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[BearPit] Guy Fieri Wearking A Tanktop In Disneyland

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted with a “BearPit” tag on a subject header.  Heck, I’ve just unloaded my BearBeat fetish, so why not go all out with my armpit fetish as well?  Here is the woofy Guy Fieri from a series of videos in Disney’s California Food & Wine Festival.  Much love and gratitude to winkedinkie’s YouTube Channel for sharing this almost two-hour-long Guy Fieri goodness.  It’s definitely worth the watch and you learn a lot of fun things about him.  And, most especially, he’s wearing his company tanktop (Knuckle Sandwich).  So what does that mean?  Well, bonus armpits shots, what else is there?  -_^

For more screenshots, please visit the bearmythology Flickr Photostream.

Watch the whole epic series in winkedinkie’s YouTube Page

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Thank Grizzly It’s Friday Weekly Wrap-Up

Every Friday, I will provide a weekly wrap-up then post a screenshot from a movie and I would like for you guys and gals to guess who the actor is and what movie it is from… Just post your answers in the comments section. The answers will be posted the following Friday.

Sorry for the lack of updates.  There are some changes in my work routines and it’s been causing a bit of stress.  One thing you can rely on is that I will have to post on Saturday, Monday, Tuesday, and Friday.  And if you have emailed me with questions, please be patient and I will respond to you as soon as I can.

thankgrizzlyitsfriday-2009-01-30Blimey!  Who is this woofy daddy bear?

Alex Karras and other football bears from Paper Lion showed up on Shirtless Saturday.

Of mythic archetypes and goonish looks: Mike Hallick as Mantaur & Bruiser Mastino shows up in Goonday Moonday.

In Two Woofy Tuesday (Beary Yummy Seconds), The Power Twins (David & Larry Sontag) showed up to display the infinite power of woof squared.

* * * * * * * * * *

As for the answers from last week’s TGIF:WWU…

Germanfurrybear was the first to spot the massive musclechub as Keith Loneker from Out Of Sight.  And an excellent job to the other bear-eyed scouts out there who knew who he was!

I remember buying the DVD for Out Of Sight when it first came out and I was amazed at its crystal clear quality.  It’s no HD, but it was definitely a big improvement from VHS tapes.  I also loved the fact that I didn’t have to fast-forward to the “most important bear scenes.”  I can just pop the disc in and jump instantly to such “money shots.”


How time flies.  Now I have ripped this movie in a hard drive and I then just extract that very scene so that I could just double-click (or one-click, for you one-clickers) the video file then loop it to my heart’s content.

What does the future hold?  Gizmodo had a link to this DeviantArt illustration by pyxelated, and it appears to be where we are heading.  As anything else in life, moderation is key…

realityThat’s me in the corner watching a looped scene of White Boy Bob.
Strange Days, indeed, are ahead of us…









Big Black Musclebear Bartender Wearing A White Wifebeater In A Music Video Challenges You To Find A Specific Halls Candy TV Commercial


Back in the day, I would randomly channel surf the television while I had a blank VHS tape in my VCR.  This VCR would then be on “Pause/Record” so that I could just hit “Pause” again with my remote control so that I could somewhat instantly record a “bearish” guy that shows up on the boob tube.  One of the annoyances of said VCR is that it automatically un-paused itself if I did not hit “Pause” within 5 minutes or so.  So, I’d be constantly hitting the freaking “Pause” button every 1 minute so that I won’t experience a “recording delay” common to VCRs.  You might be asking, “Hey, Will, what is this recording delay“?  Well, my DVR-spoiled brethren, there’s a margin of error of about 5 seconds before you truly began recording on a VCR.  And since I was always searching and waiting for “money shots” of our bearish kin, those 5 seconds are utterly crucial.

“Crucial”?  You might be laughing at such silliness, but take this precautionary tale to heart: I was enjoying an episode of DangerMouse on Nickelodeon when the VCR “timed out” and un-paused itself.  Suddenly, without any warning, that Halls Candy commercial with the two hairy, large, and beefy Turkish bears in a bath and only wearing a towel showed up while my Cheetos-encrusted fingers could not find the remote control’s “Pause” button in time.  And by the time I hit “Pause,” it was all too late.  All I recorded was the final 4 seconds of the commercial where I could only see the Halls Candy.  To this day, I’ve hunted for this commercial far and wide and I have been wholly unsuccessful.  This Halls Commercial is my Moby Dick…

Well, back on topic, that’s just an extra back story for my blurry collage of that big black musclebear bartender wearing a white wifebeater in a 112 music video titled, Anywhere.  There was a time in my life when I just watched music videos on MTV, VH-1, CMT, and BET.  That above collage are screenshots from my BET music video watching days.

1:35 | 1:42 | 1:48 | 1:54 | 2:01 | 2:19 | 2:32 | 3:38
(exact times you see the bartender)… lol

So if there is anybody out there who knows where we can view this Halls Commercial, I will be deeply grateful and I will send you a reward.  I’m not kidding.  Trust me on this, it will be a fairly great reward…

[BearPit] Ryan Vierra: Of Tanktops & Nip Slips

ryan-vierra-trophyI’d award him a trophy just for being amazingly hot

Here are some older screenshots of Ryan Vierra wearing a tanktop.  The big bonus?  Money shots of my fetish as well as some nip slips.  For all things that are holy, don’t these beefy guys know that we go nuts at such mere acts of wanton sexiness?!










