Shirtless Saturday: Phil Hickerson As PY Chu Hi


Here’s an old-school Shirtless Saturday post.   Phil Hickerson is a wrestler I discovered a few years ago thanks to the classic pro-wrestling matches shown on ESPN.  I missed out on his younger and furrier persona, so I just knew him as his villainous Japanese counterpart, PY Chu Hi. [KEEP ON WOOFIN’!]

Super Shirtless Saturday: Mark Henry In Red Speedos


The BearMythology look has been updated again by your finicky and oft-absent blogger.  Also, based on numerous suggestions, I will finally get with the 21st Century and start placing “Continue Reading” links on every post for easier reading consumption…

Anyway, my great friend, GE, sent me a link to a video that gave me a heart attack (I wonder how many heart attacks I’ve had during the course of this blog’s lifespan?): it is a video of pro-wrestler, Mark Henry, wearing only skimpy bright red speedos!  Seriously, why can’t he wrestle with this type of outfit?! [KEEP ON WOOFIN’!]

Bears In Games: “Legends Of Wrestlemania”

Burly Legends Of Wrestlemania

I grew up with these bearish behemoths -- in more ways than one...

Koobert from Bears In Games have a threesome of great videos about bearish men in sports-themed video games (check out Bears In Games’ YouTube Page).  The one I’d like to highlight today is Legends Of Wrestlemania.

It’s pretty cool that even when Koobert designed a very obvious gay-looking character, his online opponents would not harass him nor negatively criticize the flamboyant look of his wrestler.  I found that interesting as pro-wrestling fans tend to get an image of being extremely homophobic.  Unfortunately, we find our homobphobic brethren in video games like Halo.  I actually watched my co-worker’s 14-year-old son spew insults like “Fucking fag that is so fucking gay you’re gonna get it fucked up in your fucking fag gay ass” in Halo 3.  Ah, to be 14…

Pro-wrestling, especially WWF in the ’80s and ’90s, was my source of a “different type” of entertainment.  It was a world where half-naked burly men role-played a character, as they sweated and wrestled away.  I had a personal attraction towards wrestlers who were cocky, arrogant, and just plain villainous (check out my Sonny Roselli post).  If you looked at the wrestling roster on the above image, I only have about three “good guys” (or “faces”).  But then again, they were also at one point villains prior to WWF.  I guess I just love “bad bears” (I was so angry when I rented The Bad News Bears in Betamax).  Anyway, I feel that today’s pro-wrestling do not have the same mystique that these bearish wrestlers provided back in the day.  There was a rawness and realness to the theatrics that they used to entertain us.  It’s probably still out there since I viewed pro-wrestling a bit differently as a child, teenager, and heck, as an adult in my early 20’s.

Anyway, if you like these bearish pro-wrestlers, SDW Media is the source for all classic pro-wrestling videos (you can read more on my write-up about that company here).

Finally, let me end with an Arn Anderson entrance video from Legends Of Wrestlemania as well as a high-res image of Big John Studd.  Yes, if you look at the collage again, they are my top two professional wrestlers of all-time.

big john studd legends of wrestlemania

Shirtless Saturday: Various Shirtless Men From OilWrestlers.Com



The Women’s Oil Wrestling Federation (WOW) is a hybrid of female wrestling and audience participation between the WOW ladies against shirtless men who are oftentimes stripped to their underwear.  It’s also a bar from New Orleans.  Unfortunately, the website hasn’t been updated since 2006 (the federation’s location was damaged by Hurricane Katrina), but I’m guessing that the show is still alive and (ball) kicking somewhere…


Anyway, WOW is very similar to the mud wrestling scene from Stripes.  Take a look…

john-candy-im-sorryPicture this: a 9 year old boy is watching a scene of John Candy
looking almost nude because he’s caked in mud and wrestling —
while getting gut punched/kicked and dominated by four women…
Believe me, I reached puberty then…

Unlike that movie, WOW pretty much provides an erotic fantasy match for the men who enjoy getting dominated by fighting ladies.  So it’s almost like a live S&M-lite fetish act.  The weird thing is, if I was an audience member, I’d be stuffing the big men’s underwear with dollar-dollar-bill-y’all instead of the ladies’ skimpy swimsuits.

Here are some shirtless photos of a handful of amazingly handsome men.  If anybody knows how we could access their photo/video archives, it would be greatly appreciated…




The following husky bald man was my definite favorite.  From the photos I’ve seen of him, he was a regular fan…






A darn hottie, no?  Anyway, here are more scorching photos of our bearish kin getting dominated by the ladies.  I dedicate this post to the female readers out there.  You gals had better show your “O” face by the end of this post.  ^_^

















Beefy Kushti Wrestler Washing Up


Again, the awesome Jorge has directed me to this great educational and photo/video-filled blog about Kushti Wrestling: Kushti: Traditional Indian Wrestling.  According to the blog’s author:

The purpose of this blog is to raise awareness about the sport and give people inside and outside of India a glimpse of what it is like.

I will definitely be visiting it often.  And I will be returning for the articles and not the photos…  😉

Here’s my favorite post from the blog: Washing Up.


Chubby Kushti Wrestler From “Last Man Standing”



I once posted about a short movie clip of Punjabi Kushti*.  I claimed it to be The Most Erotically-Charged 1:42 Minutes Of Your Life.  Well, how about we top it with The Most Erotically-Charged 2:19 Minutes Of Your Life?

Big thank you to Jorge for directing me to this fantastic video.

* Unfortunately, the video has been removed due to Terms Of Use violation…

Clip from BBC’s Last Man Standing










Shirtless Saturday: A Beefy Shirtless 300 Pound Offensive Lineman Wrestles A Skinny Wide Receiver In A College Dorm Hallway


Sometimes, a title can be so specific that you end up having certain expectations.  Well, based on the following video and screenshots, has the post title successfully performed its job?

Lord, have mercy.  Why didn’t my college have beefy goodness such as this piece of husky artwork?

(higher quality version)

Don Kernodle: Classic Bearish Wrestler


These are just two wonderful black & white photos of one of classic pro-wrestling bearish athletes, Don Kernodle.  When I see images of men like these, all I can think of is this: “What a man.”  (Lol, I know, that’s pretty much useless random thinking.  But there’s just something about seeing a bearish man standing around very comfortably in basically just his underwear.)

Here’s a classic 1982 WCW match of Mr. Kernodle against Tommy Gilbert.  Don really knows how to sell his pain and beatdown.  And as a bonus, there’s quite a handful of gut punches and kicks that he had to endure.  Gotta love the grunts and oofs and aahs…

And here’s a squash match with the woofy Sgt. Slaughter.  I don’t really like such “squash matches” but I’m posting it here because it’s one where we get to see him being interviewed.  Again: “What a man.”

Another Unknown Woofy Wrestler Is Still Unknown (Andrew Anderson)


[EDIT: Unknown no longer.  His name is Andrew Anderson.]

Thanks again to Greg of Brotherhood Of Bears for this.

Man.  Just who in the heck is this amazingly beefy wrestler?  I’ve posted about him before, but no one could seem to identify him.  If I have any obsessions (lol), it would be with names.  This beautiful specimen of a bulky musclebear reminds me of a heftier and huskier Dino Bravo (but minus the mullet).

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