Thank Grizzly It’s Friday: I’m Sorry But Can You Allow Me To Find You Attractive?


G2_099[Short BearFic] Gay Bear Fighter Meets With
Korean Time-Traveling Warrior
(Jung-Yul Kim in G2: Mortal Conquest)

Gay Bear Fighter
Hello, Mr. Korean Time-Traveling Warrior.  I’m a gay bear and I–

Korean Time-Traveling Warrior
당신이 떠나 곰이 동성애!
(Translation: You leave gay bear!)

* * * * *

It’s been a scorching summer so far and I’ve had my share of heated debates with the same arguments I’ve been repeating ever since I started this blog.  I’ve decided to put my rant on such matters on today’s Thank Grizzly It’s Friday.

BearMythology's DisclaimerTo your left is my “Disclaimer” for posting images/videos of men I personally find attractive.

How many websites are out there where straight girls/women and boys/men who would have a similar type of a disclaimer for their blog/site?

I’d wager zero to completely none.

Why?  Because they’re heterosexuals.  They’re “straight” while the rest are “queer.”Scouserugger's Disclaimer

Queers can be attracted to the same sex; however, they shouldn’t let their attractions be known.


It’s gross.  It’s hilarious.  It’s wrong.  It’s pathetic.  It’s disturbing.  It’s funny.

To your right is Scouserugger with his own disclaimer:

You have two bloggers who are basically apologizing for finding such men attractive.

I can’t help but feel like a criminal and Scouserugger and I shouldn’t be treated as one.  Yet we receive angry complaints about doing what we’re doing.

I still cannot comprehend where the animosity and disgust is coming from.  Maybe if I pretended I was a female in the first place, then maybe no one would be complaining.  Because, honestly, the men would then be flattered.  But I have to be a hot female first though, because if I posted a fake photo of a mediocre-to-ugly looking gal, then they wouldn’t be flattered.  But since they are still females, they wouldn’t be creeped out by such public showing of attraction.

Anyway, perennial favorite strongman, Terry Hollands actually shared his thoughts on a forum where I had a brief discussion with about gay men being sexually-explicit with strongmen (online and off).

Terry Hollands b

I quite regularly get messages from them and as a whole most are very decent. You do get the odd one or two that push the limit a little by being a bit crude but that’s the same in all people not just gay guys!

I think people are way too sensitive to this sort of stuff, just take it as a compliment! They understand you aren’t gay. The way I look at it if a very unattractive woman thought you was nice looking would it bother you? if not then don’t worry about this! Just cause they think you’re attractive doesn’t mean you have to do anything about it!!

I have blocked a couple on Facebook due to VERY inappropriate messages but like I said as a whole they are decent guys.

I am really happy to hear this from a strongman whom I have posted quite a number of times on the blog.  (I’ll just pretend I didn’t talk about the “underwear model” comment for Big Tall Order.  That was purely from a consumer’s viewpoint.  *winks*)  Sometimes, the hateful and insulting comments are overshadowed by something simple.  And in this case, Mr. Hollands’ understanding viewpoint on gay men.Terry Hollands 35

Yes, we are just like any kind of people.  We can be nice, obnoxious, generous, selfish, loving, and hateful.  We’re not aliens, for crying out loud.  And, please, don’t make grandiose statements that “gay bears are the worse” in comparison to something a straight woman, bisexual chick, or female dog would do.  It’s like saying that all black people like chicken.  Well then, also call me black.

Enough of today’s rant.  It’s another scorching Friday afternoon and I’d rather look at hot men.  😛

So, my dearest gentlemen of the big and burly variety…  May we have your permission to find you attractive?

Jung-Yul Kim says no

Korean Time-Traveling Warrior transformed into a Japanese Yakuza

(Jung-Yul Kim from War)


Ray Winstone - just a little bit

"Okay, maybe just a 'lil bit"

Well, I guess that’s pretty good enough. -_^

Thank Grizzly It’s Friday: Amateur Wrestling Bullpup

Amateur Wrestler Bullpup

“Thank Grizzly It’s Friday” is back. But this time, it’s just going to be a weekly post of random stuff, and sometimes sprinkled with my random ramblings. Come on, I know you love ’em! *groans* 😯

About the above photo. First of all, I’m not sure if that amateur wrestler is in college or not. If he’s a high school wrestler, well then, all I can say is that I did not know he was under 21, officer.

