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Classic Goonday Moonday: Pure Strength Strongmen Of 1989

Twenty-two years ago, I was in high school and still oblivious to the world of strongmen competitions.  So thank goodness for YouTube.  It has become a rich video archive of classic strongmen competitions.  This one in particular is called “Pure Strength” (the 1989 episode). HITStrongman posted the whole event in 7 parts. [KEEP ON WOOFIN’!]

Joey Oglesby: “The Ballad Of Ted & Tad”

Going through my archives, I realized that I have quite a handful of posts about the ever adorable Mr. Joey Oglesby.  He has a new web series called “The Ballad Of Ted & Tad.”  I’ve seen it, downloaded it, and watched it countless of times.  Others might feel offended by the conceit of the joke, but this is exactly what I come to expect from someone who sung a catchy song about a gay-hating God.  Check it out folks…

I can’t wait to watch further installments of this online series.  In the meantime here are screenshots of Joey from the video.  If I may add some constructive criticism: thank you for wearing a tanktop.  A big thumbs up from me, for sure…  😉

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YouTube’s First Ever Straight Gay Chub Bear

spokaneman25 01Check out the bearmythology Flickr Photostream for more screenshots

Thanks to Chubarama, I have never laughed so hard in my life while getting aroused by this handsome and self-proclaimed “real chub bear”: spokaneman25.  If only other straight big guys were this comfortable with themselves, the world would be a better place…

spokaneman25 15

You just gotta love his YouTube descriptions and tags:

Fat chubby gay man large obese chub chaser

gay hairy bear cub chub chaser funfur mark Musclebear Beefy Hunk Muscle Gym Bodybuilding Beard shorts Schwu Bären Cockpit Bearforce Bearcelona Osos Orsi xxx xxl.tv
Category: Entertainment
Tags: gay  hairy  bear  cub  chub  chaser  funfur  mark  Musclebear  Beefy  Hunk  Muscle  Gym  Bodybuilding  Beard  shorts  Schwu  Bären  Cockpit  Bearforce  Bearcelona  Osos  Orsi  xxx  xxl.tv  fat  fetish  chubby  man  obese  belly  naked

Lol.  This guy knows the bear/chub culture, that’s for sure…  Love the “Bearcelona” and especially “Schwu Bären” as well.  GENIUS.

Ernie Beath Is The PatrioticHighlander

Thanks to good buddy, BigNHusky, we now know who that massive, massive powerlifting musclechub: PatrioticHighlander from YouTube (real name is Ernie Beath).  In his YouTube page, he said that he’s in the process of writing a strength book.  Wow.  A powerlifter and a writer.  Awesome combination.

Here are two videos where we get to see Mr. Ernie Beath doing lifts while shirtless.  Unbelievably.  Spectacular…

This is the video where someone got that awesome
screenshot I posted…

Fray Bentos Pies Commercial: If Only All Hero Movie Archetypes Were Like These

My favorites were the car mechanic, fireman, and construction worker.  I definitely need such a hero…  And who knew removing a wife-beater in tandem with bad ’80s-like pop music could be, oh, so erotic?

FUN FACT: YouTube sometimes would have a “Watch in High Quality” link on some videos.  But, even if a video does not have that link, you can actually access it.  All you need to do is add:


at the end of the URL.

The video above is normally like this:

So you just add &fmt=18 at the end, like so:

Some videos might actually look worse off if the original uploads were of “poor quality” to begin with.  But, I’d say that this trick makes every YouTube video a lot clearer than normal.  I’m not sure why this is not the default setting.

Also, I had submitted this post on the Brotherhood of Bears Yahoo Group and I’m just going to post it here as well:

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

While obsessing over shotputter, Reese Hoffa, in YouTube, I noticed the “Watch In High Quality” link.  Apparently, there’s a quick way to download that better quality (it’s not really high-def, as it’s more of a higher bit-rate).

