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Drew Powell: SYFY Wire Conversation With Drew Powell About Gotham’s Solomon Grundy

Check out Drew Powell’s SYFY Wire’s interview. You can just feel how ecstatic he is to play the role of the zombiefied and indestructible Solomon Grundy. He talks like someone you can just talk to and feel comfortable with. He is such a sweet and jovial guy. Yeah, I said jovial. Anyway, I particularly enjoyed his tidbit about David Harbour (of Stranger Things fame!) working out in the gym for the upcoming Hellboy movie only to wear a padded costume, whereas Drew would be shirtless for most of the time. Continue reading Drew Powell: SYFY Wire Conversation With Drew Powell About Gotham’s Solomon Grundy

Drew Powell: Solomon Grundy, Gotham’s Thick Musclebear For Any Dark Day

Drew Powell Gotham S04E05 Solomon Grundy Origin 50.jpg

Gotham is one of my favorite TV shows. Third season, was undoubtedly the best, in my humble opinion. The 2-part season finale was beyond exciting and characters would just drop off like flies left and right. I loved it. Continue reading Drew Powell: Solomon Grundy, Gotham’s Thick Musclebear For Any Dark Day

Drew Powell: The 5 Stages Of Grief Of A TV Guest Star

Drew Powell shirtless 26

Drew Powell was a guest star of Leverage and its writers decided to create a mockumentary about Drew begging to be brought back to the show.  The result is hilarious with a sprinkle of SHIRTLESS scenes of Drew Powell.  WOW!

Drew Powell shirtless 01

Drew Powell shirtless 03

Drew Powell shirtless 05

Drew Powell shirtless 06

Drew Powell shirtless 10

Drew Powell shirtless 13

Drew Powell shirtless 14

Drew Powell shirtless 15

Drew Powell shirtless 18

Drew Powell shirtless 24

Drew Powell shirtless 25

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The Left Nipple, Exposed Belly, & Dramatic Faces Of Drew Powell

Drew Powell leverage 15

In Leverage (Season 1, Episode 10), Drew Powell guest starred as — surprise! — a “fat slob.”  Despite my sarcasm, I actually love seeing him like that.  Lol.

At this point, I have composed a short photo essay on Drew Powell’s three main features and assets that tend to show up in any of his acting gigs.  Let us begin…


Before you go through the following exhibits, please refresh yourself with this old post: Drew Powell: A Scientific Discussion Of His Mammary Papilla.

Mr. Powell’s protruding nipples always make their appearances.  However, it is his left nipple that tend to get the most screentime.  Here are three completely different scenes from Leverage… You be the judge.

Drew Powell leverage 16 - nip

Drew Powell leverage 21 - nip

Drew Powell leverage 24 - nip


Before perusing through the photos, please check out his two commercials: Jack In The Box and 21st Century Insurance.  That’s right.  His belly would always make a peek-a-boo appearance.  Sometimes just a tease and sometimes it’s full-blown exposed such as in the images below…

Drew Powell leverage 02

Drew Powell leverage 03

Drew Powell leverage 04

Drew Powell leverage 07


Finally, despite (and probably because of) Mr. Powell’s common “comedic” roles, he does the best he can with the materials that have been given to him.  Here are just a few samples of his intense dramatic range…

Drew Powell leverage 12

Drew Powell leverage 17

Drew Powell leverage 18

Drew Powell leverage 19

Well, there you have it.  After all of that, you’re probably wondering: “Man, when does he get shirtless?”  Ah…  Glad you asked.  See you in the next post…

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Would You Massage A Naked Drew Powell?

If you had to even think, then I’m gonna whack you on the side of the head.  I mean…  COME ON! 😛

Drew Powell psych 15So again, I ask: Would you massage me naked?

This is Drew Powell‘s massage scene in Psych (Season 3, Episode 13) where he — get this — did not get massaged!  Utterly disappointing.  Well, beggars can’t be choosers since we are treated to some cute shots of him looking all handsome and helpless on the massage table…  Awww…

Drew Powell psych 02

Drew Powell psych 06

Drew Powell psych 09

Drew Powell psych 10

Drew Powell psych 12

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Drew Powell: Mr. “Stinky” Auto Coverage

Drew Powell insurance 08

Is Drew Powell cornering the market of “the sweaty and smelly husky guy”?  Check out his Jack-In-The-Box fruit smoothies commercial for proof.