Anyway, the reason for my posting him is due to my usage of the word “bullpup.” After returning from my self-imposed exile from the gay bear universe a few years ago, I started to notice these newer “bear-related” terminologies: “bull,” “bullgoon,” “bullpup,” “goon,” “bullneck,” “brute,” “lugs,” and other similar-sounding terms (as well as sites/blogs and groups, such as “Real Thick”). Bullneck was definitely the one that popularized this even though he might say otherwise.

But then again, perhaps the popular Football Biggins website was the one that started this subculture.

“But, Will,” you might interject. “The bear community is already a subculture in itself.” I will then reply, “That’s correct. I’m referring to the “brutes/bulls” as a subculture within the “bear subculture.” The bear subculture is predominantly “owned” by the gay bears themselves, and to some extent their admirers who don’t quite fit the mold of your typical “bear” or “cub.” Either way, the overwhelming members are gay men.

Chuck Robinson Goonpup[from Bullneckblog]

However, I feel that the “brutes” and the “bulls” are descriptions that tend to welcome straight men and women alike into our bear community. The admiration from such “brutish” and “bullish” men tend to be on the less pornographic side. Now this is based on what I have seen from my online travels. Of course, such men who possess such builds are still being sexually commented on, but oftentimes, their photos and videos are on the tame side.

no gut no glory[from Men In Full]

Then there is this overlap. There are chubby chasers, as well as daddy admirers. Those two specific types will always be in their unique “niche.” They are a subculture of their own for which the bear community have embraced. As the bear community did so, so did the “brutes and bulls” admirers: musclechubs and brutish daddies came to be. Well, became more prominent than ever, that is.

So do I have any point from all this? Nothing really. I just wanted to talk about the evolution of our loves for “big men.” I guess that’s the Greatest Common Denominator that all of us would agree on. Gay men to straight women, we are all attracted to “larger than typical-sized” men.

[from Flickr]

But then again, there are folks in the bear community who just like furry men, regardless of shape and weight. Unfortunately, at that point, I have failed that class and don’t have any viable discourse on the subject. ^_^

And I also haven’t even touched upon the bears’ S&M/bondage fetish and the bulls’ uniform fetish. Again, it’s interesting to see where the parallel lies: one is more sexually explicit while the other is not so much. Of course, that is just a generalization and not a complete fact.

What do you think of this? Am I wrong with my analysis or am I spending way too much time on something that doesn’t need to be explored? Or do you have a favorite term that you tend to describe our big bears, chubs, daddies, and brutes? If so, please share!

* * * * *

Enough of my rambling. Please visit and join the BearMythology Message Board.

The following is just a sampling of what’s being discussed this week. (I also plan on creating a members-only forum where I will post some scandalous photos and videos that I can only keep behind virtual closed doors… I will do everything in my power to make you join, goshdangit!) 😳

more amateur wrestling photos

post of my member (not that member!) in all of his cute and woofy glory

links to the best Flickr Photostream

and even an amicable understanding between US and THEM from my yearly “Strongmen versus Gays” debate

Thank Grizzly It’s Friday Weekly Wrap-Up


Every Friday, I will provide a weekly wrap-up then post a screenshot/photo from a movie/tv and I would like for you guys and gals to guess who the actor is and where the shot is taken from…  Just post your answers in the comments section.  The answers will be posted the following Friday.

thankgrizzlyitsfriday-2009-03-27Who is the woofy daddy bear with that funky Commander uniform?

On Shirtless Saturday, we talked about BruteMythology in art form

…and BruteMythology in real life.

On Goonday Moonday, we got to meet with massive Australian strongman and powerlifter, Warrick Brant.

If I was in heaven and got to pick a cloud, I’ll pick this Tag Cloud and die with even further happiness.

Late-Breaking News: A photo from the year 2000 of a shirtless bear with a beeper showed up.

Ernie Beath (aka YouTube’s PatrioticHighlander) showed up in videos where he was lifting weights while shirtless.

* * * * * * * * * *

As for the answers from last week’s TGIF:WWU…

David is correct for answering “Bruce M. Fischer” from the film, Escape From Alcatraz.  He also mentioned that it was a “hot scene” and I am in completely agreement.  The scene was meant to provoke fear and disgust for our straight brethren, but his character Wolf, I thought, was pretty polite about the whole prison rape thing (lol).

