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BearMythology Version 4.0

3 Bears and Chubs

It appears that it’s been about 6 years and 6 months since I last posted on WordPress. It will be awhile as I try to get used to things. It took me some time updating the new look of this blog. I think that I like it as I plan on posting in bulk.

The 3 bears and chubs you see on the top is representative of the bearish/chubby types I like. Not a single white bear? Don’t worry, we will be discussing them. Trust me, I am not partaking in the white genocide…

…Yes, I’m older, perhaps a little bitter, and definitely sarcastic; but I still have a sense of humor.

Welcome aboard to BearMythology Version 4.0.


Of Bears And Beefs

As I’ve been browsing through the ever-growing online community of bear & bear aficionados in Tumblr, I just realized just how, in such a short time, our group has grown to astounding proportions.  Just to think, about a decade ago like-minded individuals got to know each other through email lists and chat rooms.  They were smaller and private niche communities that only the persistent and dedicated would find.  With the advent of social networking and instant access to media, our loves, lusts, and fetishes are displayed out in the forefront not just for us but for the rest of the world.

Never had I thought that I’d be living in a time where I’d be inundated by images of bearish and chubby men.  But that is how it is today.  The sharing and delivery of such images and videos come in such a rapid pace that if you blink for a second, you’d miss almost a year’s worth of masculine media (in comparison to a decade ago, for instance).  I feel like an old wheel trying to keep up with the young and tech-savvy kids who are proficient with the language of Facebooks, Twitters, and the like.

The thing is, I have noticed a sort of evolution.  Those of us who were in need of a connection with others who shared our passion found it in the world of the “bear subculture.”  However, diverse groups have come out of that culture.  From the chubs to the brutes, the daddies to the cubs, the furry and the smooth, new groups and types have quickly grown to develop their unique identities.  In short, we share a common trait with them: we love men of larger-than-typical sizes.  However, just because they share such a trait does not necessarily make them a part of the “bear subculture.”

Recently I just involved myself in commenting about the “What is a bear?” debate.  Without even mentioning my stance on this here, let’s just say that no one truly owns the term.  In fact, when I started the idea of “bearmythology,” I created it for people who had an affinity towards bearish-looking men.  So it is in my heart’s content to see other folks like me who discuss about such men without associating it with any particular culture.

They know that they like big guys and that’s just how the way it is.

And as I’m about to leave the online world in a few minutes, I’d like end with these images from a wonderful (and NSFW) blog called The BeefMonger’s Blog

Shirtless Saturday: Various Shirtless Men From OilWrestlers.Com


The Women’s Oil Wrestling Federation (WOW) is a hybrid of female wrestling and audience participation between the WOW ladies against shirtless men who are oftentimes stripped to their underwear.  It’s also a bar from New Orleans.  Unfortunately, the website hasn’t been updated since 2006 (the federation’s location was damaged by Hurricane Katrina), but I’m guessing that the show is still alive and (ball) kicking somewhere…


Anyway, WOW is very similar to the mud wrestling scene from Stripes.  Take a look…

john-candy-im-sorryPicture this: a 9 year old boy is watching a scene of John Candy
looking almost nude because he’s caked in mud and wrestling —
while getting gut punched/kicked and dominated by four women…
Believe me, I reached puberty then…

Unlike that movie, WOW pretty much provides an erotic fantasy match for the men who enjoy getting dominated by fighting ladies.  So it’s almost like a live S&M-lite fetish act.  The weird thing is, if I was an audience member, I’d be stuffing the big men’s underwear with dollar-dollar-bill-y’all instead of the ladies’ skimpy swimsuits.

Here are some shirtless photos of a handful of amazingly handsome men.  If anybody knows how we could access their photo/video archives, it would be greatly appreciated…




The following husky bald man was my definite favorite.  From the photos I’ve seen of him, he was a regular fan…






A darn hottie, no?  Anyway, here are more scorching photos of our bearish kin getting dominated by the ladies.  I dedicate this post to the female readers out there.  You gals had better show your “O” face by the end of this post.  ^_^

















Chubarama, Colossal Clothing, & Holiday Savings


Just in time for the holidays and a perfect gift for yourself or the big man in your life, Chubarama and Colossal Clothing are offering 30% off with their fantastic clothing line (just use the code CHUB30 at the checkout).  Check out this link at Chubarama for further info.

