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Warren Sapp. Swimming. Shirtless. Touchdown.

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Man, this is what I get for not being thorough with my gossip news.  Apparently, a few months ago, a video about a “handicapped” swimming race between my favorite big bear, Warren Sapp, and Michael Phelps has been floating about.  The top video is an exclusive, as we get to hear Young Jeezy put money on Warren.  I can’t blame him as Warren had a half-pool headstart on Phelps.  I, too, would have dropped big coin on Warren.

Other than that, I have finally seen Mr. Warren Sapp in all of his shirtless glory.  Wow.  Just wow.


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Good Dags. D’ya Like Dags?

I’ve decided to add the “Tag Cloud” on this blog’s sidebar; and as somewhat of an experiment on my part, I wanted to see if some — if not, all — of my favorite tags would become popular.  Here are the current results…


Shirtless, Big Bear, Chubby Bear, Musclebear, Armpits, Strongman, Football, mmm, mmm, mmm…

I’m very amazed to learn that those keywords and tags are the most popular and they also happen to be my “choice tags” as well.  Whenever I scour the internet for bear-related information, those are the “special” keywords/topics I look for to see if I would investigate a particular website or blog.

The only media personalities that showed up were these four: the talented cute cub, Joey Oglesby, the classic chubby bear John Goodman, the daddy bear Ray Winstone, and the big bear Warren Sapp.  I really love the fact how all four are so varied from each other.

And with that, this is a sampling of what most of you guys and gals like the most:

Shirtless big/chubby musclebears

shirtless-bearNot sure who he is, but it’s definitely a spectacular photo…

shirtless-bear-patriot-powerlifterI’ve seen him before in YouTube doing powerlifting stuff in what
looks like his basement; I’m also not completely sure if his nick is “Patriot”

shirtless-bear-powerlifter-01I previously mentioned my love for these washed-out
’70s porn-looking photos; well, here’s a musclechub for ya

shirtless-bear-powerlifter-02I completely forgot who this big hairy brute is…

shirtless-bear-brian-schoonveldBrian Schoonveld

shirtless-bear-zydrunas-savickasZydrunas Savickas


or vote via abc.com

Ah, it’s the Finals of Dancing With The Stars.  I’m begging all of you to please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please

VOTE for Warren Sapp and Kym Johnson!






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Warren Sapp In The Semi-Finals: The Jitterbug

As much as I loved Warren Sapp and Kym Johnson’s Jitterbug, Lance and Lacey (even when losing a shoe) rocked the house down.  I have to admit that Lance and Lacey were the only couple who truly brought their “A” game to the semi-finals.  Lance is a contender who I have completely underestimated.  Hopefully, Warren’s charisma and charm are good enough to send him to the finals.  I hope that Warren and Kym are not gambling on that as I personally would love to see some seriously fantastic dancing from them.


Man, I can’t believe as to just how nervous I am!







By the way, the host, Samantha Harris, has been copping a feel on the big guy on a couple of occasions.  What a lucky lady!




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Warren Sapp In The Semi-Finals: Mambo & Sleeveless At Last!


Dammit!  It looks like the finals might end up being Brooke and Lance.  Nooooo!!!!!  Cody is in jeopardy tonight, but I wonder if his fanbase will outvote Warren’s fanbase?  Believe you me, I voted as much as I was able to and I hope that Warren doesn’t get the boot…  Part of me wants to cheer on Lance and Lacey as they seem to be the only true contender for Brooke and Derek.  However, I’m hoping against hope that Warren and Kym decide to put some technique to their dancing as there’s no way their consistently “safe” dancing would stand up against Brooke and Lance’s.  Come on, Warren and Kym, you guys can do it!  *nervously awaits for tonight’s results*


Exactly two months ago, I said this…

Three nights from now, we’ll get to check out Warren Sapp on the Ballroom Dance Floor.  I typically don’t watch shows like these, and the last time I watched it was when Emmitt Smith sambaed to Stevie Wonder with that green sleeveless shirt.  *swoons*

. . .

Now if only Mr. Sapp gets to wear such fancy getup (or lack thereof), then we’d be in business.  )

And what do you know?  Not only did the ever-woofy Warren Sapp make it to the semi-finals of Dancing With The Stars, he finally showed up in a sleeveless outfit while dancing the Mambo.  Ay, carumba!  And it was indeed truly beautiful…














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Warren Sapp: 007 Tango, Jive Solo, & The Big 99 Is Back!


