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While Eating M&M’s Peanuts, I Thought Of Manuel Martinez

Manolo Martinez Estigmas 302

While I was at work last night, I took a break and bought M&M’s Peanuts from a vending machine.  I was the only one in the break room at the time while enjoying the hospital-like quiet sound, save for the low and constant buzzing of the refrigerators.  And as I ate my candy, I thought of Manuel Martinez as I stared at the two Ms on the yellow packaging.  I then thought about my obsession with correlating everything I would see with big, bearish men.  It then led me to a minor philosophical moment where I started to dwell on the very basic foundation of human life: “appetites”…

We literally & non-literally want and need someone and something and it’s this constant “appetite” that would keep us going.  I then thought of the much-abused archetypal image of the Ouroboros where the dragon or snake forms a circle by swallowing its own tail.  That even in its basic sense, the “act of eating” of the Ouroboros is the only “feasible” visual action that can represent our oneness with ourselves — how the people and things we lust are eventually and ultimately unimportant for we are our own unique self, a vessel of isolation, and the actual contents of that metaphorical fruit of knowledge…

Manuel Martinez 308What the — what the F?!

Lol, yeah, that’s a WTF-moment there if any.  I had to get that out of my system, and to make up for my propaganda, here are photos of the ever-woofy Manuel Martinez.  I still don’t know when his film Estigmas is coming out, but here are more images from it as well as more shot put photos.

Manolo Martinez Estigmas 301

Manolo Martinez Estigmas 302a

Manolo Martinez Estigmas 303

Manolo Martinez Estigmas 304

Manolo Martinez Estigmas 305

Gotta add this video…  This man is unbelievably beefy, it’s crazy.

Manuel Martinez 301My God…  Just perfect…

Manuel Martinez 302

Manuel Martinez 305

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Shirtless Saturday: Tyler Labine In “Reaper”

Tyler Labine Reaper s02e07-13

Man, it’s been a long time since I’ve posted.  I’ve been vegging for most of the day, just sleeping and doing literally nothing productive.  The good part is that I got to digest some pop culture knowledge that I’ve been sorely lacking lately.  Anyway, because of this, I finally bought and more importantly “watched” the Season 1 DVD of Reaper…  And, wow, it instantly became one of my favorites.  It also helps that Tyler Labine‘s Bert ‘Sock’ Wysocki is just utterly loveable.

Tyler Labine Reaper 01

Well, it’s Shirtless Saturday, and here is the eternally cute and shirtless Tyler Labine in Season 2 of Reaper (Episode 7).

Tyler Labine Reaper s02e07-01

Tyler Labine Reaper s02e07-03

Tyler Labine Reaper s02e07-04

Tyler Labine Reaper s02e07-07

Tyler Labine Reaper s02e07-09

Tyler Labine Reaper s02e07-10

Tyler Labine Reaper s02e07-14

Tyler Labine Reaper s02e07-15

Tyler Labine Reaper s02e07-18

Tyler Labine Reaper s02e07-20

Tyler Labine Reaper s02e07-21

Tyler Labine Reaper s02e07-22

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Richie Incognito: Husky Football Player Part Whoa

richie-incognito-kneelingfrom bigfoulbeast’s Flickr Photostream

I’ve posted about Richie Incognito before and then I remembered that I needed to perform my civic duty and re-google some new photos of him…  The task is done.

richie-incognito-trainingfrom John Anderson’s pbase gallery
(according to him, Richie wore his jersey like this ALL DAY!)

richie-incognito-training-02This is pretty blurry, but hey, it’s better than nuthin’!… or…

Anyway, here’s my doctored close-up of that first photo…  (By the way, anybody knows of a good app that can resize an image without making it look pixellated?)







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Jay “Hollywood” Hughes


Steve Collins’ PowerShotsMag.com is a spectacular website that celebrates the sport of Strongman.  It’s more focused on British strongmen, but that’s nary a problem.  If it didn’t, I never would have discovered a handful of sexy beasts from that site.  One musclebear, for example, truly stood out…  Take a gander at Mr. Jay “Hollywood” Hughes, a bodybuilder turned strongman (check out his interview here).  “Hollywood” is right.  I’m positively star-strucked…

I just want to shout out a big thank you for Mr. Steve Collins for such fantastic photography work.  You can tell that he truly loves the sport and its athletes.  He manages to capture the mythic beauty of these fantastic behemoths.  For an unbelievable sample of what I’m talking about, check out his photo set from London’s Strongest Man 2008.  Some popular massive blokes are in there, such as the unbelievably gorgeous Terry Hollands.




