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BigOfficerBear: The Big Boss Man Version 2.0

The Big Boss ManThe Big Boss Man was definitely one of my favorite pro-wrestlers growing up as a teenager. He was a musclechub before I had any idea what a musclechub was. Others would probably just call him a “chub,” and that’s okay.

To me, he was still a “bear” — “bear” being an umbrella term to describe large men. Honestly, if I could rewind time, I would have just started a blog called “Large Men.”

However, that just sounded so plain. And the term “bears” made my inner hipster extremely happy.

The Big Boss Man (real name: Ray Traylor) is not in this world any longer. However, he had made my teenage years very exciting (I had a very boring teen life). He was literally an exciting figure: he was a cocky heel and that sky blue police uniform made him an imposing figure that fulfilled my fantasies. And don’t get me started when he started sweating…

Fast-forward 32 years later. I was just browsing through YouTube when I was recommended by YouTube’s algorithm to watch a video titled “Wresting BIG Officer Bear” (you can only watch this video in YouTube):

Suddenly, I was whisked away to my teenage years. This BigOfficerBear brought back fond memories of The Big Boss Man (the “heel version” of course). That video was not a short clip, but an actual full match. Granted he completely dominated the whole match but it was still glorious to watch it nevertheless.

BigOfficerBear ScreenshotI wanted more and I found out that he has a website: bigofficerbear.com. Wow, he has videos from BDSM, wrestling, squashing, and smothering. I was a bit disappointed that he only has one video where he got dominated. But beggars can’t be choosers! I mean, it’s BIG OFFICER BEAR! The name says it all.

BigOfficerBear 02What’s even cooler is that he doesn’t role-play just a police officer. He also cosplays as Roadhog!

(As an aside, check out my numerous Tumblr blog posts on Roadhog; by the way, I am Gizmo72 on Overwatch PC. Not surprisingly, my main character is Junkrat.)

BigOfficerBear as Roadhog

Anyway, needless to say, this site is for the 18+ and over crowd. I try my best to keep my blog PG-13, but based on what the majority thinks of my blog, I am Rated XXX. So, once in awhile, let us post something that is actually Rated XXX. 😉



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I used a cloud software to make the above video. As a side-hustle, I have been using this to make Facebook video banner ads. I normally use VSDC Video Editor Pro, but Offeo does its job amazingly well if you want to make really short videos (like seconds short) with nifty special effects.

Most if not all of the images that I upload here will be enlarged and enhanced by a software called Topaz Gigapixel AI.

Shirtless Saturday: Phil Hickerson As PY Chu Hi

Here’s an old-school Shirtless Saturday post.   Phil Hickerson is a wrestler I discovered a few years ago thanks to the classic pro-wrestling matches shown on ESPN.  I missed out on his younger and furrier persona, so I just knew him as his villainous Japanese counterpart, PY Chu Hi. [KEEP ON WOOFIN’!]

Super Shirtless Saturday: Mark Henry In Red Speedos

The BearMythology look has been updated again by your finicky and oft-absent blogger.  Also, based on numerous suggestions, I will finally get with the 21st Century and start placing “Continue Reading” links on every post for easier reading consumption…

Anyway, my great friend, GE, sent me a link to a video that gave me a heart attack (I wonder how many heart attacks I’ve had during the course of this blog’s lifespan?): it is a video of pro-wrestler, Mark Henry, wearing only skimpy bright red speedos!  Seriously, why can’t he wrestle with this type of outfit?! [KEEP ON WOOFIN’!]

Bears In Games: “Legends Of Wrestlemania”

Burly Legends Of Wrestlemania
I grew up with these bearish behemoths — in more ways than one…

Koobert from Bears In Games has a threesome of great videos about bearish men in sports-themed video games (check out Bears In Games’ YouTube Page).  The one I’d like to highlight today is Legends Of Wrestlemania.

It’s pretty cool that even when Koobert designed a very obvious gay-looking character, his online opponents would not harass him nor negatively criticize the flamboyant look of his wrestler.  I found that interesting as pro-wrestling fans tend to get an image of being extremely homophobic.  Unfortunately, we find our homophobic brethren in video games like Halo.  I actually watched my co-worker’s 14-year-old son spew insults like “Fucking fag that is so fucking gay you’re gonna get it fucked up in your fucking fag gay ass” in Halo 3.  Ah, to be 14…

Pro-wrestling, especially WWF in the ’80s and ’90s, was my source of a “different type” of entertainment.  It was a world where half-naked burly men role-played a character, as they sweated and wrestled away.  I had a personal attraction towards wrestlers who were cocky, arrogant, and just plain villainous (check out my Sonny Roselli post).  If you looked at the wrestling roster on the above image, I only have about three “good guys” (or “faces”).  But then again, they were also at one point villains prior to WWF.  I guess I just love “bad bears” (I was so angry when I rented The Bad News Bears in Betamax).  Anyway, I feel that today’s pro-wrestling does not have the same mystique that these bearish wrestlers provided back in the day.  There was a rawness and realness to the theatrics that they used to entertain us.  It’s probably still out there since I viewed pro-wrestling a bit differently as a child, teenager, and heck, as an adult in my early 20’s.

