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Cute Guy Uses His Cubbish Charms To Sell Trident Layers Gum And It Works

Commercials are, more or less, fairly effective.  They are visual invasions and auditory assaults to the senses which can do their manipulative job in less than 30 seconds.  When I first saw the “Sword” Trident Layers Gum commercial, the ad did its spectacular magic on me as the cute cub in it caught my attention in less than 3 seconds. [KEEP ON WOOFIN’!]

Super Shirtless Saturday: Unknown Pro-Wrestler Pharaoh

One of my favorite pro-wrestling photo blogs is Wrestling Great.  There’s not a lot of big guys (at least with my definition of “big” is); but for the ones who do show up are simply “great” to behold.  One of my finds is a pro-wrestler who dons a pharaoh costume.  Unfortunately, I have no clue as to who he is and I’m begging any wrestling expert out there to provide us with the 411. [KEEP ON WOOFIN’!]

Unknown Bear Wearing Only A Jockstrap

In Season 2, Episode 3 of “Eastbound & Down,” this cute cub/bear shows up in the locker room donning just a white jockstrap.  (With a bonus Danny McBride armpit shot!)

It was also pretty awesome as the camera just randomly panned down to focus on his wonderfully small underwear…  😛

Then as the camera shifted its focus to Danny McBride, this deliciously woofy bear stood up then stretched his marvelous gut…

As he high fives the rest of his naked and sweaty teammates, I also offer a big high five to all of you guys to these awesome shots as well!

Here's another bonus: I'm digging the chubby Mexican bear in the dugout.

And, of course, let’s not forget the star of this show, Danny McBride:

Nip Slip!

[Unknown] Bartender From “Bored To Death”

Bored To Death 03

Bored To Death has quickly become one of my favorite TV series.  Not only is the woofy Zach Galafianakis in it, the show is smartly-written and perfectly cast with Jason Schwartzman as the lead.

But on today’s post, I just want to point out a handsome actor who played a bartender in Season 1, Episode 5 (The Case Of The Lonely White Dove).  Unfortunately, IMDb nor the end credits shed any light on this mysterious stranger’s true identity…

Unknown Bartender - Bored To Death 03

Unknown Bartender - Bored To Death 01

Unknown Bartender - Bored To Death 02

Unknown Bartender - Bored To Death 04

The Mystery Musclebear Of Udo Mölzer

Handsome Strongman 01

I have seen this unbelievably handsome brute everywhere on the internet, but I have no clue as to who he is.  The only information I have is that this mystery musclebear was photographed by Mr. Udo Mölzer (good job, Sherlock!).  Anyway, I just signed up with Facebook just so I could ask him about this mystery strongbear only to realize that his email address was on his main website.  My brain stops functioning when it comes to these gosh-darn cute bears…

Does anyone know who he is?

Handsome Strongman 02

Handsome Strongman 03

Handsome Strongman 04

Handsome Strongman 05

Handsome Strongman 06

Handsome Strongman 07

Handsome Strongman 08

[Unknown] Chubby Bear Zorro In The Bathroom

Masked Chubby Bear

I went to that url and it redirected me to an adult video on demand website, specifically its Gay Bears section.  I’m guessing that the guy in the photo is not in any video at all.  I’m also guessing that I fell for their advertising trickery!  However, does anybody know who this woofy stud is?

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Shirtless Bear With A Beeper Holding A Beer

shirtless-bear-with-beer-and-beeperGot this photo sometime in 2000 and not sure who he is…

This is quite possibly my most uncreative post title ever.  And with that, here’s a haiku in seven parts…

Big bear is shirtless
Beeper, beer, tattoos, and fur

One-fourth of man’s head
Ruining this perfect pic
Can’t even get head

Shirtless, goateed bear
Staring at man’s one-fourth head
Says “No” to BJ

Arm with bear tattoos
A gecko crawls on his chest
Kneeling man, blue balls

Why can’t I get head
Snakeskin belt too tight, bear said
I kick his balls… missed!

Big bear removes belt
One-fourth head and blue balls smiles
Gets beat down instead

Beeper beeps and beeps
“Having fun with your blind date?”

Shirtless Saturday: BruteMythology

nude-musclebear-censoredClick here for the NSFW uncensored version.
If anybody knows who drew this fantastic photo, please let us know!

My great friend, Greg, from the Brotherhood Of Bears Yahoo Group once mentioned to me the term “Brute Mythology” and I can’t help but agree as to the varying subcategories the mythos of bears can be a part of.  The above artwork is truly representative of the idea of a mythic brute.  Compare this huscular behemoth to my bearded Zeus on this blog’s banner.  The god Zeus appears to be pale in comparison to this goonish bulk of a man.

Goonday Moonday: Online & Movie Goonish Bears

On today’s Goonday Moonday, we have another smorgasbord of goonish fellas from the internet and upcoming films…


The photo above is from a site called Hot Chicks with Douchebags.  I am just not gonna make a comment about that site…  😛



And on a much better note, the above two photos are of the husband of this lady blogger.  I sometimes randomly read other blogs even though they are completely not in tune with my interests.  Thankfully, this blog had those two photos and they’re just way too cute and must be shared…



The above two screenshots are from the trailer for Super Capers.  I was not quite sure as to what to expect from the trailer, but when this shorter John Goodman lookalike appeared in his tanktop, I was like, “Yes, please!”






