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Cute Guy Uses His Cubbish Charms To Sell Trident Layers Gum And It Works

Commercials are, more or less, fairly effective.  They are visual invasions and auditory assaults to the senses which can do their manipulative job in less than 30 seconds.  When I first saw the “Sword” Trident Layers Gum commercial, the ad did its spectacular magic on me as the cute cub in it caught my attention in less than 3 seconds. [KEEP ON WOOFIN’!]

Unknown Bear Wearing Only A Jockstrap

In Season 2, Episode 3 of “Eastbound & Down,” this cute cub/bear shows up in the locker room donning just a white jockstrap.  (With a bonus Danny McBride armpit shot!)

It was also pretty awesome as the camera just randomly panned down to focus on his wonderfully small underwear…  😛

Then as the camera shifted its focus to Danny McBride, this deliciously woofy bear stood up then stretched his marvelous gut…

As he high fives the rest of his naked and sweaty teammates, I also offer a big high five to all of you guys to these awesome shots as well!

Here's another bonus: I'm digging the chubby Mexican bear in the dugout.

And, of course, let’s not forget the star of this show, Danny McBride:

Nip Slip!

Kristen Wiig Licks Zach Galifianakis’ Beard

When I was watching the latest episode of Showtime’s Bored To Death, I was pleasantly treated to a shirtless Zach Galifianakis getting his beard licked on by a drunken Kristen Wiig (love that gal) as she playfully tugs on the fur on his nipples while scraping off a stuck hair on her tongue.  Seriously, descriptions won’t do it justice…

Stay tuned for more dashing bears from Season 2 of Bored To Death.

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Joey Oglesby: “The Ballad Of Ted & Tad”

Going through my archives, I realized that I have quite a handful of posts about the ever adorable Mr. Joey Oglesby.  He has a new web series called “The Ballad Of Ted & Tad.”  I’ve seen it, downloaded it, and watched it countless of times.  Others might feel offended by the conceit of the joke, but this is exactly what I come to expect from someone who sung a catchy song about a gay-hating God.  Check it out folks…

I can’t wait to watch further installments of this online series.  In the meantime here are screenshots of Joey from the video.  If I may add some constructive criticism: thank you for wearing a tanktop.  A big thumbs up from me, for sure…  😉

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Shirtless Jerry Ferrara: Most Excellent Edition

Dang.  Here I am trying to post some “stolen” shirtless Jerry Ferrara screenshots and I kept getting bothered by hateful comments about my sexually-explicit filled blog…  You know, I just might start getting all explicit from here on out.  Sorry, Jerry Ferrara, you are my first victim…

Jerry Ferrara 01Holy crap, check out the rack on that chick!  She’s so hot!

Jerry Ferrara 02I want to see that hot chick on the corner.  Stupid camera man, I don’t
want to see no fat dude!

Jerry Ferrara 03I’m a straight man, dammit.  I don’t want to see no fat dude!

Jerry Ferrara 04Freaking fat dude…

Sorry.  I’m just a bit ticked off right now and I had to punish Jerry Ferrara’s awesome shirtless photos.  Thank you Bobby for the heads up, and D.T. for these awesome screenshots!

Check out the bearmythology Flickr Photostream for my horrible-looking screenshots.  Anybody who can give me tips and/or a great site(s) to learn all about these newfangled ways to create great screenshots will be greatly appreciated.  Anyway, here’s my collage version to make up for my venting as well as the previous horrible “GET IN SHAPE!” collage.

Jerry Ferrara shirtless collage

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Shirtless Jerry Ferrara

I have only seen Season 1 of HBO’s Entourage, and I know that there was a swimming pool scene with Jerry Ferrara in it.  Anyway, did a Google search for “shirtless Jerry Ferrara” and I hit the mini-progressive jackpot:


I got the photo from ifitandhealthy.com and wish that the photo was not desecrated by that obnoxious demand.  Anyway, does anybody know if this screenshot is from Entourage?  And, if so, what season and episode is it from?

Jerry Ferrara as Turtle

Anyways, here is a compilation of Jerry Ferrara as Turtle…

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Joey Oglesby Sports A Prison Guard Uniform In “Prison Break”

Joey Oglesby Prison Break 005

Prison Break (definitely one of my all-time favorite TV shows) has officially ended a few weeks ago.  There were two episodes that were not released, but repackaged as a full-length film that filled in the blanks to the show’s surprisingly downer (yet, uplifting in a way) ending.  You can check it out on DVD and it’s called Prison Break: The Final Break.  I appreciated how they did this as it did not overwhelm the fans with more prison break absurdities to the point of self-parody.

More importantly, and to my pleasant surprise, Joey Oglesby was in it as well.  Unlike his tacky clothing from Private Practice, he gets to don a prison guard uniform.  Yowza!

Joey Oglesby Prison Break 002

Joey Oglesby Prison Break 004

Joey Oglesby Prison Break 011

Joey Oglesby Prison Break 013

Joey Oglesby Prison Break 018

Joey Oglesby Prison Break 019

Joey Oglesby Prison Break 021

Speaking of Prison Break parodies, here’s a Simpsons version…

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Joey Oglesby: “Private Practice”

It has been a long time since I’ve posted about one of my favorite cubby bear actor, Joey Oglesby.  But here he is in all of his super cute glory (sometimes you gotta get all “girly” with the adjectives) from the TV show, Private Practice (“Second Chances” Season 2, Episode 14).

