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MMA Fighter Roy Nelson Is Downloadable

Seriously, wouldn’t that be amazing?  Who wouldn’t want to have a “Weird Science” world where we could just “download” any (and all) of our bear/chub/daddy fantasies in physical form?  Though it might not be a reality, video games are acceptable substitutions as CG graphics are quickly becoming realistic as possible… [KEEP ON WOOFIN’!]

Goonday Moonday: Armack2008 Loves To Show Off His Husky Body

I just got back from watching brüno, and for some reason, after eating dinner, I kinda still have this craving for something Mexican (if you saw the movie, you’ll understand why).  Behold, a handful of videos from YouTube’s goonish and husky Mexican, armack2008.

The big guy loves his movie soundtracks…

And since BearMythology is a family-oriented website (*winks*), if you want to know more about Mr. Armack2008 (you know, like full frontals and bondage), go to this YouTube page.  Click on the “more info” link in that video’s description and you will be directed to the seedy underworld of straight porn.  Hide the children!  -_^

Shirtless Saturday: MuscleCub Páll Logason Part Three

Pall Logason shirtless 202

One of the most popular Shirtless Saturday post is this musclecub monster, Páll Logason.  (Though I may have to start referring to him as a fully-fledged musclebear, especially with that awesome full beard he’s sporting.)  It’s just unfortunate that he shaves, but he has to do it due to the strongman competitions he would partake in.

You can find TONS more photos of Mr. Páll Logason in Vodvafikn-net’s Flickr Page.

Pall Logason shirtless 219

Pall Logason shirtless 201

Pall Logason shirtless 203

Pall Logason shirtless 212

Pall Logason shirtless 205

Pall Logason shirtless 210

Pall Logason shirtless 211

Pall Logason shirtless 214

Pall Logason shirtless 213

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Baytown Bear Flexes Chest And Displays The Bacon & Crawfish Explosion

This gosh-darn cutie is Ash Tallant, a resident of Baytown, Texas.  Those killer dimples should be illegal in all States.  He’s a friend of YouTube’s BayTownBert.  In the above video, Mr. Tallant shows a talent hidden within his uniform.

I probably don’t know my bacon, but that’s one heck of a thick bacon
(unless it’s bacon wrapped around steak or something)

He did a quick job eating that crawfish.  A 10 out of 10.

Shirtless Saturday: The Massive Guns Of Jason Crystal & Mark Felix

Sometimes you see just one photo of a certain individual and you immediately feel tingly all over.  This is such the case with this one photo…

Jason Crystal

Unfortunately, my Googling skills have failed me.  I can’t seem to find further info about Jason Crystal.  I did find this photo at ColinBryce.tv and I only found him when I was searching for Don Pope photos…  Actually I think I was googling Mark Felix — who has never really fancied my interest, but this photo set caught my attention loud and clear.  Yeah, my thought process when it comes to bearish men are pretty much of the stream-of-consciousness variety…

Mark Felix flexing

Mark Felix 02

Anyway, hope you eagle-eye sleuths could find more about Jason Crystal.  At the moment, all I could find are Friday The 13th information…  ^_^  With that, here’s a not-too-random photo of a favorite daddy bear of mine.  Anybody knows which TV series he is well-known from?


Shirtless Saturday: MuscleCub Páll Logason Part Two

Ladies and gents, it looks like we just hit the motherload.  Here are some more fantastic Páll Logason photographs, courtesy of Vodvafikn-net’s Flickr Page.

DANG ! ! ! ! !  😯 – 😯 – 😯 – 😯 – 😯











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Sleeveless BearPit Saturday: MuscleCub Páll Logason

As I’ve run out of shirtless photos of Páll Logason, here are a couple of sleeveless photos of this very cute musclecub…  And, of course, when big, bearish dudes get sleeveless, um, yeah, you guys already know about my fetish…  -_^














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Wade Williams: “Ken Park”

[Just a note: I might be posting intermittently as I’m involved in community work with the upcoming presidential election.  But I’ll do my darnedest to post as much as I can.]

A big “Thank You!” to Scott for giving me a heads up on Wade Williams’ revealing scene in Ken Park.  I’ve already said my negative opinion on the two films that I have seen from Larry Clark, and this film really did not do anything to change my mind (even though I just skipped through the film to get through Wade Williams’ scenes)…

Regardless, this film has blessed us with Wade Williams in all sorts of ways that completely catered to my fetishes…  Let us begin.

Pumping iron…

Muscle flexing…

Armpit shots…

And, of course, just being shirtless…

I’ve debated about posting the “private part” screenshots, but this is a PG-13 blog.  The scene is not “technically” erotic as we only see his goods because he’s relieving himself.  Anyway, here’s a teaser of sorts…

Anyway, it’s been like 5 hours since I’ve uploaded a scene from this film and it’s still being processed by YouTube.  Hopefully it gets approved or something…

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Eric Esch: Also Widely-Known As “Butterbean”

That smile just knocks the wind out of you…
Oh yeah, that right fist too.

