Casey Campbell: Scorching Hot Fireman Stripper

Before we all start drooling, I want to mention just how unbelievably gorgeous Casey Campbell is. He’s that handsome dad or that sexy uncle with, not surprisingly, a dadbod. Just a few years ago, Mr. Campbell was not at all husky. Again, this brings me back to my eternal question of not being attracted to someone because they are not physically big.

You know what, I do have an answer. It’s the decision of the person who is bearish in my eyes. Whether he loses weight will not change my mind that — at this point in time — he is one gosh darn sexy beast.

And since I consider myself a perv — umm — gentleman of exquisite tastes, here are two animated GIFs of the parts that need to be seen again and again… and again.

Casey Campbell Fireman Stripper
Well, Happy Birthday!

Casey Campbell Fireman Stripper Uncle Billy
Realization that Uncle Billy is damn, damn hot…

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