Joey Oglesby Private Practice 04Even with the tacky clothing, it could not defy his adorable cuteness

Joey Oglesby Private Practice 02

Joey Oglesby Private Practice 07

Joey Oglesby Private Practice 08

Joey Oglesby Private Practice 09

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Why I Love YouTube, Reason #3,827: Chubby Bear Getting Into A Drunken MMA Fight Club Hybrid

Check out the dude staring at the cubby bear’s wonderful exposed belly.  He just couldn’t resist that he had to touch the cute bear’s bellybutton.  As this is a two-year old YouTube video, this drunken digital mayhem is much longer than the current drunken videos.  That is why I need to point out the best bits for you guys: right at the 4:31 mark, it is where you see the cop-a-bellybutton scene…

There is something truly surreal and absurd about this video.  After the lucky dude cops a feel, Fatboy Slim’s Weapon Of Choice starts playing in the background, while that same lucky dude ends up playing with his thumb.  “What the eff,” you ask?  You just gotta watch the bizarro nature of it all.  God bless the internets.

fight club drunk bear 02

fight club drunk bear 03

fight club drunk bear 04

fight club drunk bear 05

fight club drunk bear 06

fight club drunk bear 07

fight club drunk bear 08

Michael Cudlitz: “Sex Drive” & “American Virgin”

I just saw the trailer for Sex Drive and I noticed one of my perennial favorite woofy cubby bear and another very woofy bear (who I will be posting about later).

Let’s first discuss my perennial favorite, Michael Cudlitz.  I’ve known about him for quite awhile and he’s one of those bearish men who seem to consistently remain “cubbish” — that is, he’s husky but not husky enough to be “bearish.”  Of course, that’s just my personal opinion.

Anyway, in that “Sex Drive” trailer, he appears to be playing the role of “angry redneck who dresses up with a sleeveless flannel just like Larry The Cable Guy”…

Well, that’s all that was in the trailer.  The movie appears to be pretty funny and seeing Michael Cudlitz in that role is definitely a bonus.

Anyway, here are more woofy photos of Michael Cudlitz from every Bob Hoskins’ fans’ wet dream, American Virgin.

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Claude VonStroke: DJ Bear, Bird Lover

I just got a fantastic tip from iBear about a woofy DJ named Claude VonStroke.  He is an American house, electro house and ghettotech producer based in San Francisco [Wikipedia].

While just looking at those photos of him, I told myself, “Well, self, he is quite handsome.  Maybe not a bear, but definitely a cub of sorts.  I think that…”

Then I saw this:

More photos here

Let’s just say that I have definitely reconsidered my original assessment… ^_^

Finally, here’s one of this woofy bear (yeah, I’ve upgraded him from “a cub of sorts”) music video and an example of ghettotech.

This is definitely gonna be on my GTA IV playlist…

Scotty Biggs: Beach Cub

Scotty Biggs (aka “Cute Pro-Wrestling Cub”) has posted a couple of new photos from MySpace.  One photo, in particular, is my favorite:


Why?  Because, apparently, there are these gay men who think that they
have a right to be vulgar to just about anybody on the internet.
Do you know what’s worse than an “internet tough guy”?
Answer: “A vulgar internet horny homosexual” that’s who.
You guys should know better.  I’m fucking disappointed.

And for the record, Mr. Scotty Biggs is a heterosexual.
If you want to write something to someone, always
put yourself in one’s shoes and see how one would feel.
Dammit.  I feel like I’m an internet etiquette instructor.

Thankfully, Mr. Biggs is fine with having his wrestling photos
posted in this blog.  Seriously, fellas, get a grip.

There’s just something about a big man being photographed/recorded amidst the backdrop of a tranquil ocean and clear blue sky.  There’s just something so serene and beautiful about it.  You might even say that this is a fetish of sorts.  I guess it’s no different from Sports Illustrated’s annual Swimsuit Edition, I guess.

And here’s a collage from the new photos Mr. Biggs had uploaded in MySpace:

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Scotty Biggs: Cute Pro-Wrestling Cub

NOTE: Mr. Scotty Biggs is not a homosexual.  If for some reason, you feel compelled to be vulgar and sexually explicit to him, I urge you to not do so.  Apparently, this blog is being mentioned while these inconsiderate people send inappropriate emails to Mr. Scotty Biggs.  Folks.  Please.  Stop it.


It’s a shame that the current pro-wrestling scene (i.e., Vince McMahon’s empire) lack a number of bear/chub candy for today’s fans.  Luckily for the independent scene, that is where the bigger pro-wrestlers tend to go to.

Here is one such wrestler who is currently a GWAlliance Heavyweight Champion: Scotty Biggs.  Will the WWE even have a Heavyweight Champion that would look like that?  Or will their stable of big men end up being a “goofy character” (ala “Festus”) or a parody (ala non-wrestling “Big Dick Johnson”)?  This is a very important and pressing issue that is far more important than Global Warming or Worldwide Hunger.

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