Anyway, if you like these bearish pro-wrestlers, SDW Media is the source for all classic pro-wrestling videos (you can read more on my write-up about that company here).

Finally, let me end with an Arn Anderson entrance video from Legends Of Wrestlemania as well as a high-res image of Big John Studd.  Yes, if you look at the collage again, they are my top two professional wrestlers of all-time.

big john studd legends of wrestlemania

Shirtless Saturday: Various Shirtless Men From OilWrestlers.Com


The Women’s Oil Wrestling Federation (WOW) is a hybrid of female wrestling and audience participation between the WOW ladies against shirtless men who are oftentimes stripped to their underwear.  It’s also a bar from New Orleans.  Unfortunately, the website hasn’t been updated since 2006 (the federation’s location was damaged by Hurricane Katrina), but I’m guessing that the show is still alive and (ball) kicking somewhere…


Anyway, WOW is very similar to the mud wrestling scene from Stripes.  Take a look…

john-candy-im-sorryPicture this: a 9 year old boy is watching a scene of John Candy
looking almost nude because he’s caked in mud and wrestling —
while getting gut punched/kicked and dominated by four women…
Believe me, I reached puberty then…

Unlike that movie, WOW pretty much provides an erotic fantasy match for the men who enjoy getting dominated by fighting ladies.  So it’s almost like a live S&M-lite fetish act.  The weird thing is, if I was an audience member, I’d be stuffing the big men’s underwear with dollar-dollar-bill-y’all instead of the ladies’ skimpy swimsuits.

Here are some shirtless photos of a handful of amazingly handsome men.  If anybody knows how we could access their photo/video archives, it would be greatly appreciated…




The following husky bald man was my definite favorite.  From the photos I’ve seen of him, he was a regular fan…






A darn hottie, no?  Anyway, here are more scorching photos of our bearish kin getting dominated by the ladies.  I dedicate this post to the female readers out there.  You gals had better show your “O” face by the end of this post.  ^_^

















Beefy Kushti Wrestler Washing Up

Again, the awesome Jorge has directed me to this great educational and photo/video-filled blog about Kushti Wrestling: Kushti: Traditional Indian Wrestling.  According to the blog’s author:

The purpose of this blog is to raise awareness about the sport and give people inside and outside of India a glimpse of what it is like.

I will definitely be visiting it often.  And I will be returning for the articles and not the photos…  😉

Here’s my favorite post from the blog: Washing Up.


Chubby Kushti Wrestler From “Last Man Standing”


I once posted about a short movie clip of Punjabi Kushti*.  I claimed it to be The Most Erotically-Charged 1:42 Minutes Of Your Life.  Well, how about we top it with The Most Erotically-Charged 2:19 Minutes Of Your Life?

Big thank you to Jorge for directing me to this fantastic video.

* Unfortunately, the video has been removed due to Terms Of Use violation…

Clip from BBC’s Last Man Standing










Shirtless Saturday: A Beefy Shirtless 300 Pound Offensive Lineman Wrestles A Skinny Wide Receiver In A College Dorm Hallway

Sometimes, a title can be so specific that you end up having certain expectations.  Well, based on the following video and screenshots, has the post title successfully performed its job?

Lord, have mercy.  Why didn’t my college have beefy goodness such as this piece of husky artwork?

(higher quality version)

Punjabi Kushti: The Most Erotically-Charged 1:42 Minutes Of Your Life

I am not kidding.

And here are a few more awe-inspiring photos of these beautiful Kushti wrestlers…

[EDIT: Oops, neglected to give credit where credit is due.  These photos came from this blog.]

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Don Kernodle: Classic Bearish Wrestler

These are just two wonderful black & white photos of one of classic pro-wrestling bearish athletes, Don Kernodle.  When I see images of men like these, all I can think of is this: “What a man.”  (Lol, I know, that’s pretty much useless random thinking.  But there’s just something about seeing a bearish man standing around very comfortably in basically just his underwear.)