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Thank Grizzly It’s Friday Weekly Wrap-Up

Every Friday, I will provide a weekly wrap-up then post a screenshot from a movie and I would like for you guys and gals to guess who the actor is and what movie it is from…  Just post your answers in the comments section.  The answers will be posted the following Friday.


An unknown woofy wrestler’s name has finally been unveiled: Andrew Anderson.

Goonday Moonday was borne and christened by the massive bullgoon, Gerard Benderoth.

In Two Woofy Tuesday (Beary Yummy Seconds), Manuel Martinez proved that he’s not second in the beefy looks department.

Kyle Gass was your winner in Woofy Winner Wednesday and for some reason I decided to post screenshots of his Walrus Boy character.  I mean, srsly, wtf?

Kenan Thompson appeared shirtless in Wieners.

An unknown chubby bear tried to steal Kenan Thompson’s shirtless thunder in Wieners.

Find the specific Halls Candy commercial and the big musclebear bartender will reward you with “those things” in his hand in the video.

* * * * * * * * * *

As for the answers from last week’s TGIF:WWU…

Craig (via email) and Brett (via the comments) were the first to get the answers correctly: Leo Burmester from The Abyss.  Also, great job to everyone else who had guessed it correctly as well.

The Abyss is definitely one of my favorite sci-fi films and something I would recommend to watch back-to-back with the original The Day The Earth Stood Still.  Both have a great humanistic message that appeals to my somewhat hippie heart.  And if you get a chance, watch the even longer “Special Edition” as it explores more of the characters in the film and reveals a better ending.

Anyway, here is the late Mr. Leo Burmester as Catfish De Vries…




Finally, try to guess why I posted these very specific screenshots…  Dear Lord, my fetish p0wns me…







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Two Woofy Tuesday (Beary Yummy Seconds): Manuel Martinez


Two Woofy Tuesday is on a brief hiatus and in its place is Beary Yummy Seconds (I have a Filipino accent, you see).  Also, this is a way for me to finally voice my own opinion on who I would have voted.

The very first poll was the popularity contest between shot putters, Manuel Martinez and Christian Cantwell.  Unfortunately, I was still learning with running the polls so I prematurely ended the poll the very next day instead of next week.  Nevertheless, I tracked the poll until the following week and Christian won all the way.  As for who I would have voted, I would have picked Manuel Martinez, hands down.  Christian definitely possesses that perfect bear physique, but Manuel has this beefy and stocky build that’s covered with magnificent fur that never fails to wow me.  I definitely can’t wait to see him in his acting debut.

So on today’s Beary Yummy Seconds, we have Manuel Martinez for your visual delights…

manuel-martinez-collage-by-dirkCollage was made by the smartest & hottest bear porn star I’m blessed to know, Dirk.








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[BearPit] Ryan Vierra: Of Tanktops & Nip Slips

ryan-vierra-trophyI’d award him a trophy just for being amazingly hot

Here are some older screenshots of Ryan Vierra wearing a tanktop.  The big bonus?  Money shots of my fetish as well as some nip slips.  For all things that are holy, don’t these beefy guys know that we go nuts at such mere acts of wanton sexiness?!










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[BearPit] King Kong Fu

king-kong-fu-006I’d be sporting a smile a mile-wide too if that was me
on top of the massively woofy bear…

Remember my barrage of collages of the woofy Shawn Murphy where there’s a particular focus on a specific body part?  Well, I’m at it again with one of my particular fetish.  This time the unfortunate victim of my specific attractions is with Shawn Murphy‘s King Kong Fu…















The following photos have nothing to do with BearPit (lol, I still can’t believe I’m calling it that), but it’s worth posting here as a companion piece for BearBeat…  ^_^




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Woofy Winner Wednesday: Kevin James

kevinjames-s1e22-01From episode 22, “Where’s Poppa?”

Wow.  It was not even a contest at all.  Based on emails, comments, and poll (106-240), you all have voted loud and clear: Kevin James is the woofiest leading chubby bear in a sitcom for 9 seasons…

Here are screenshots of your favorite chubby bear from Season 1 of The King Of Queens.

The first set is from a “Bonus Episode” titled “Assaulted Nuts”…





This next set is from the pilot episode…




This next set is from episode 2, “Fat City”…




This final set is from episode 7, “The Rock”…






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Sean Of Britain’s Next Bear Model

My good buddy, Erl, from the Brotherhood of Bears Yahoo Group had shared these two fantastic photos of Sean, the runner-up from Britain’s Next Bear Model.  I have to admit that I was pretty bummed out when he did not win.  (I mean, why did he NOT win???!!!)  Anyway, I just hope that we get to see more of this seriously beefy guy.  Check out Bearotic for more Sean goodness!



