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Thank Grizzly It’s Friday: I’m Sorry But Can You Allow Me To Find You Attractive?

G2_099[Short BearFic] Gay Bear Fighter Meets With
Korean Time-Traveling Warrior
(Jung-Yul Kim in G2: Mortal Conquest)

Gay Bear Fighter
Hello, Mr. Korean Time-Traveling Warrior.  I’m a gay bear and I–

Korean Time-Traveling Warrior
당신이 떠나 곰이 동성애!
(Translation: You leave gay bear!)

* * * * *

It’s been a scorching summer so far and I’ve had my share of heated debates with the same arguments I’ve been repeating ever since I started this blog.  I’ve decided to put my rant on such matters on today’s Thank Grizzly It’s Friday.

BearMythology's DisclaimerTo your left is my “Disclaimer” for posting images/videos of men I personally find attractive.

How many websites are out there where straight girls/women and boys/men who would have a similar type of a disclaimer for their blog/site?

I’d wager zero to completely none.

Why?  Because they’re heterosexuals.  They’re “straight” while the rest are “queer.”Scouserugger's Disclaimer

Queers can be attracted to the same sex; however, they shouldn’t let their attractions be known.


It’s gross.  It’s hilarious.  It’s wrong.  It’s pathetic.  It’s disturbing.  It’s funny.

To your right is Scouserugger with his own disclaimer:

You have two bloggers who are basically apologizing for finding such men attractive.

I can’t help but feel like a criminal and Scouserugger and I shouldn’t be treated as one.  Yet we receive angry complaints about doing what we’re doing.

I still cannot comprehend where the animosity and disgust is coming from.  Maybe if I pretended I was a female in the first place, then maybe no one would be complaining.  Because, honestly, the men would then be flattered.  But I have to be a hot female first though, because if I posted a fake photo of a mediocre-to-ugly looking gal, then they wouldn’t be flattered.  But since they are still females, they wouldn’t be creeped out by such public showing of attraction.

Anyway, perennial favorite strongman, Terry Hollands actually shared his thoughts on a forum where I had a brief discussion with about gay men being sexually-explicit with strongmen (online and off).

Terry Hollands b

I quite regularly get messages from them and as a whole most are very decent. You do get the odd one or two that push the limit a little by being a bit crude but that’s the same in all people not just gay guys!

I think people are way too sensitive to this sort of stuff, just take it as a compliment! They understand you aren’t gay. The way I look at it if a very unattractive woman thought you was nice looking would it bother you? if not then don’t worry about this! Just cause they think you’re attractive doesn’t mean you have to do anything about it!!

I have blocked a couple on Facebook due to VERY inappropriate messages but like I said as a whole they are decent guys.

I am really happy to hear this from a strongman whom I have posted quite a number of times on the blog.  (I’ll just pretend I didn’t talk about the “underwear model” comment for Big Tall Order.  That was purely from a consumer’s viewpoint.  *winks*)  Sometimes, the hateful and insulting comments are overshadowed by something simple.  And in this case, Mr. Hollands’ understanding viewpoint on gay men.Terry Hollands 35

Yes, we are just like any kind of people.  We can be nice, obnoxious, generous, selfish, loving, and hateful.  We’re not aliens, for crying out loud.  And, please, don’t make grandiose statements that “gay bears are the worse” in comparison to something a straight woman, bisexual chick, or female dog would do.  It’s like saying that all black people like chicken.  Well then, also call me black.

Enough of today’s rant.  It’s another scorching Friday afternoon and I’d rather look at hot men.  😛

So, my dearest gentlemen of the big and burly variety…  May we have your permission to find you attractive?

Jung-Yul Kim says no
Korean Time-Traveling Warrior transformed into a Japanese Yakuza

(Jung-Yul Kim from War)


Ray Winstone - just a little bit
"Okay, maybe just a 'lil bit"

Well, I guess that’s pretty good enough. -_^

Terry Hollands: Big Tall Order Model


I’ve been going through the blog’s comments and missed out on Matt updating us about strongman, Terry Hollands, being a model for Big Tall Order.  I quickly went to the website and guess which links I clicked on first?  That’s right.  “Trousers” and “Underwear.”  Unfortunately, there were no husky models for those links and I hope I can convince you guys to email the proprietors and demand them that we need to see Terry Hollands modeling in trousers and underwear, because — goshdangit! — we need to, uh, make informed decisions when making our purchases…  Yeah, that’s it…  ;P

Terry Hollands Big Tall Order

And here are just a few more of Terry Hollands awesome modeling photos…

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Shirtless Saturday: Don Pope

Don Pope flexing

I haven’t seen Don Pope in any strongman competitions lately, but he’s definitely a fine specimen of a musclebear.  He may not be “filled up” for my tastes but you just gotta fall in love with that handsome face.  He could pass for a brother of any of the Shane Twins.