Anyway, it’s just a movie where where we get to see a big bear of a man gets nude, but instead of getting it on, he gets beat up on — the painful kind.  Still, because of this very scene, I have had many fantasies when I was younger where I would be lathering up the big guy.  He then would not rape me because all he wanted was to receive a proper bath…  (I know, my fantasies are pretty lame.)
















Thank Grizzly It’s Friday Weekly Wrap-Up


Every Friday, I will provide a weekly wrap-up then post a screenshot/photo from a movie/tv and I would like for you guys and gals to guess who the actor is and where the shot is taken from…  Just post your answers in the comments section.  The answers will be posted the following Friday.

The last time I did my Weekly Wrap-Up was exactly a month ago.  I am officially back and should be posting on a regular basis. Some changes though: Two Woofy Tuesday is somewhat over for now, but I’ll continue on with Shirtless Saturday and Goonday Moonday.

thankgrizzlyitsfriday-2009-03-20Who is this gruff prison bear in the shower?

On Shirtless Saturday, Keith “The Bear” Ahsoon, Keala Watson, and other beefy UH Warriors showed up to have fun at a water park.

Garry Frank, my all-time favorite powerlifter, showed up for Goonday Moonday.

What appeared to be your typical powerlifting video later transformed into something that hasn’t been seen before: Naked Powerlifting with a big musclechub.

On the following Goonday Moonday, daddy bear Dan Lauria and chubby bear Michael Roberds showed up in Alien Trespass.

On the following Shirtless Saturday, Van Hatfield showed us what Sir Mix-A-Lot really meant by “Baby Got Back.”

Goonday Moonday passed by again, and this time, woofy French actor, Ludovic Berthillot, wowed us with his goonish good looks.

Ludovic Berthillot showed up again, this time, shirtless, in Goonday Moonday’s Shirtless Edition.

A cute redneck cubby bear entertained us with his endearingly sloppy date video.

Two Hawaiian musclebears and a black musclechub stripped down and took a shower together.  Wowza!

* * * * * * * * * *

As for the answers from one month ago’s (lol) TGIF:WWU…

The cute teddy bear is Ted Demme, the director of Blow.  He played Johnny Depp’s lawyer in the film.

There’s just something about his looks that is just completely appealing.  He’s short, stocky, and just, well, as I’ve said before, a cute teddy bear…




Ted Demme is not with us anymore, and to me his legacy is The Ref — one of my all-time favorite holiday films.

The following are behind-the-scenes screenshots from Blow.






If you’re wondering where you can view that Depp and Demme kiss,
then wonder no more.  YouTube has it.

Finally, here’s a great photo of Mr. Demme that I had scanned from Premiere Magazine back in the day…


Thank Grizzly It’s Friday Weekly Wrap-Up

Every Friday, I will provide a weekly wrap-up then post a screenshot from a movie and I would like for you guys and gals to guess who the actor is and what movie it is from…  Just post your answers in the comments section.  The answers will be posted the following Friday.

thankgrizzlyitsfriday-2009-02-20Who is this cute teddy bear?

Husky football player, Richie Incognito, showed up again with his spectacular assets.

On Shirtless Saturday, Ray Winstone showed up sweaty and hot, then stripped, then took a shower in the semi-nude from the film, All In The Game.  Um, yeah, what are you waiting for!

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, I did a music video tribute to that Ray Winstone scene from All In The Game by abusing slow-motion in tandem with Martina McBride/Jim Brickman’s “My Valentine.”  Such music video is my way of showing how such similar scenes get filtered in the eyes and minds of us bear admirers…

On Goonday Moonday, a couple of goonish online and movie bearish fellers showed up.

On Two Woofy Tuesday (Beary Yummy Seconds), the Brit-A-Licious Mark Addy appeared bearded and shirtless.

A Chubby Daddy Bear took a shower for a commercial for Healthy Living.

More commercials filled with daddies, bears, and chubs, courtesy of Scotland.

* * * * * * * * * *

As for the answers from last week’s TGIF:WWU…

The bearish warrior is Asbjørn ‘Bear’ Riis from the film, The 13th Warrior.  Congratulations to Bearserk (love the name!) for getting it correctly.