Drew Powell as Mr. “Stinky” Auto Coverage

Anyway, I’m guessing that the rest of the population is supposed to cringe at the “fat slob” as the camera focuses on his sweaty armpits and belly fold (lol, thanks DG!).  I’m also guessing that it should induce a nasty nasal reaction from such images.  I say “guessing” because all I could see is an amazingly beautiful and huggable husky body that’s drenched in sweat and emanating a delicious musky scent.

Drew Powell insurance 02

Drew Powell insurance 09

Drew Powell insurance 04

Drew Powell insurance 07

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Drew Powell: “Turbo Dates” (Dudes)

Drew Powell has two new video clips that were uploaded in his Official Site.  One of them is Episode 25 (“Dudes”) of a television series called Turbo Dates.  I haven’t heard of this series, but it appears to be a collection of short videos concerning “Speed Dating” (though their slogan is “Speed Dating … Only Faster”).

Definitely check out the much preferred and much clearer Quicktime version.  In the meantime, here’s my “borrowed” YouTube version…

[EDIT: (11/18) The producers of the show had requested to remove this video as the show hasn’t officially aired yet.  It was also removed from Drew Powell’s official site as well.]

(higher quality version)

Watching the video, it somewhat entered the realm of my wishful thinking subconscious where in some alternate universe, I’m partnered with a straight bearish man and I won’t mind if he’s fulfilling his sexual appetites on other means while I’m just enjoying his very company.  Yeah, I’m probably the only one who thinks like that.  😛

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Drew Powell: A Scientific Discussion Of His Mammary Papilla

I finally found the photos of Drew Powell that were shared in the old BearMythology Yahoo Group…  At the time, none of us knew who this cute bear was.  Someone had taken screenshots from the TV series, “Malcolm In The Middle” — specifically, because he found this man attractive.  Anyway, this was during a dark time of analog TV, VHS tapes, and 512kb high speed internet.  For the next few years, I’ve searched in vain for his name.  Eventually, I had given up.  And, lo and behold, a Jack In The Box commercial popped up, I posted it, and someone finally revealed to us his real name.  Wow.  I’m crying here.

Anyway, back to the original subject of utmost importance.  Remember when I said that it was a “dark time”?  I’m not kidding.  Just look at those fuzzy screenshots.  Anyway, well, with this fuzzy screenshot, we were all debating about whether the not-yet-named Drew Powell’s left nipple was protruding from his shirt.  I heartily voted, “Nay!”  And I’m sure a few others agreed with me.

How wrong was I!  After meticulous studies and observation, someone with an access to MS Paint (Windows ME edition) had graphically drawn out where this cute bear’s nipple was actually protruding!  Needless to say, I became a believer…

Dammit.  It was there all along!

Fast forward to today, and we’re finally blessed with clear images, such as the following:

Yes, your honor.  There is definitely no disputing anymore.  Case is closed.

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Drew Powell: Simply Beautiful

I recently posted about the Jack In The Box Fruit Smoothies Commercial and it was bothering me that I did not know the name of the gorgeous jogger in the commercial, even though he looked very familiar.  Luckily, my good friend, PORTO, is a sharp-eyed bear lover who educated me on this beautiful man’s name: Drew Powell.

Ah, yes.  I can sleep soundly now…

Make sure you check out Drew Powell’s Official Site as it has loads of photos and videos.  Also, check out his MySpace Page and IMDB bio.

I am so crazy in love with the photo above.  At a certain angle, he reminds me of another woofy actor, Louis Lombardi.  They both just seem to possess and be blessed with those luscious lips.

And at another angle, he reminds me of Vincent D’Onofrio.

And when he’s sporting a beard, he reminds me of Michael Rispoli

Either way, even with all of those resemblances, all I can say is that this bearish man is definitely and seriously beautiful…

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Jack In The Box Fruit Smoothies Commercials

[EDIT: Thanks to PORTO, I am now enlightened to know that the actor playing the hot jogger is Drew Powell.]

Every time this commercial shows up on TV, I stop doing whatever it is that I’m doing.  Thank goodness for YouTube, I can watch this to my heart’s content.

[EDIT: WTF?  Jack-In-The-Box had this commercial deleted?
They’re too good for free advertising now?  Unbelievable.
Anyway, you can check out the deleted video here.]

Does anybody know who he is?  He looks very familiar but I can’t seem to pinpoint which movie/tv show he’s been in.  Any info will be greatly appreciated about this woofy specimen of a bearish hottie.

Apparently, there’s also a Hispanic version of this commercial:

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