Here’s a classic 1982 WCW match of Mr. Kernodle against Tommy Gilbert.  Don really knows how to sell his pain and beatdown.  And as a bonus, there’s quite a handful of gut punches and kicks that he had to endure.  Gotta love the grunts and oofs and aahs…

And here’s a squash match with the woofy Sgt. Slaughter.  I don’t really like such “squash matches” but I’m posting it here because it’s one where we get to see him being interviewed.  Again: “What a man.”

Another Unknown Woofy Wrestler Is Still Unknown (Andrew Anderson)

[EDIT: Unknown no longer.  His name is Andrew Anderson.]

Thanks again to Greg of Brotherhood Of Bears for this.

Man.  Just who in the heck is this amazingly beefy wrestler?  I’ve posted about him before, but no one could seem to identify him.  If I have any obsessions (lol), it would be with names.  This beautiful specimen of a bulky musclebear reminds me of a heftier and huskier Dino Bravo (but minus the mullet).

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Manga Mithapuriya: Beefy Indian Kabaddi Wrestling Musclebear (Yeah, What A Mouthful)

Thanks to musclebear guru, Garrix, he had corrected me on some of the images I had put on the Pakistan Wrestlers post.  Apparently, some of the wrestlers there were not involved in Pehalwan, but rather, Kabaddi.  Thank you for the info, Garrix!

Anyway, because of this educational info, I have now uncovered the identity (and not to mention more photos) of that sizzling musclebear in that one puny photo on the “Pakistan Wrestlers” post.  As a reminder:

Thanks to the glory and wonder of the internet, and especially Garrix and Kabaddi.org, we finally have his name and most awesome photos: Manga Mithapuriya.

But, wait!  Check out this music video by Banny A called “Salama.”  Why am I interrupting this exciting post with what seems like a random Indian music video?  Ah.  Glad you asked.  You see, dear friends, Mr. Manga Mithapuriya appears — rather, mugs — in it as a musclebound bodyguard, showing off his massive arms and handsome face…  Man, I am in love.

Banny A, you little devil you.
Using a music video to cop a feel on a beefy bear’s bicep…
On second thought.  Shit.  What a great idea!

This woofy look can cause any bear admirer from getting into a serious accident.

Alrighty then…  Back to your regularly-scheduled program…  Here’s the massively beefy and unfreakingbelievably handsome Manga Mithapuriya…

I rarely blaspheme, but GOD DAMN!

Ron Simmons: On Doom, Tag Teams, & The Sex Comparison

Here’s a great shoot interview with Mr. Ron Simmons.  In particular, these were my favorite bits:

Ron flexes both of his massive chest underneath that shirt.

About wrestling the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express
Aw, man, love ’em.  Aw, I used to love working with them.  It was the best to work with Ricky and Robert.  For one thing, youse got these good-looking white guys, right?  These two big black guys, right here, that are gonna beat up on these good-looking white guys.  You should see the look on some of the people’s faces around the ring.  And then they love them and watch them cry.  You know what I mean, and, actually get into that, and want to kill you for what you were doing.  It was, it was in a way, it was like, hey, they’re having sex to watch it, okay?  When you’re out there working with them  Love em.  Love every minute.  I would have worked with them every night if I could.

The above video is a match between Ron Simmons and Tommy Angel.  Ron completely dominated the match (which is a wrestling match I don’t tend to get interested in, as I tend to prefer seeing big guys get dominated).  Anyway, the only reason I chose that match is to compare his excited response about the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express from the previous video to this uneven match against a smaller wrestler.

So it comes full circle.  I found Mr. Simmons’ shoot interview — and especially the “sex” comparison — to be inherently erotic and arousing.  -_^

Make sure to also check out SDW Media’s Tag Teams DVDs which include Doom (Butch Reed/Ron Simmons).

Give A Bear Admirer A Wrestling Magazine, And He’ll Find Porn

Many years ago, I wrote a coming-of-age short story for my Freshman year Creative Writing class.  I thought that it was the bestest story I had ever written.  Like Ralphie from A Christmas Carol, I was gleaming with joy knowing that my teacher would be wowed by such a heartwarming tale of a teenager coming to grips with his sexuality.

Unfortunately, my ego was crushed when I got a D- for my work.  In short, she was not clear on what a “bear” was which left her completely confused with the whole story.  To this day, I still remember those bleeding red marks on the bottom of my final page: “Is this a gay story?”

Anyway, with that brief background, the title of this post is in honor of my failed short story.  It is also the very title that I used.