Eric “Butterbean” Esch is a professional boxer/mma fighter and a model of perfect chubby goodness.  He’s a pop-culture icon that practically most people could identify, even if they just saw his silhouette.

A big, big thank you to the awesome D.T. for sharing all of these fantastic photos of the one and only Butterbean…

I finally got to meet the great Butterbean…  I only have one chance to get this right…
(fake Italian accent) Hey fatty, there’s no way you can pound on my Italian dough,
you fatty fat fat fatty.  You’re just a fat kid.  Aren’t ya, fatty?  Here’s some chocolate, fatso

OW!  Don’t collapse just yet…


And the following video is somewhat random, but not really.  I was doing a google search for “Butterbean” when I accidentally typed in “Butterbeam.”  It led me to a YouTube page of a chubby Filipino who his friends mistakenly referred to as “Butterbeam.”  Ah, my Filipino accent carried on through with my writing.  🙂

[BearPit] Unknown Flexing Musclebear

Jim Lyons had shared this awesome photo in the BofB Yahoo Group.  I’ve Photoshopped away the text that’s blocking the view on this unbelievably sexy man’s body (the original can be found here).  I have no idea who he is nor what “lb hambone 73732” means.  It might be some l33t terminology for “I got a boner the size of a ham.”  Lol.  That doesn’t even make sense.

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Reese Hoffa: Two Mothers’ Teddy Bear Son

Shotputter, Reese Hoffa, has a blog at iVillage and you guys should check it out. The 2008 Summer Olympics at Beijing is close at hand and I’m definitely cheering on for Mr. Hoffa.

Reese’s iVillage webpage also has some wonderful photos like the following:

Reese’s birth and adoptive mothers

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Phil Martin: Officially The Coolest Strongman I Know

I got an email from Mr. Phil Martin himself, and the first thing I thought: “Oh shit, another pissed off straight bear.”  To my pleasant surprise, he wasn’t mad at all. I then learned a few things about him that made my admiration towards him intensify a thousand fold.  If you’ve seen him in the World’s Strongest Man competitions, he’s a very funny guy and his personality is still the same: down-to-earth and just a plain ‘ol cuddly teddy bear.

I begged him for some photos and he shared the following for us.  Man, he’s seriously one sexy big bear…

By the way, Mr. Martin is a straight bear, so the podium is only open for his female fans.  -_^

So for every hate emails I get, emails like the ones I get from Mr. Martin truly encourage me to continue on with this blog.  Believe me, I’m still starry-eyed from knowing that THE Phil Martin wrote to me. WOW! 🙂

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Bob Sapp Scares You Into Buying Panasonic’s DIGA DVD Recorders

Well.  It worked.  😛  I mean, I bought one.

Lol.  FTW!

For those who don’t speak Japanese, this is my interpretation of what Bob Sapp said in the video (bear with me, I’m somewhat rusty with my Japanese):


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[BearPit] Shad Gaspard: Musclebear By The Beach

Shad Gaspard is truly a beast of a man.  He used to be one-half of WWE’s “Cryme Tyme” and I’m not quite sure what he’s doing now.  They said that he’s in “American Gladiators” but I haven’t seen any info about that…  Anyway, here is Mr. Gaspard flexing and posing his massive physique while chilling at the beach.






YouTube: A Place Where Chubby Bears Strip & Dance

This is one of my most-watched video on YouTube.  I keep watching it and hoping that the scene will change where the camera doesn’t miss the cute chubby bear flexing his arms.  Alas, it never does.

But one of my favorite thing to do is reading the comments.  I really view it as a “Collective Bear Response” (I’m trademarking that for my Bear Dissertation, lol).  What does that mean?  Well, we obviously prefer a certain “look” and once we all feel a collective attaction to such said look, we would all then develop similar thought processes.  For example, in the above video, I was annoyed at that brief moment of missing the muscle flexing.  Now here is a screenshot from someone who felt the same thing:


I’m not an English snob, by any means (you have to hear me speak English, as I still have that Filipino accent), but I find posts like this endearing.  We can safely assume that the poster does not speak English as his first language which would explain the usage of “losted.”  I just love it.  I’m not putting him down, because *I* personally was thinking the same thing.  I don’t care whether I said/thought, “We have lost a critical scene in this video where the chubby bear had flexed his gorgeous biceps.”  The point is, I agree.  The camera man was indeed stupid.  And we did losted his bicep!!!!!

Innernet.  Gotta love it.

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