Watching the trailer for I Love You, Man, it made me realize just how these “bromance”-themed flicks are being embraced by the public.  America definitely needs this as it’s a step forward for accepting male bonding without it sounding like a gay punchline.  So, in turn, it’s also a step forward to make people aware that being “gay” is not an “evil” thing.  Or, maybe, I’m just reading too much in to this…

A Much Handsomer David Hasselhoff: Drunk & Behind The Scenes Footage

I love YouTube’s “Recommended For You” feature.  If it wasn’t for that, I never would have found this 2-year old David Hasselhoff parody…  Check out the “belly fold”!  🙂

Man, YouTube really knows what I like.  Cool yet creepy.

Stuck In Folsom Prison With This Beefy Warden Brute

[EDIT: Massive Big Hugs to Bearserk for giving us the Bear411 on this fantastic specimen of a BigMuscleBear, Barry Bishop (aka Beelzecub).  The actual music video is here: Awake O’Sleeper.  Also, check out the Behind-The-Scenes of the video. From Mr. Bishop’s links, he also appears to be FuckZombie…  You just gotta check it out.]


BassBoom of Real Thick Yahoo Group just uploaded this video that made me want to commit crime (such as watching Bromance on MTV*) so that I would be lucky enough to be punished and under the strictest of supervision by a massive and goonish warden brute…  And if anybody knows who this woofy bull is, please let us know!  It also looks like it might be from a music video the way the camera was basically zooming in and out on this beautiful beast.  Lord, have mercy.  Talk about a stunning prison fantasy brought to life.

* Hopefully my irony is not lost in my insulting a gay heterosexual show as I’m hoping for a “Brutemance” with this monster…

Actual full video is here: Whitestone’s Awake O’Sleeper
Behind The Scenes of the Making of Music Video

















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Bulgarian Chubby Bear: “Devil’s Mirror”

(higher quality version)

Here’s a short clip of a handsome Bulgarian chubby bear from the film, Devil’s Mirror (Ogledaloto na dyavola).  In his scene, he flushes his cocaine in the toilet as two policemen bust in his apartment.  He then bribes one of the cop with money.  Hmm.  If I was that corrupt cop, I will be giving him a much better discount…  -_^





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HELP! Please Identify This Bearish DJ (Michael Carrera)

[EDIT: Sofakingbear, a ravishing bear himself, has pointed out to us this cute bear’s name: Michael Carrera (MySpace Page).  Looks like he’s grown out his hair and sporting a beard.  Man, oh man, and he is still a stunner.  Wows!]

I was just wondering if any of you guys recognize the cute bear in the following photos.  I got them from MySpace and I forgot to label them correctly and just saved the images with those annoyingly long hash of numbers and letters.  Anyway, I think he’s a DJ, but I could be wrong.  Anyway, whether we find out who he is or not, all I can say is he is just MIGHTY DAMN FINE…  WoooooooF!

Yeah, this photo sealed the deal for me.  🙂

[EDIT: I just found this one and I guess he is a DJ…]

Big Bloated Bull Rollin’ Around

Bassbassboomboom has posted another great set of photos of such a massive big bull in his Real_Thick Yahoo Group.  If you love massive behemoths, definitely join his group as he and his members tend to find wonderful bear gems such as this lovely musclechub…  The title of this post is actually his group’s post title for this aptly-named photo set.  Mmm, mmm, mmm…

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Another Stunning Ssirum Wrestler

Here’s another unbelievably beefy Ssirum wrestler.  Unfortunately, I don’t know his name either.  Anyway, check out the last photo.  It’s my favorite from the whole set.

[EDIT: I can’t seem to properly upload those photos.  So I just stitched those 5 photos into a collage.  Anyway, the last photo I was referring to is on the farthest right of the collage.]

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Ssirum Wrestler: Oh, Ssi-ssi-rium!

“Now he don’t even know my name…”

I think that I might have amassed every photo of this stunningly handsome Ssirum Wrestler from this site: http://ssirum.or.kr/.  Unfortunately, I have no idea who he is.  Hopefully, someone’s out there who knows who he is so that we could properly name him in our fantasies.  Lol.

(Anyway, as an added educational note, this sport is also sometimes spelled as “Ssireum” or “Ssirium.”)

“We want to make sure that these knots are not squeezing your puppies.
Hmm.  Let me make sure again.  Hmm.  Let’s try that again.  Hmm…”

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Another Unknown Woofy Wrestler Is Still Unknown (Andrew Anderson)

[EDIT: Unknown no longer.  His name is Andrew Anderson.]

Thanks again to Greg of Brotherhood Of Bears for this.

Man.  Just who in the heck is this amazingly beefy wrestler?  I’ve posted about him before, but no one could seem to identify him.  If I have any obsessions (lol), it would be with names.  This beautiful specimen of a bulky musclebear reminds me of a heftier and huskier Dino Bravo (but minus the mullet).

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