The moment I saw this magazine in a grocery store, I already knew that I was going to buy it.  But then, thoughts of guilt and shame washed over me.  What will the grocery lady at Daeai Holiday Mart think?  Oh.  My.  God.  She’ll know!  She’ll know that I’m only buying this because I am so attracted to Tommy “Tiny” Lister, Jr.!  I mean, just look at that massive and beefy chest.  Who wouldn’t go weak at such an image of bulky muscles?  I can already envision those pecs undulate, mesmerizing me into a euphoric orgasmic ecstasy.  Then look at how Mr. Lister’s pecs are about to connect with Hogan’s chest.  How can you not fall in lust with such perfect symmetry?…  Anyway, I then grabbed a bag of Doritos so that I did not look like a loser and went there just to buy this porno mag.

At the checkout line, my heart was pounding with fear.  I feared that the lady would touch the glossy magazine cover with her greasy fingers.  And what did you know?  She landed her right grubby paw on Mr. Lister’s perfect physique as she scanned the barcode.  I could then hear my libido: “Oh please don’t bend the magazine, oh please, please, pretty please, please!” Needless to say, she bent it.  I cried.

Pathetic.  I know.  😉

Ah yes.  Mr. Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart.  He’s one of my favorite classic bearish wrestlers of all-time.  He’s furry, muscular yet chubby, and has a beefy gut that he would proudly display on certain matches.

As for that specific magazine, look at those wide shoulders and stocky chest.  That goatee is also unbelievably sexy.  And with his mouth partly open, it’s just an invitation of all-night lovin’ and romance.  “Take no prisoners”?  Sir, I’d go M.I.A. anytime…

Oh my.  Junk Yard Dog.  He’s one of the few “good guys” that I fell in love with.  How could I not?  Look at that bearish physique and perfect beard of his.  I always went nuts every time I saw him with those chains wrapped around him.  There’s just something primal and beastly about such a minimal attire.

And as for the magazine itself: “JYD’s Ultimate Weapon.”  Hmm.  I’m pretty sure exactly what his ultimate weapon is…

And, finally, The Magnificent One Don Muraco-WWF Era.  I normally saw him shaven, displaying his smooth and bulky muscles.  This magazine, on the other hand, proudly displays a Don Muraco that I completely love and appreciate.  He is definitely “The Rock”…

Charley Rossman: “Magnificent Max”

The following is Charley Rossman‘s starring role in a short film titled Magnificent Max (which I got from his official site).  It’s such a wonderful short film and I just had to “borrow” it from his webpage.

The film involves a big wrestling daddy bear who’s mostly shirtless and sweaty.  Wow, so what’s not to love?  But, most importantly, this is just a heartwarming tale that you just have to watch.

And here’s a couple of photos of the dashing Charley Rossman…

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Ole Anderson: “Who’s Your Daddy?”

Ricky Morton, a victim of bad ’80s haircut, suffers through pain and humiliation from the beefy Ole Anderson.

Not only was Mr. Anderson a brawler and an excellent tactical pro-wrestler, he also excelled in hair grooming and design.

Finally, here’s Ole emphasizing to Ricky that wearing colorful wristbands does not necessarily complement a glam-rock hairstyle.

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[BearBeat] JerBear Vs. BarrioBruiser Parts 2 & 3 Uploaded; And I’m Down For The Count

The match of the ever-woofy JerBear versus BarrioBruiser continues and concludes with Parts 2 and 3…  And, yes, there’s also a couple of grabbing and busting in *that* area.  -_^

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[BearBeat/Fic/Pit] JerBearMaine: When Fantasy And Reality Collide

It actually took me a full whole day to recuperate from JerBear‘s post about asking me if I would like to be in his wrestling videos.   Not only would that be a dream come true, but it will probably be the cause of my heart attack (or as I told JerBear, “hard attack” — er, um, “lol”?).

Honestly, I’m just not sure how to react when the very bears I lust over for actually respond to me.  My brain just can’t seem to calculate and analyze such repercussions.  But I am so glad that JerBear is so down-to-earth and such an all-around very nice bear and man that it makes talking to him all the much easier.

I’ve decided to share my “fantasy wrestling fiction” that I’ve sent to my Fantasy Idol.  And with it are pictorials of the ever woofy and sexy wrestling bear stud god, JerBear…

* * * * * * * * * *

The Twink Versus JerBear
-JerBearMaine BearFic-

The Twink shows up in the ring, excited at the upcoming match.  JerBear, who’s only wearing black wrestling briefs and revealing his sexy belly, walks in the ring with an extremely cocky demeanor.  He looks at the camera and flexes his oiled-up muscles.  Sweat and oil co-mingle as they roll down his glistening bearish physique.