And on this Shirtless Saturday, here we have the pretty-faced brute in all of his magnificent shirtless glory…

Don Pope shirtless

Don Pope shirtless 02

Don Pope Shirtless 03
Don Pope shirtless 04
Don Pope shirtless 05Nice.  We get a bonus shirtless Boris Haraldsson as well…

Don Pope shirtless 06Musclebear on the right ain’t too bad either…

Don Pope poolIf there was not a non-gay man in the crowd, I’m sure they are now…

Don Pope and Terry HollandsTerry Hollands and Don Pope’s awesome backside…

I Am Not In A Good Mood At All

I just deleted a Boris Haraldsson video from YouTube.  You see, someone had created a YouTube account today so that she could email me a very sweet and polite request:

hi you have a video on your channel that has Boris Haraldsson and i am a personal friend of his and was wondering would you maybe remove the video because he has been contacted by many males thinking that he has some relation to your channel and video he is constantly emailed and harassed by people who have tried to contact him through the content of the video

thanks please get back to me if necessary

Believe, me, I did get back to her, because it was indeed necessary…

I will delete it, but I’d like to ask a few questions:

1. If a woman, like yourself, posted this video, would that make the video acceptable?  Would it be okay if he gets harassed by women?

I really just can’t stand all these intolerance and discrimination against gay men.  Furthermore, I have no control over what other people say to other people.  How did they even contact Boris?  I did not provide his email/physical address at all.  Have you seen how people would make rude comments on YouTube?  I don’t even see any rude comments made on this video you want put down.  In fact, I’ll make it a point to delete them if they did show up.

Which brings me to this next question:

2. What exactly does “relation to my video” mean?  Have you not considered that even if a non-gay person posted that same video, Boris will probably still get harassed?

Unfortunately, because I am a gay man, I am for some reason directly responsible for Boris’ sufferings of harassment from gay men.  Because, as we all know, not only do I personally know every gay man in the world, I must also control what they can say, hear, feel, and do.

I am deleting the video not because you feel that it is causing the “strong” man emotional harm (does his email program have a “delete” function?).  Realize that he is in the public eye and he will be criticized and commented on — and not just by gay men.

I am deleting it because your personal friend is nothing but an intolerant person.

I get a lot of similar requests like these (polite emails, cloaked within a sea of hateful words), and I just want to vent about it because I can’t stomach such double-standards and hypocrisy any longer.  And, furthermore, I’m not apologizing for targeting Boris Haraldsson about it.

However, here are more photos of him.  Sure he’s hot and woofy on the outside.  Inside though.  Well, I think that I have commented enough about it.

P.S.: Attention all gay men: Send Boris lots and lots of fan mail.  We are The Collective.  We Must Comply.

Unlike Boris, Mr. Terry Hollands is very nice to all his fans, regardless of sexual orientation.

Terry Hollands: Googling This Gentle Giant

The look of perfection

Can’t you just picture the hidden woofy goodness within?


Okay, so Terry placed 3rd. But those arms of his are 1st Place Champs.

What a wasted opportunity. No shirt, just spandex and those shoes
would have made a bearfect ad…

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Terry Hollands: A Gentle Giant


I loved listening to Mr. Terry Hollands speak with a British accent (someone please correct me if I’m wrong).  It’s very sexy and completely matches his big man’s frame.  I am also attracted to those squinty eyes of his — how it could transform from “I will beat the living snot outta you” to “Lovely, where should we dine to next?”…

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[BearPit] Terry Hollands: Massive Arms Of A Massive Man






Terry Hollands is just a majorly cutie woofy that I’ve regressed into a quivering school girl when describing this man’s bulky arms in a rhyming scheme.  Still, what would you be doing if you’re standing inches away from this big man?  Also, he reminds me of a younger and bigger Ray Winstone which is a bonus in my bear book…

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