Goonday Moonday: Gerard Benderoth, The Original Bullgoon

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Greg (owner of the Brotherhood of Bears Yahoo Group) has unloaded another spectacular photo set of bears, brutes, and goons this past weekend.  One particular set caught my attention and appears to be what has convinced me to purchase the CD Photo Set from MuscleSportsMedia by Derek Weller…  It’s none other than “The White Rhino” and original bullgoon model, Gerard Benderoth

Gerard Benderoth asm 01

Gerard Benderoth asm 02

Gerard Benderoth asm 03

Gerard Benderoth asm 06

Gerard Benderoth asm 07

Gerard Benderoth asm 08

Gerard Benderoth flex

Gerard Benderoth closeup

Gerard Benderoth box

Gerard Benderoth anthem

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  1. nice bulge there in the last photo… liking photos 3 and 4 though, hes right where i’d want him… 😛

  2. megga hottness baby. even with that impossibly hairless chest Gerard is the goon of my dreams… *ultimate swooning ensues*

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