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Casey Campbell: There Is More To This Prime Bear

Casey Campbell More To Prime 01The moment the darkened light slowly revealed a husky Amazon employee theatrically singing “More To Prime” on television, I fell immediately and instantly in love with the gorgeous bear. Continue reading Casey Campbell: There Is More To This Prime Bear

The Electric James Monroe Iglehart Sings “Silent E”

James Monroe Iglehart (pronounced eagle heart) has one of the most memorable songs, Silent E, in a show that I’ve been a staunch supporter of: The Electric Company.  I would have paid more attention in grade school if my teacher looked like Mr. Iglehart.  And, wow, this gorgeous bear can sing as well.

James Monroe Iglehart 04

James Monroe Iglehart 02

Cute Chub Involved In Improv & Advertising For Eclipse Gum


[vodpod id=Groupvideo.2325763&w=425&h=350&fv=key%3D08be006158]

There’s a series of commercials for Eclipse gum in Funny Or Die.  It’s pretty good and it’s even better because there is this cute chub who I probably wouldn’t reject even if he did have bad breath.  He’s called Will but I’m not sure what his real and full name is.

[vodpod id=Groupvideo.2325713&w=425&h=350&fv=key%3D8f382241ed]

Joshua Sankey: Sankey So Funny


I’ve never heard of Joshua Sankey before, but apparently, I knew what he looked like.  You see, in one of the places that I work for, I would always pass by then stare at this ad for Zumanity…


I finally decided to google that ultra-cute chubby bear in the bathtub (how’d I’d kill to be that rubber ducky!) and discovered that he was Joshua Sankey.  And as an added note, I’d rather have that “Reality” over anything else!

Apparently, I had also seen him in another form of printed media…


Yowzers.  What a hottie!  And, what do you know.  Mr. Sankey has appeared in a lot of ads and tv shows.  He’s one of those guys  that you always see on TV but you can’t seem to know who he is.  So, let me rectify that and direct you and me to his Official Site so that we get to know more about this gorgeous hunk of chubby goodness.  Definitely check out his YouTube Page as well for many of his videos.  He is also in MySpace and Facebook.

Here’s a cool commercial of Joshua Sankey from…

The Ghost Of Christmas Present

…sure has a very, very furry chest…



Darn it.  The furry chest ain’t real!  However, I ain’t complaining about the actor’s actual chest hair…  What if Santa Claus looked like this?  WOOF!  Thanks to Ultrasparky’s Flickr photos from 2005’s ‘Twas the Night Before the Twelve Days of a Nutcracker Christmas Carol.


Tom Hulce: Rock Me Amadeus, Indeed

Well, I’ll be.  Bearotic just posted a series of images of an actor from the film, Amadeus, who has matured into one seriously hot and woofy daddy bear: Tom Hulce.

Say what?  Again?  Tom Hulce?  I mean, seriously, what the f*ck?  (But in a good way.)  Wow.  I’m utterly speechless to actually see a man mature into such a perfect model of immense beauty.  I mean, honestly, I’m completely stunned.

Apparently he was in Jumper and I don’t remember seeing him in that movie.  My beardar was definitely malfunctioning at the time.  Anyway, I’m definitely going to check that film out again soon.

Blake Hammond: Broadway Chubby Bear

Photo from

Wow.  Just look at that.  Yes, the lady’s hot, but Mr. Blake Hammond is way sexier, in my humble opinion.  I haven’t seen him in many movies lately as he’s been working on theater shows nowadays.

Anyway, here are some screenshots from the film where I completely fell under his magical spell.  It’s from a 1998 comedy called Jane Austen’s Mafia!.  I even loved his character’s name: Fatso Paulie Orsatti.  When the movie came out, Riverdance was a popular dance at the time.  However, I believe that it would have been even more popular if the Lord Of The Dance was the scrumptious and gorgeous Blake Hammond.

Daniel Stewart Sherman: “The Full Monty” Broadway

This definitely deserves its own post.  For any discriminating bear/chub connoisseur, sometimes one scores an image or video that is just, for lack of a better word, “awesome.”

This following photo, my friends, is awesome…

John Ellison Conlee (check out Chubarama’s post on him) was the original Dave in the Americanized Broadway version of “The Full Monty.”  Daniel Stewart Sherman was then part of the 2nd batch of cast.

EDIT: Unfortunately, that was the only Holy-Grail-photo that I have of Mr. Sherman.  Anyway, here are, apparently, 2 more photos I have of him.  If there is a lesson I can impart: “Label your photos, people!” It makes hunting down for your favorite photos in your hard drive very easy.  (Notice that the following photos are not labeled correctly, and I did that to prove a point.  Lol.)

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Nonso Anozie: Woofy Black Bear Needs Help

I just got this email today:

FROM: Dr Altaka Yurmani

Central Bank of Nigeria

Lagos, Nigeria


Get Me Out of Here!


Col. Nonso Anozie in Nigeria sends you an email claiming that the Nigerian government was just overturned.  He is presently under house arrest and his assets have been frozen by the new regime.  He needs to transfer a total sum of US$60M to an offshore non-resident bank account.


In order for him to do so he needs you to sign a document as “next to kin” and pay $200 a day to ensure his safety until the funds can be wire-transferred to your account.  To avoid any interruption he needs a “small” advancement fee (approximately 30 days worth) until the wire transfer is completed.


He claims that upon completion of the wire transfer to you, he will somehow find a way to escape Nigeria and move in with you to do whatever you want with him.  You will also be entitled to 10%, or $6 million, for your troubles.  He insists that as this is a life or death matter the entire transaction must be completed within two weeks.  And heaven forbid he should be killed, leaving you with all the money.  He provides you with a fax copy of the Bilateral Agreement between himself and the Securities Investor Protection Corporation in Johannesburg, South Africa and some other qualifying affidavits.


Look, I know that there’s a lot of scams out there, but with my intellect I can easily tell that this is not a scam at all.  I’m on my way to send my money to Western Union (because they also provide services to Colonels who are under house arrests)…

Seriously, those are photos of the woofy and handsome Nonso Anozie in a theatre production of “Othello.”  He has more photos from the film The Last Legion on this link (but it’s a bit spoilerific, so don’t check it out if you plan on watching the movie).  He is extremely cute and he reminds me of a chubbier Robert “The Tractor” Traylor