Walt Gogola & His Atlas-Sized Balls

Well, I actually meant, “Atlas Stones.”  -_^

The Atlas Stones is one of my favorite Strongman events.  There is something unintentionally erotic about big men carrying large stones shaped like balls.  Only a gay person would probably think of that, I’m sure.  And for a blog whose name focuses on “mythology,” what else do you think this blogger would think of the term, “Atlas Stones”?  The god, Atlas, is probably tickled blue about this whole thing…

And here’s the woofy Walt Gogola and the mythic Stones of Atlas…

30 thoughts on “Walt Gogola & His Atlas-Sized Balls”

  1. I would love to carress those big hairy balls.. I’ve seen Walt live in competition and those stones look better in tights up close..

  2. His stones are impressive! What I would like to see would be the strongman videos of the water event, when they dive in the water then have to lug the barrels back to shore…oh, they are so sexy when wet!!!

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