Luca O’Zulu: Bearish, Woofy, & Italian


Back in the day of dial-up internet connection, one of the best websites I frequented was orsiitaliani.com (and it is still the best: check out their unbelievable Movie Bears page).  It was one of my first experiences with a website that celebrated “bearish personalities” in the media.  It opened up my virgin eyes to a world where I did not feel alone.  There were actually people out there who were like me.  I just wish that my tale was a lot cooler, such as finding out that I had super powers, or that I was an alien, or that I was the descendant of a shape-shifting clan (where did that one come from?); but, alas, all I found out was that I was gay and that I was attracted to big and husky dudes.  Oh well.

Anyway, one of the bearish media personalities Orsi Italiani introduced me to was Luca O’Zulu of 99 Posse.  With my speedy internet connection, I searched for and downloaded every conceivable photo of this marvelously handsome bear.  The above collage is the result of my obsessive collecting habits.

Mr. O’Zulu doesn’t appear to be with the band anymore and performing solo. And, unfortunately, that’s pretty much all the info I have on him.  So, I was wondering if any of our Italian friends out there could enlighten us about him.  Links to photos and videos would most definitely be awesome.  Anyway, here is the Official Site/Blog of Luca O’Zulu.


The above animated gif — which is something I can stare at FOREVER — is from the music video “Corto Circuito”:

(higher quality version)

Shirtless Saturday: Oh. My. God.

[EDIT: Alright, guys, I got it.  🙂  I must say that I was a victim of wishful thinking and Photoshop tampering.  The head is indeed Kevin Smith, but the body is definitely not him.  I apologize to those who had prematurely suffered through heart seizures, brain aneurysms, and even death.  So, unfortunately, I guess we will NEVER get to see Mr. Kevin Smith shirtless.  Which is very unfortunate because he is a very beautiful man.  I think if we think long and hard enough about a shirtless Kevin Smith, we’ll enter his subconscious and he’ll eventually honor us with his bearish physique…  Again, I apologize, but either way, this body is nevertheless quite woofy…  *sighs*]

I never knew that I would EVER see Kevin Smith shirtless.  And, now, not only is he shirtless, he’s FREAKING REVEALING TO US HIS ARMPIT!

Ahem…  Excuse me for a minute…

*visual cortex and brain EXPLODE*

Stare at that photo in awe, ladies and gents.  Stare.  In.  Awe.

MUCHO HUMONGOUS THANKS to my wonderful friend, Erl, for sharing this in the Brotherhood of Bears Yahoo Group.  This crazy world had just gotten a little better for blessing us with that FANTASTIC photo.

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The Guvnor Mickey Francis Is Also The Daddy

Next time I hear someone yell and ask, “Who’s The Daddy?,” I will give them a confused look as I decide on answering with either Ray Winstone, Glenn Ross, or The Guvnor Mickey Francis

(higher quality version)

The Guvnor Mickey Francis [Official Site; MySpace; YouTube] is a professional wrestler from Manchester, England.  Not only does he possess a godlike stocky physique that’s prone to getting drenched by bottled water, he has this stunning smile and infectious laugh that can catch you literally unawares.

The following photo set shows the woofy Guvnor and his mad skills with purified water body soaking (that should be a sport in itself!)…

The following photo set truly exudes his magnetic charisma simply by just smiling.  *sighs*

And, lest I forget my little (lol) fetish, here are some photos that I personally find to be really nice.  -_^

[BearPit] John Goodman: “Roseanne”

Jasper and Justin had a discussion on John Goodman’s powerlifting regimen and massive arms.  As a John Goodman fan, I was literally ashamed for not knowing anything about such a regimen (though I can attest to his massive arms).  All I know is that I’m gonna worship the altar of John Goodman either he be a musclebear, musclechub, a chub, daddy bear, or a daddy chub.

In honor of John Goodman’s arms, above is a photo shoot with entertainment illustrator, Rick Law.  Ah, that tanktop and that short shorts.  Yabba Dabba Doo, indeed.

But that’s just a teaser of what’s to come.  The following are finally better screenshots of that fantastic armpits scene of John Goodman from “Roseanne.”

And to complete the foreplay and venture to the actual game, here is the scene in its entirety:


Thank you, D.T., for sharing this gem with us!

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