Yes!  Right where it matters the most, Warren Sapp got his groove right back on in Dancing With The Stars.  I just hope he makes it to the semi-finals.  I think that the bottom two tonight might be Cody and Maurice (Lance and Lacey have won my heart because of their defiance to traditional dancing).  I’m hoping that Cody doesn’t get eliminated simply because he was unfortunate to have a partner switch down the stretch.  Also, his solo was just fantastic and he deserved a much higher score than what he got.

However, all that matters to me is that I want to see Warren go all the way.  This is the time where I will try to access every telephone I can get to vote for him and Kym…

*crosses fingers that Warren doesn’t get the boot tonight*



Anyway, here is the QB Killa dancing the Tango and The Jive…















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[BearPit] Warren Sapp: Team Paso Doble Rehearsal


Didn’t I mention that I LOVE these rehearsals?  Here’s Captain Warren Sapp practicing for their awesome Paso Doble Team Dance…  I literally went nuts when I saw this.  Damn…

warrensapp-teampasodoble-17Deja vu… (from this post)









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Captain Warren Sapp & Team Paso Doble


Thankfully, Warren Sapp‘s low score get balanced out by an almost-perfect score with the Team Dance competition as Team Paso Doble.  (Honestly, this was completely unfair for Lance who had a high score and Cody who had a low score.  The only one who benefited was Warren Sapp as Brooke and Maurice already had high marks.  The one common denominator?  Susan Lucci became the weak link for Team Cha-Cha.)


Anyway, despite my opinion on it, Team Paso Doble rocked the house down.  Warren has truly mastered the Paso Doble and it’s definitely one of his expertise.  But, dammit, Brooke & Derek — AGAIN! — are just freaking amazing.  Just give her the trophy already!  -_^  Come on, Warren!  Make it to the finals.  Make it a “Beauty & The Bear” finale of sorts…









That group interview above was quite “cute.”  Warren Sapp took his job as Captain seriously that he kept going to the forefront (for which Derek “stole”) so that he could be properly interviewed by the lovely Samantha.  Ah, but Mr. Sapp had to respect Derek’s role as the dominating “Alpha Male” of the ballroom dance floor…  Anyway, I just found it unfortunate that Samantha did not read that from Warren as she did not even ask him a single question.  Boo!  ^_^

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Warren Sapp: Big Bear Channels Fred Astaire With The Foxtrot

Ah, yes, Mr. Barack Obama won.  Happy days…  However, as for Prop 8…  What a roller-coaster of emotions I’m feeling right now.  I’m proud to be an American, yet crippled by the anti-equality votes for being gay.  Oh well, much love for the lovers and even more love for the haters.  Let’s keep back on track…

This was Warren Sapp‘s not-so-stellar performance, but I personally thought that he deserved a higher score than three 7’s.  This is the big guy rehearsing then performing the foxtrot with Kym Johnson…  Methinks, I personally prefer the rehearsal session.











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Warren Sapp: Old Skool Hip-Hop Hooray

As a bonus treat for the Dancing With The Stars audience, the remaining 7 couples performed a group dance: Old Skool Hip-Hop.  Man, as I was once part of a late ’80s, early ’90s hip-hop dance group, this dance routine was definitely a fantastic trip down memory lane.  And watching Warren Sapp bust-a-move was just utterly awesome…

And for an even more bonus, during the dress rehearsal, Warren Sapp wore a white tanktop.  Yes!


Ah, Cody, what a lucky kid…

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Warren Sapp: Smooth Poppa Dances To The Rumba

Can Warren Sapp and Kym Johnson ever do wrong?  Lance Bass may have been this night’s Dancing With The Stars’ crowd-pleaser, but Warren, even with a misstep, has proven to be a versatile ballroom dancer who has the talent of getting into character.  He even got compared to Emmitt Smith; however, unlike Emmitt, he was complimented for always bringing in an “emotional quality” to every dance.  Whoo-hoo!

This week, Mr. Sapp dances to the Rumba with the lusciously sexy Kym Johnson (WTF? I’m turning straighter and straighter watching this show!).

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Warren Sapp: Big Bear Boogies To The Hustle

Gotta admit it: I’m hooked on Dancing With The Stars.  As I’ve mentioned before, I only decided to watch the show simply because of Warren Sapp.  So far, he’s been consistently spectacular on every dance.  Unfortunately, Brooke Burke is just utterly phenomenal and definitely the star to beat.

