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Lars Hedlund: Classic Swedish Bear And World’s Strongest Man Behemoth


When I posted this collage to the old Bearmythology Yahoo Group, I talked about how it resembled something a 12 year old girl would have made if it was Justin Timberlake, for example.  This same girl would have stickers of JT on her diary and she would have scrapbooks of him taken from various teeny-bop magazines…

Now what if we had such teeny-bear magazines when we were younger?  Imagine being 12 and you walk inside a local bookstore and find a magazine section dedicated to gay tweens and teens.  Imagine finding both straight and gay bears and chubbies being the main subjects of said magazines.  Imagine it was 1980 and on the front cover was World’s Strongest Man competitor, Lars Hedlund.  You don’t have enough money so you flip through the pages and thoroughly enjoy reading through this beautiful big bear of a man.  And as you read through it, people pass you by, oblivious to what you’re doing, because they’re simply not judging you…

It’s nice to imagine, isn’t it?  Will that day ever happen?  I hope so.

[BearPit] Jamie Reeves: 1989 WSM Champion

Jamie: “Yeah!  I won a… er… ah… non-decorative silver butler’s tray!  Whoo-hoo!”
3rd Place Competitor: (gropes Jamie’s massive tricep) “Yeah!  Whoo-hoo!”
True Winner = 3rd Place Competitor

Jamie Reeves is one of my favorite classic World’s Strongest Man competitor.  He has that chubby/muscular look that just drives me crazy.  He is currently the judge for IFSA (International Federation of Strength Athletes) Strongman.

Vasyl Virastyuk: A Series Of Shirtless Photos

Ah, yes, Mr. Vasyl Virastyuk.  I have been going crazy for this WSM competitor lately.  I wonder why he wasn’t part of this year’s WSM event?  I missed him so here is a series of shirtless photos of the incredibly husky Vasyl Virastyuk:










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[BearPit] Reese Hoffa

Here’s a collage of woofy American shotputter, Reese Hoffa.  Bigger quality images can be found in ViewImages.com (I haven’t figured out how to link to the proper page, so just use its search function).

Reese Hoffa - collage 1

The following is a video clip of Reese Hoffa winning the gold medal from the 2007 IAAF Athletics World Championship in Osaka, Japan. 

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[BearPit] Unknown Woofy Bear

According to the jpg properties, I created this collage on April of 2003, but I’m not sure if the date stamp is accurate.  Anyway, so I can safely assume that this cute college bear was part of MTV’s 2003 Spring Break.  He was some random party guy who ended up being a bouncer for MTV during Spring Break.  If there’s anybody out there who knows more about this hunky fella, please keep me informed.  All I could remember was his name: Big Tony.


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[BearPit] Grant Roa

In the film, Whale Rider, Grant Roa played that uncle that every kid like me wished they had: husky, furry, and a post-linebacker build which always results in a gorgeous gut (though I suspect most kids like me actually had woofy uncles, and for that I envy them).

Here’s a collage of him with his woofy armpit in view with a heaping dosage of sexy bear chest.

Grant Roa - Whale Rider collage 1

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Jeff Saturday: Series of TV Ads for ACE

Starting Center for the Indianapolis Colts, Jeff Saturday, is one damn fine woofy bear.  He has those deep and hypnotic, penetrating eyes.  He also has the most perfect beard I have ever seen on anybody.

Jeff Saturday Collage 1

Jeff has a series of humorous ads for ACE, a men’s grooming supplies company.  Links below will lead you to these commercials…

ACEforMen Official Site
ACEforMen on YouTube

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Jason Bane: One Heck of a Monster Bear

To me this woofy bear possesses that perfect bear god physique. He is Zeus. Hercules. Adonis. All rolled up into one complete package. His dashing good looks is the reason why admirers of such men had coined the term “bears.” Just look at him. Massive. Furry. Masculine. Who wouldn’t go weak at the mere sight of this perfection?

Jason Bane 

Jason Bane has a MySpace page which has more photos of him. Make sure to catch his full match against another woofy bear, Rhyno. To my disappointment, Mr. Bane has shaved off his furry body for this match. Still, it does not negate the simple fact that the man is unbelievably hot.

Jason Bane 01

And praise ye Lord of Creeping Wrestling Tights!  A wrestling bear’s navel should always be revealed…

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