The Big Lebowski Toys: OMG. Dude. Want.

I don’t really collect toys and action figures nowadays.  However, seeing these toys for The Big Lebowski is making me want to have them.  Man, they did a great job with John Goodman’s Walter Sobchak.

Anyway, this exaggerated version of our very loveable John Goodman reminds me of a character in an adventure game called, Runaway.

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Chubarama Loves You: 1, 2, 3, 4, Come On Baby Say You Love Me

This hot chubby bear could use a shirt or four.  Er, maybe not.  -_^

Chubarama is the Humpday Giveaway Machine.  They’re giving away 4 t-shirts from Colossal Clothing just for being a loyal Chubarama reader.  And we’re all winners as Colossal Clothing is also giving away 33% discount on our next purchase by typing in “chubarama” as the code when checking out.  How cool is that?  And based on the cute chubby model on top, it’s very cool, apparently!

Guy Fieri: TGI Friday’s Commercial

Thanks to “Corey” from the previous post, I got a heads up that Guy Fieri was in a TGI Friday’s commercial.  So, I went to the official site, copied the commercial, then uploaded it to YouTube, so that I could properly compare him to 80’s icon, Corey Haim…  ^_^

Corey Haim’s 80’s doppelganger?

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Harold Sakata: Oddjob Gets Powerfully Sick

I’m going through my second cold/flu for the past 2 months now and it’s not fun.  At.  All.*

Here is Oddjob (from Goldfinger) with his Oscar-winning portrayal of a strong man suffering from a terrible coughing affliction:

If I was one of those kids groping Mr. Oddjob’s massive bicep,
I probably won’t grow up to be gay.  No sir.  No way.

* Luckily, I have Professor Layton & The Curious Village on the Nintendo DS to entertain me.  One of the best adventure/puzzle games of 2008, in my opinion.  Ow, my head.

Three of the cute bearish caricatures in the game.
The artwork reminds me of The Triplets of Belleville.

On Valentine’s Day 2004, I Took This Test At Work Then Went Home A Failsome Failure

<cue Little River Band’s “Lonesome Loser”>

I know these are my test results but I figure that it might interest you guys; as I’m sure that my results will be eerily similar to most of yours (if you do take the test).

That’s the thing though.  I can’t find this test anymore.  I’m not sure if I have to sign in to and I don’t have the desire to do so.  Also, I’m just curious to see if the test has “improved.”  I guess I’m baiting someone out there to be a guinea pig and sign up for it.  Lol.  Anyway, the company who started the test came from Attraction Science.  But I went there and could not find the test at all.  It was called either “Physical Seek Report” or “Physical Attraction Report.”



Chubarama: Greatest Chubby Men Blog, Bar None, So Much So That Horatio Sanz Is Excited About It  Wow.  I just spent hours devouring through this amazing blog with, literally, bulky amounts of information/photos/videos about our beautiful bigger bear brethren*.  It’s very hard* not to get distracted.  It has instantly and definitely become one of my favorite blogs out there.  Kudos to the great work!

And here’s one of my favorite chubby comedian/actor, Horatio Sanz, going crazy over discovering Chubarama:


* alliterative behavior is a side-effect when staring googly-eyed at such massive chubby men
* bad puns included

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“Don’t Drink The Water”: A Pepto-Bismol Commercial

Here’s a funny commercial with a cute, woofy bear who’s just lounging on a beach chair, enjoying the sun, and drinking cocktails.

I just love his squinty eyes.  I tend to get attracted to bearish folks with those eyes: they appear somber and aged.  Since I gravitate towards older bears, I think I’m attracted to their life’s experiences, from their hardships to their accomplishments.  There I go again, romanticizing things.  Lols.

And here’s a collage from that commercial.  At the time (2001), I thought that the actor resembled an actor named Brent Sexton which is why he’s included in the collage.


Jeff Saturday: Series of TV Ads for ACE

Starting Center for the Indianapolis Colts, Jeff Saturday, is one damn fine woofy bear.  He has those deep and hypnotic, penetrating eyes.  He also has the most perfect beard I have ever seen on anybody.

Jeff Saturday Collage 1

Jeff has a series of humorous ads for ACE, a men’s grooming supplies company.  Links below will lead you to these commercials…

ACEforMen Official Site
ACEforMen on YouTube

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