Asbjørn ‘Bear’ Riis was just unbelievably stunning in the film.  The long locks, the perfect beard, and finely-chiseled musclebear & daddy physique won me over when I first saw him in the theater.  His looks are completely mythical and truly define the very meaning of “bear.”  He is completely primal and beastly and won’t think twice about beating the living daylights out of his opponent.  Yet it is that very hypermasculine defense mechanism that makes him a reliable friend and caretaker.  A true grizzly and teddy bear…


10thwarrior_ttw014* * * Gratuitous Money Shot! * * *







Thank Grizzly It’s Friday Weekly Wrap-Up


Every Friday, I will provide a weekly wrap-up then post a screenshot from a movie and I would like for you guys and gals to guess who the actor is and what movie it is from…  Just post your answers in the comments section.  The answers will be posted the following Friday.

thankgrizzlyitsfriday-2009-02-13Who is this bearish warrior?

Shirtless Saturday got a barrage of sweaty & oily beefy men from

Goonday Moonday got a visit from the Sell This House host and musclebear extraordinaire, Roger Hazard.

On Two Woofy Tuesday (Beary Yummy Seconds), John Goodman not only made an appearance, but also became our visual aid for the Lost Art Of Copping A Bear.

Strongman Jay Hughes showed us why his nickname is “Hollywood.”

The ghost of Flannery O’Connor was supposed to possess some blogger from East Tennessee, but she got lost and inadvertently possessed a gay man.  The result: “A Good Bear Is Hard To Find.”

* * * * * * * * * *

As for the answers from last week’s TGIF:WWU…

That big, big, big grizzly bear is John Minton, popularly known as pro-wrestler, Big John Studd (check out my Bearotic write-up), from the film, Harley Davidson And The Marlboro Man.

What’s great about pro-wrestlers is that they typically would make great actors as they’re practically playing a live theatrical role every time they’re out wrestling for the public.  I always get annoyed at people who criticize and insult people who watch pro-wrestling and proudly pronounce it as “FAKE!”  Here’s a news flash, movies and television are also fake, but for some reason, they watch them.  Hypocrite much?

With that random rant out of the way, here is Big John Studd in all of his woofy glory…





bigjohnstudd047Hey, Studd!  I hear that wrestling’s homoerotic!

bigjohnstudd071Listen, punk…


bigjohnstudd092…is not…






Thank Grizzly It’s Friday Weekly Wrap-Up


Every Friday, I will provide a weekly wrap-up then post a screenshot from a movie and I would like for you guys and gals to guess who the actor is and what movie it is from… Just post your answers in the comments section. The answers will be posted the following Friday.

thankgrizzlyitsfriday-2009-02-06Who is this big, big, big grizzly bear?

A mucho sexier David Hasselhoff shows up shirtless in a parody of the star’s drunken exploits.

I’ve always dreamed of working in the stressful world of advertising.  However, no one wanted to hire me as my portfolio was all about the big guys.

Shirtless Saturday: Way too cool.  I begged and even bribed for that Halls Candy commercial with the shirtless Turkish bears in a bath and got my wished fulfilled.

Goonday Moonday: Being a failed wannabe copywriter, I’ve looked through a portfolio of ads with big guys and pretended to analyze their social impact when, really, all I wanted to do was look at photos of big guys.

On Two Woofy Tuesday (Beary Yummy Seconds), the gorgeous Phil Martin sports a completely different mawashi and I thank the heavens for it.

A very naughty bear was caught walking and sleeping in the nude on a sidewalk at Los Angeles.  It’s downright criminal not to give the poor guy some change!

Joshua Sankey is one funny comedian that’s downright delicious.

Michael Emanuel is that everybear you see but not sure who he was.  And whether you knew him or not, it’s undisputable that he’s a major woofy daddy bear.

* * * * * * * * * *

As for the answers from last week’s TGIF:WWU…

That chubby daddy bear is Allan Graf from The Limey.  Like Michael Emanuel and newcomer, Joshua Sankey, these are your handsome bears that never seem to get the credit they deserve.  Primary reason is because they’re typically given small roles.  Allan Graf has appeared in numerous films and he’s normally a bodyguard or a goon.  He’s gotten chubbier over the years and he’s aging like fine wine.  He also resembles Mike Holmgren which is an added bonus.






