Drew Powell: SYFY Wire Conversation With Drew Powell About Gotham’s Solomon Grundy

Check out Drew Powell’s SYFY Wire’s interview. You can just feel how ecstatic he is to play the role of the zombiefied and indestructible Solomon Grundy. He talks like someone you can just talk to and feel comfortable with. He is such a sweet and jovial guy. Yeah, I said jovial. Anyway, I particularly enjoyed his tidbit about David Harbour (of Stranger Things fame!) working out in the gym for the upcoming Hellboy movie only to wear a padded costume, whereas Drew would be shirtless for most of the time.

Here are some animated GIFs of Drew being cute and adorable. In the first one, he was asked the timeless question, “How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll pop?”

Drew Powell SyFy Wire Interview Tootsie Roll
The world… may never know… One… Two-hooooo… Thrrrrreeee… Crrrunch.

And in this one, Drew revealed a shocker: Eating candy corn mixed in with peanuts tastes like PayDay!!!

Drew Powell SyFy Wire Interview blow your mind
BOO-YAH! I just saw your brain blow out of your ear. BHOOOMMM… You just blew your mind.
Drew Powell as Solomon Grundy in Gotham.jpg

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