Here’s a great tutorial from YouTube:

In a nutshell, this is how you do it:

1. Here’s a sample of the Reese Hoffa video in “standard quality”:

2. All you need to do next is add &fmt=18 at the end of the URL:

3. Copy that URL to this website:

4. You can now download both the standard and high quality FLV files.

HOWEVER, here is an even quicker way and what I highly recommend:

*** Drag-and-drop the KEEPVID Bookmarklet to your links toolbar. ***
*** This Bookmarklet is located on the very top page of http://keepvid.com. ***

That website also has a link to AVS Video Converter that could convert your FLV files to whatever format you want.  The best part is that it is free.  I don’t use this program so I can’t vouch as to how good it is.  I normally use “YouTube FLV to AVI converter Pro” and I’m a creature of habit and refuse to change somthing that’s been working for me.  🙂

Hopefully this was useful in some way!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

VanAwesome: Vantastic VLogger

Sending out big hugs and a big “Thank You” to Sereno for introducing me to this cute cubby VLogger on YouTube.  VanAwesome has a certain look that just does not immediately stand out as “bearish” (to me, anyway).  However, when Sereno linked me to his favorite videos, I then quickly fell in love with VanAwesome.  Here are just some of the videos that not only displayed his cubbiness, but also his geniune wit and comedic talents.  His website also shows his unbelievable talents with 3D Studio Max and After Effects (loved his Motion Video of the robot and rhino and the Honda logo blew me away).

I can’t stop watching and laughing at this simply because I was
very familiar with the original Colin’s Bear Animation.  Genius.

VanAwesome and Sneezing Panda?  Gold.

This has got to be my favorite VanAwesome video.

It’s also my favorite as it has a mini-crossover video from the above.

FatBoy Dan: Redneck Fisher & Hunter

FatBoy Dan is a YouTube celebrity who has videos of himself and his buddies hunting and fishing.  I could definitely just stare at FatBoy Dan fishing all day in a lazy Sunday afternoon.

My fave.  Fat Boy Dan’s sure is enthusiastic with carp fishin’.

Redneck workout in the outdoors gym.

Bruce Wilhelm: Classic Strongman In 1979 Miller Lite Commercial

[Unfortunately, the owner of this video’s account has been suspended.  I mentioned that I love YouTube, but on the other hand, I hate them too!  This truly sucks.  –May 1, 2008]

I can’t help stop loving YouTube.  Where else could I find classic gems
such as a Bruce Wilhelm beer commercial?

Bruce Wilhelm was another favorite classic strongman of mine.  He was brash and cocky but actually delivered the goods by consecutively winning the World’s Strongest Man competition in 1977 and 1978.  (As a sidenote, strongman/pro-wrestler, Ken Patera, had actually called him out on TV to wrestle him, but, alas, I don’t think that such a bear showdown ever came to fruition.)  Mr. Wilhelm’s 70’s hairstyle, especially his thick sideburns, was definitely sexy.  It’s a shame that you don’t see that kind of hairstyle on today’s powerlifting athletes.  Check out Mr. Wilhelm’s official site for more photos of this powerhouse of a woofy person.

And here’s my favorite photo of him that was sorely missing in his official site:

[BearBeat] JerBear Vs. BarrioBruiser Parts 2 & 3 Uploaded; And I’m Down For The Count

The match of the ever-woofy JerBear versus BarrioBruiser continues and concludes with Parts 2 and 3…  And, yes, there’s also a couple of grabbing and busting in *that* area.  -_^

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Larry Joe Campbell: “According To Jim”

LFBears from YouTube has a fantastic set of bear video clips that are definitely my type of videos.  In fact, every clips he had uploaded were scenes that I would definitely watch over and over again.  I truly feel a kinship with this man as his selections are top notch.  I really feel old as LFBears is only 26.  If there was an Honors Award for “Excellent Work On Bear Hunting” this man will receive it.  Lol.

Anyway, he has uploaded some hot and woofy scenes of a shirtless Larry Joe Campbell from the long-running series, According To Jim:

Jim Belushi bares it here as well as he ain’t bad…
But, man, you put a cherubic Larry Joe Campbell and, according to ME,
that angelic chub is just teh hotness…

Shirtless.  Sweaty.  Wet.  Daaym…

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[BearBeat] John Gemberling: Goofy Chubby Gets Offed … Twice

I found out about John Gemberling in a bizarre and twisted film called Palindromes.  He had a short scene, and there are screenshots of it here (though he looks like a kid and even resembles Andy Milonakis, rest assured that he is of legal age).  ^_^

Mr. Gemberling has 2 MySpace pages:

John Gemberling’s MySpace #1
John Gemberling’s MySpace #2

The following YouTube shorts are of John Gemberling getting beat up and, sadly, killed.  The first video shows a lot of yummy belly shots, while the second video shows a quick reveal of his left armpit.