JerBear has a few choice words against his twink opponent, and as he does so, he flexes his muscles at him.  The Twink responds by kicking JerBear multiple times on his belly.  JerBear “oofs” and “aahs” from the barrage of kicks.  He ends up trapped in the corner of the ring with his arms resting on the top ropes while The Twink unleashes a barrage of gut punches.  JerBear endures the punishment while his moans of pains grow into a hypnotic crescendo.

The Twink then ceases his gut-punching, while the weakened JerBear continues to hang and rest on the ring corner, his glistening sweat’s even more pronounced than ever.  The Twink then flexes in front of JerBear, mocking his massive opponent, kneels down then unleashes a flurry of rapid gut punches.  JerBear’s legs react as though he was sprinting, while we see his gut quickly jiggle from the furious punching.  The Twink tires out as he kneels down then lays his exhausted head on the weakened and tired belly of JerBear.  The Twink’s head moves in tandem with JerBear’s heaving, breathing stomach.

The Twink slowly climbs up the seemingly-defeated mountainous body of JerBear.  The Twink then puts his left hand on JerBear’s left chest then begins to use his right fist to gutpunch him.  The punches are lazier and slower, as The Twink was on the brink of complete exhaustion.  JerBear attempts to escape by moving his hips forward only to be brought back down by a slow and hard punch on the gut — which happens multiple times.

The Twink realizes that despite his unceasing attacks, JerBear appears to have some strength left. So he decides to kneel down again and headbutts JerBear on the groin.  JerBear moans in complete agony as he holds on to his groin while he slowly walks to the middle of the ring.  The Twink laughs then pushes JerBear from behind.  JerBear falls in the center ring, still holding on to his manhood, groaning in pain.  The Twink watches JerBear in glee as he circles his fallen opponent.  He then puts his right foot on JerBear’s belly.  JerBear could not even try to remove this smaller man’s foot away.  The Twink then steps from JerBear’s one side to the other side.  A loud “OOF!” comes out from JerBear’s mouth.  The Twink then does it again and again, stepping and moving from left to right and right to left, all the while mocking and laughing at him.  At this point, JerBear is just lying on the ring with his arms outstretched, his big belly heaving from exhaustion.

The Twink then stands between JerBear’s legs, kicking them in opposite directions so that he has enough room to kneel between them.  He starts to toy with JerBear’s crotch by massaging it at first then pretending to punch them repeatedly.  JerBear can barely move and the only movement he can make was occasionally lifting his head to see what’s going on.  The Twink then makes a disgusted look at the unresponsive JerBear. He then grabs both legs with each hand, lifts them up, and starts to threat JerBear with stomping on his groin.

JerBear, realizing what was at stake, lifts his arms out and starts to plead with his attacker.  “No, no, no, no, no,” he begs.  The Twink just smiles then unmercilessly stomps on JerBear’s gut repeatedly. The helpless JerBear cannot do anything else but respond in kind to each and every successive stomp.  As for The Twink’s finale, he lands a long stomp on JerBear’s big gut.  The Twink then smiles devilishly at JerBear, lifts up his right foot then land it on JerBear’s balls.  JerBear’s body reacts with his outstretched arms and shoulders going up about two inches from the mat while his face contorts from the sudden pain on his groin.  The Twink lets go of JerBear’s legs but they continue to stay up.  It’s as if a photo has been taken as the image of The Twink stepping on JerBear’s crotch has been frozen in time.

The Twink then steps in deeper on JerBear’s balls, weakening JerBear and finally making his body relax and dropping his full body on to the mat.  A resounding thud is heard as JerBear’s shoulders, arms, and legs fall.  The Twink, satisfied with his job of dominating this big bear of a man, sits on JerBear’s stomach, while his two thighs wrap around JerBear’s sweaty, heaving belly. The Twink begins to alternately punch JerBear’s left and right chest as he mocks his easily fallen opponent. The Twink then puts both of his palms on JerBear’s beefy chest and begins the count.


* * * * * * * * * *

Well, okay, so my story does not really end.  But, really, would you want it to end?

And, also, for the record.  I tend to not imagine myself as the “beater of bears.”  I tend to be on the sidelines looking in.  I just don’t see myself even pretending to wrestle with a bearish man.  I’d definitely let him manhandle me though.  Lol.  The perfect death, I guess.  Anyway, I’d much rather hug and enjoy his body than beat it up (fantasy-wise, of course).  Still, I can’t deny the fact that seeing luscious bear men like JerBear getting dominated is definitely erotic and arousing.

Lol.  Will I one day be in his video?  I would love to, yet I’m nervous and scared at the same time.  Let’s see what happens.  -_^

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