My predictions for the top 4 are: Brooke Burke, Warren Sapp, Maurice Greene, and Cody Linley.  Brooke is a favorite with the judges and fans, while Warren is a definite crowd-pleaser.  Maurice and Cody, despite their inconsistent scores with the judges, they are consistently anchored by two of the greatest professional female ballroom dancers (in my opinion).  I think I actually have a non-gay crush on Julianne Hough (Cody’s partner).

This week’s show was definitely a blast.  Warren Sapp delivered the goods and truly transported me to the ’70s by performing The Hustle.  Even with the anachronistic moonwalk and breakdance arm wave, the spirit of the dance was in full effect and I found myself “Whoa”-ing a couple of times.  However, I feel that Cody and Julianne did the best dance of the evening and the audience’s “boos” to the judges were well deserved…

I’ve uploaded Warren and Kym’s The Hustle to DailyMotion, but it’s been “publishing” for the past 6 hours; so, I’m guessing that it’s either really slow or I’m gonna get another copyright infringement notice…

Anyway, this is my placeholder for the video, if it ever gets published…


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Warren Sapp: Big Poppa Dances To The Samba

(higher quality version)

Whew.  Looks like Mr. Warren Sapp survived Week 4.  Warren and Kym used to be tied with the seemingly unbeatable Brooke Burke and Derek, and now they went down to number two while Lance Bass tied it up with Brooke.  Oh well, I’m just comforted to know that they’re still on top of the leaderboard.

What was even more awesome was seeing the big guy do a handstand.  A handstand!

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Warren Sapp: A Glimpse Of The Woofy Belly

Oh.  Wow.

We finally get a glimpse of Warren Sapp‘s gorgeous belly.  This occurred during his practice session in Dancing With The Stars with Kym Johnson for the Viennese Waltz.  Once I figure out a way to capture the HD quality screenshots from my Cox Cable DVR*, I’ll post them here.  In the meantime, here are some not-too-clear screenshots…

(* Any tips and tricks from capturing good video from Cox Cable DVR will be greatly appreciated.)

And as a bonus (for me, anyway) Mr. Sapp is dressed in pink and extremely sweaty…  Reminds me of another cute sweaty bear wearing a long-sleeved pink shirt

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Warren Sapp: Channels Morpheus, Dances The Paso Doble In Bullet Time

Aight.  Looks like I’m back.  I really appreciate all the support and feedback.  You have all rejuvenated me (looks like the batteries are all recharged).  And what better way to kick things off with Warren Sapp OWNING the dance floor for his third dance with the Paso Doble in Dancing With The Stars.  3 for 3, so far.  Wishing you the best, Warren and Kym!

It’s truly a wonder to see the amazing chemistry that Warren has with his partner, Kym Johnson.  They’re just truly perfect together on the dance floor…

(higher quality version)

I really like the unique spin that they’ve put in the dance.  I’ve always had a crush on Laurence Fishburne’s Morpheus, and Warren Sapp just amped my Matrix fantasies a thousand fold.  Whoa! indeed…

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Warren Sapp: Day 2, The Quickstep

(higher quality version)

In Day 2 of Dancing With The Stars, Warren Sapp and Kym Johnson tackle the Quickstep…  Loved the fact that Sapp compared himself to previous DWTS champ, Emmitt Smith.

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Warren Sapp: The QB Killa Dancing To The Cha-Cha-Cha

(higher quality version)

Whew!  I thought that Mr. Warren Sapp was going to bomb on his first dance in Dancing With The Stars, but I’m very much relieved.  He cha-cha-cha’d his way to many people’s hearts and proved that big boys can dance.  Believe me, I voted!  Three times to be exact: from my house phone, my cell phone, and my work phone (oops).

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Warren Sapp: Dancing With The Bears

Three nights from now, we’ll get to check out Warren Sapp on the Ballroom Dance Floor.  I typically don’t watch shows like these, and the last time I watched it was when Emmitt Smith sambaed to Stevie Wonder with that green sleeveless shirt.  *swoons*  Oh, what the heck, here’s a flashback:

(higher quality version)

And since Emmitt Smith had interrupted this post, I might as well post this particular favorite photo of mine.

Now if only Mr. Sapp gets to wear such fancy getup (or lack thereof), then we’d be in business.  🙂

In the meantime, I just hope that the red shirt gets to come off at some point…

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