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Ryan Vierra: Highland Games Bear


Ryan Vierra is a 5-Time World and 11-Time U.S. National Champion of the Highland Games.  But to me, he’s an all-time bearish champion in regards to his magnificent physique and handsome face.  He had gotten bigger over the past few years where he started as a musclebear and is now a musclechub.  His belly has definitely grown in size.

Here is one of his Training Logs in this video. Wait for his “Power Snatch” routines and you’ll see why I’m highly recommending that section of the video.  Anyway, out of all the current training logs, this one is the best because it’s the only one where he’s wearing a tanktop.  Lol, talk about shallow.  😛

Log 6 Training for the 2009 Highland Games World Championships

And speaking of tanktops…








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Warren Sapp: Big Bear Channels Fred Astaire With The Foxtrot

Ah, yes, Mr. Barack Obama won.  Happy days…  However, as for Prop 8…  What a roller-coaster of emotions I’m feeling right now.  I’m proud to be an American, yet crippled by the anti-equality votes for being gay.  Oh well, much love for the lovers and even more love for the haters.  Let’s keep back on track…

This was Warren Sapp‘s not-so-stellar performance, but I personally thought that he deserved a higher score than three 7’s.  This is the big guy rehearsing then performing the foxtrot with Kym Johnson…  Methinks, I personally prefer the rehearsal session.











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Warren Sapp: Old Skool Hip-Hop Hooray

As a bonus treat for the Dancing With The Stars audience, the remaining 7 couples performed a group dance: Old Skool Hip-Hop.  Man, as I was once part of a late ’80s, early ’90s hip-hop dance group, this dance routine was definitely a fantastic trip down memory lane.  And watching Warren Sapp bust-a-move was just utterly awesome…

And for an even more bonus, during the dress rehearsal, Warren Sapp wore a white tanktop.  Yes!


Ah, Cody, what a lucky kid…

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[BearPit] John Goodman: “Roseanne”

Jasper and Justin had a discussion on John Goodman’s powerlifting regimen and massive arms.  As a John Goodman fan, I was literally ashamed for not knowing anything about such a regimen (though I can attest to his massive arms).  All I know is that I’m gonna worship the altar of John Goodman either he be a musclebear, musclechub, a chub, daddy bear, or a daddy chub.

In honor of John Goodman’s arms, above is a photo shoot with entertainment illustrator, Rick Law.  Ah, that tanktop and that short shorts.  Yabba Dabba Doo, indeed.

But that’s just a teaser of what’s to come.  The following are finally better screenshots of that fantastic armpits scene of John Goodman from “Roseanne.”

And to complete the foreplay and venture to the actual game, here is the scene in its entirety:


Thank you, D.T., for sharing this gem with us!

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John Goodman: Dan Conner Gets Comfortable

(higher quality version)

My great friend, D.T., has posted another wonderful video clip.  This time, it’s one of John Goodman from “Roseanne.”  Here is his description:

From season 8 of Roseanne, in “The Getaway, Almost” Dan (played by John Goodman) gets the house all to himself while Roseanne and Jackie go on a shopping trip – or so he thinks.

I have to admit that these are the very scenes that I tend to look for.  Sure, shirtless scenes and nudity are always nice to look at; but simple, everyday moments, such as a cute daddy bear like John Goodman acting all goofy and comfortable, are the ones that I tend to enjoy watching the most.

And to keep with the theme of Dan Conner being comfortable, here are some old collages of him wearing a tanktop (they’re not clear as I took the screenshots in the ye olde VHS days).  D.T. has also shared the actual video clip of this tanktop scene with me.  I’ll keep you guys posted when I upload this video.

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Keith Hudson as Hulking Guy: “Burn Notice”

[EDIT: I tried uploading Mr. Keith Hudson‘s scene from Burn Notice on YouTube but it got detected immediately as “copyright infringement” from FOX.  Anyway, you can watch the whole episode where I got these screenshots from here.  Dammit.  Where else can I upload videos that are not as strict as YouTube?  I’m trying to be careful with my uploads as I don’t want to get my YouTube account suspended.]

Anyway, I love how Mr. Hudson’s character is simply written down as “Hulking Guy.”  I can’t wait for his next role to be “Hulking Shirtless Bear.”  That would be definitely sweet.

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Dato Bakhtadze: The Butcher Of “Wanted”

Dato Bakhtadze plays “The Butcher” in the upcoming film, Wanted.  We see him briefly in the two trailers and he reminds me of Survivor’s Rupert Boneham, from the long hair and the beard to the tanktop (though instead of a tie-dyed hippie tanktop, he’s wearing a Virgin Mary designed tanktop).  Most importantly, such tanktops on both bears would always reveal their woofy armpits.  ^_^

More photos of Mr. Bakhtadze (though beardless from the film Crash) at this link.