BearBeat Score:
2 out of 5 Pawnches

I had to give a low score because Gemberling’s two characters die.  That’s not good.  Also, in the first video, he was a bit too gay (lol) with the pirate delivery; while in the second video, he had too short of a screen time.

“The Morning After” Cute Chubby Bear (Mike Paterson)

UPDATE: His name is Mike Paterson.  I repeat.  Mike Paterson.  Yes.  His name is Mike Paterson.


The amazing Chubarama has done it again.  An amazing YouTube video was just posted that had a supersexybeautiful bear chub of a man who I have instantly fallen in love with.  He just possesses that look that I just go crazy for: the nerdy look, receding hairline, and oh-so furry chubby bear body.  And I just love that innocent look of his, as well as his not-too masculine voice.  Plus his facial expressions in the short film — a film that was extremely well-made — were just so adorable.


Unfortunately, I don’t know his name and I hope that somebody out there uncovers this beautiful man’s proper nomenclature so that he could be addressed (i.e., “woofed at”) accordingly.

Anyway, here’s an animated gif of “supersexybeautiful bear chub” getting his right nipple played on.  Man, I can watch this for hours on end.  What a sexy body!


He does remind me of a cross between Allen Garfield (in his younger days) and Michael Milhoan (just the face and balding head).




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Isiah Whitlock Jr. Knows His Sheeeeeeeeee-it

Isiah Whitlock Jr. = Method Actor who could say “shit” with extra dramatic flair…

The Wire

25th Hour

Not bear-related, but to keep up with this post’s theme, this is just freaking hilarious… 

A History Of Violence

Jeff Mackay: “Tales Of The Gold Monkey”


Tales of the Gold Monkey was one of my favorite shows as a kid.  I don’t quite remember it as vividly so I’m worried about my reaction if I watched it now with my older eyes.  One thing I do remember though was how crazy I got every time Mr. Jeff Mackay showed up on the little screen.  He had those cute round eyes, constant scruffy 6 O’Clock Shadow, and the adorable greasy mechanic overalls (lol, yeah, I said “adorable”).  Here’s a couple of YouTube clips from that classic 80’s show…

Lars Hedlund: Classic Swedish Bear And World’s Strongest Man Behemoth


When I posted this collage to the old Bearmythology Yahoo Group, I talked about how it resembled something a 12 year old girl would have made if it was Justin Timberlake, for example.  This same girl would have stickers of JT on her diary and she would have scrapbooks of him taken from various teeny-bop magazines…

Now what if we had such teeny-bear magazines when we were younger?  Imagine being 12 and you walk inside a local bookstore and find a magazine section dedicated to gay tweens and teens.  Imagine finding both straight and gay bears and chubbies being the main subjects of said magazines.  Imagine it was 1980 and on the front cover was World’s Strongest Man competitor, Lars Hedlund.  You don’t have enough money so you flip through the pages and thoroughly enjoy reading through this beautiful big bear of a man.  And as you read through it, people pass you by, oblivious to what you’re doing, because they’re simply not judging you…

It’s nice to imagine, isn’t it?  Will that day ever happen?  I hope so.

Danny McBride: “The Foot Fist Way” Red Band Trailer

When I saw Hot Rod, I did it simply to see Danny McBride (for some reason, I still laugh at that “I like to party” scene).  Though he only had one scene where I merely chuckled in “Hot Rod,” it appears that this movie, The Foot Fist Way, would finally showcase his comedic talents (though I did not find myself laughing too much at the trailer).  Either way, I’m definitely seeing it due to my obvious shallow reason for enjoying bear candy on celluloid.

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Guy Fieri: TGI Friday’s Commercial

Thanks to “Corey” from the previous post, I got a heads up that Guy Fieri was in a TGI Friday’s commercial.  So, I went to the official site, copied the commercial, then uploaded it to YouTube, so that I could properly compare him to 80’s icon, Corey Haim…  ^_^

Corey Haim’s 80’s doppelganger?

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Guy Fieri = Tyler Labine + Steve Harwell + Dashes Of Attitude (& Good Looks)

Tyler Labine


Steve Harwell





Colin Farrell could only wish that he looked this good…


I was not much into watching The Food Network, then Season 2 of The Next Food Network Star came along.  Guy “Guido” Fieri was the cocky and crazy winner of that contest.  He currently has a couple of shows: Guy’s Big Bite and Diners, Drive-Ins, & Dives.

Here’s a video of him from The Food Network’s “Diners, Drive-Ins, & Dives”:

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