Davies
friday night lights

Well, I sure hope that clear things up.  As Toad The Wet Sprocket once sang, All I Want is to just see more of Joey Oglesby, or something like that.

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Joey Oglesby aka Donnie Davies: Justin Timberlake Ain’t Got Nuthin’ On Him

My Joey Oglesby obsession continues… This is an old video but it’s new to me. It’s the Reverend Donnie Davies displaying his mad dancing skills. I can watch Mr. Davies step it up all day…

This was an event called SXSW (South By Southwest) Music that occurred on March 17, 2007 @ Emo’s in Austin, Texas.




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[BearFic] “Texas Heat” (Joey Oglesby)

On occasions, I tend to get hit by the writing bug.  When I fantasize about bearish men, I tend to situate them in adventure/sci-fi/fantasy/horror settings.  Anyway, as I’ve been obssessing over Joey Oglesby lately, I ended up with this little piece of what I’d refer to as a “BearFic”…


Texas Heat
-Joey Oglesby BearFic-

It was just another scorching Texas day, and Tommy needed to buy some Fends.  They’ve been scarce lately and, if he did find some dealer, he would not have enough trash for bartering.  Luckily for Tommy, on this February day, he managed to bully a couple of moronic couple out of their broken sportswatches and a sturdy Winchester as they were walking down 87 on their way to Amarillo.  Stupid, stupid people.  What the hell did they expect to find there?  Tommy’s been there, and there was nothing left except for the stench of barbecued flesh.

He was in Slaton when he found the code tattooed on the left forearm of what looked like a young woman in her twenties.  A user, definitely.  He had learned the secret codes of the dealers.  They advertised their wares on the bodies of the careless users of their products.  Ineffective, for sure, but what else can any self-serving entrepreneur do in this god-forsaken desert landscape?

Tommy wrote down the code in his tattered memobook that’s about to run out of pages.  The code was somewhat tough to crack, but he eventually got directions to Littlefield.  Not bad.  He’d make it in two days…

* * * * *

Surprisingly, Littlefield appeared to be untouched by the infection.  It reminded Tommy of his childhood in What-The-Fuck-Was-That-Town, Suburbia.  He hated that time but often wished that he was still there, wearing Private School uniforms.

He found the house and made sure to walk in carefully as these dealers tend to be trigger-happy.  He knocked on the door and Tommy almost lost it when out came a beautiful man.  The man was just wearing jeans and he was smoking a Newport.  Tommy instantly knew the scent of that menthol.  Where the hell did he get that?


“I haven’t seen you around,” he said.

Tommy was at a loss for words.  All he could do was stare at this amazing body.  How he longed for human touch.  How he longed the embrace of a man.  And in front of him was a man he truly desired.  He could smell his musky scent and his loin started to throb as he could see beads of sweat on the man’s chest and gut.

The man got impatient and lifted both arms up to rest them on the door, revealing his armpits.  Tommy could not help but stare at such a pose.


“Listen.  I don’t have time for this.  You here for something.”

Tommy finally got the energy to say, “Fends.  Found your code.  I got things that might interest you.”

“Well, then, that’s much better.  Not too hard now, ain’t it?  Come inside.”


Tommy walked in, mesmerized by the man’s walk.  He was aching and wanted to reach out and feel the man’s shoulders.

The man went up the stairs then came back down after a few minutes.  His jeans were gone and he was just wearing white underwear.  Fuck me, Tommy thought.


“Look, I just wanted to make sure that you know that I ain’t packing.  So be a good boy and put that Winchester on the floor.  We’ll make this transaction smooth,” the man explained.


Tommy dutifully obeyed and placed the Winchester on the floor.

“I’m just tired of it, you know.  People pretending to have things.  They then think that they’re John Wayne and next thing you know there’s a fucking shootout.”  The man breathed in deeply while Tommy observed how his gut heaved in and out.  “I’m just sick of that.  Sick of it.”


“That’s all I’m here for.  Fends.”  Tommy nervously said.

The man stared at Tommy for awhile then said, “Look, I may be selling them, but I do have a conscience.  Hold on, let me make you a drink.”

Tommy watched the man walk to the kitchen and all he could think about was the perfect build of this masculine man.  He watched him blend a drink and all Tommy could think about was being in bed with him.  He wondered what it would feel like to lay his cheek on his chest.


The man returned, pouring Tommy a drink.  “I gotta tell you, that right there is the best shit.  Hatches down, my friend.”


Tommy drank and was instantly cooled from the desert heat and from his intense attraction.  And as he drank, he kept looking at the man’s beer belly.  It was just so perfect.


“Listen, kid.  Like I said, I have a conscience.  I want to make sure that you really want this.  I’m sure you know, but if you take the wrong dosage, well…”

“Yeah, I know.  I’m not here to use it though.”

The man looked at Tommy suspiciously.  “Oh yeah?  What you in here for, anyways?”

Tommy lied.  He was here to buy some Fends.  He wanted to buy as much as he could.  He already had 19 packets in his backpack.  He planned on getting 20 packets so that he would leave the world in unbelievable ecstasy back in Lubbock.  But his plans have now changed.  In front of him was a man that he will try to win his affections to.

“I’d like to work for you.  I’ll protect you.  I’m a good fighter.”

The man laughed.  “Look, kid.  I work alone.  Unless you actually have Fends to give me, then probably we could…”

Tommy quickly grabbed his backpack and dropped the contents on the table.  There was a mixture of top quality red Fenders, medium quality brown ones, and the Holy Grail of them all: black Fenders.

“Jesus, kid.  Um, well.  Seems like you’re also good at doing business.”  The man looked at Tommy and he wished that he was interested in him.  “Seems like we got a deal.”


Tommy finished off his drink and felt that he had a renewed lease in life in this dead lonestar state.

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Joey Oglesby: Man, That Face, It Just Transforms Me Into James Blunt

Yes.  You are indeed beautiful… or wooftiful?  OMG, that’s pretty bad.





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Joey Oglesby: God Also Hates … Pants On Woofy Bears


I can’t get enough of this woofish, bearish, cubbish guy.  This is his underwear scene from an episode of Friday Night Lights.  I could just picture Jack Black coming out in his undies as well and that would have been such a perfect moment…  (With their musical skills and demented humor, Mr. Oglesby would have been a perfect fit for Tenacious D.)

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