And since Allan Graf had a really short scene in The Limey, here are some behind-the-scenes footage from A Knight’s Tale, where he was the film’s Stunt Coordinator…




Thank Grizzly It’s Friday Weekly Wrap-Up


Every Friday, I will provide a weekly wrap-up then post a screenshot from a movie and I would like for you guys and gals to guess who the actor is and what movie it is from… Just post your answers in the comments section. The answers will be posted the following Friday.

Sorry for the lack of updates.  There are some changes in my work routines and it’s been causing a bit of stress.  One thing you can rely on is that I will have to post on Saturday, Monday, Tuesday, and Friday.  And if you have emailed me with questions, please be patient and I will respond to you as soon as I can.

thankgrizzlyitsfriday-2009-01-30Blimey!  Who is this woofy daddy bear?

Alex Karras and other football bears from Paper Lion showed up on Shirtless Saturday.

Of mythic archetypes and goonish looks: Mike Hallick as Mantaur & Bruiser Mastino shows up in Goonday Moonday.

In Two Woofy Tuesday (Beary Yummy Seconds), The Power Twins (David & Larry Sontag) showed up to display the infinite power of woof squared.

* * * * * * * * * *

As for the answers from last week’s TGIF:WWU…

Germanfurrybear was the first to spot the massive musclechub as Keith Loneker from Out Of Sight.  And an excellent job to the other bear-eyed scouts out there who knew who he was!

I remember buying the DVD for Out Of Sight when it first came out and I was amazed at its crystal clear quality.  It’s no HD, but it was definitely a big improvement from VHS tapes.  I also loved the fact that I didn’t have to fast-forward to the “most important bear scenes.”  I can just pop the disc in and jump instantly to such “money shots.”


How time flies.  Now I have ripped this movie in a hard drive and I then just extract that very scene so that I could just double-click (or one-click, for you one-clickers) the video file then loop it to my heart’s content.

What does the future hold?  Gizmodo had a link to this DeviantArt illustration by pyxelated, and it appears to be where we are heading.  As anything else in life, moderation is key…

realityThat’s me in the corner watching a looped scene of White Boy Bob.
Strange Days, indeed, are ahead of us…









Thank Grizzly It’s Friday Weekly Wrap-Up


Every Friday, I will provide a weekly wrap-up then post a screenshot from a movie and I would like for you guys and gals to guess who the actor is and what movie it is from…  Just post your answers in the comments section.  The answers will be posted the following Friday.


An unknown woofy wrestler’s name has finally been unveiled: Andrew Anderson.

Goonday Moonday was borne and christened by the massive bullgoon, Gerard Benderoth.

In Two Woofy Tuesday (Beary Yummy Seconds), Manuel Martinez proved that he’s not second in the beefy looks department.

Kyle Gass was your winner in Woofy Winner Wednesday and for some reason I decided to post screenshots of his Walrus Boy character.  I mean, srsly, wtf?

Kenan Thompson appeared shirtless in Wieners.

An unknown chubby bear tried to steal Kenan Thompson’s shirtless thunder in Wieners.

Find the specific Halls Candy commercial and the big musclebear bartender will reward you with “those things” in his hand in the video.

* * * * * * * * * *

As for the answers from last week’s TGIF:WWU…

Craig (via email) and Brett (via the comments) were the first to get the answers correctly: Leo Burmester from The Abyss.  Also, great job to everyone else who had guessed it correctly as well.

The Abyss is definitely one of my favorite sci-fi films and something I would recommend to watch back-to-back with the original The Day The Earth Stood Still.  Both have a great humanistic message that appeals to my somewhat hippie heart.  And if you get a chance, watch the even longer “Special Edition” as it explores more of the characters in the film and reveals a better ending.

Anyway, here is the late Mr. Leo Burmester as Catfish De Vries…




Finally, try to guess why I posted these very specific screenshots…  Dear Lord, my fetish p0wns me…







[Related Posts – Leo Burmester]

Thank Grizzly It’s Friday Weekly Wrap-Up


Every Friday, I will provide a weekly wrap-up then post a screenshot from a movie and I would like for you guys and gals to guess who the actor is and what movie it is from… Just post your answers in the comments section. The answers will be posted the following Friday.

thankgrizzlyitsfriday-2009-01-16Who is this woofy grizzly bear with the deep, penetrating eyes?

Eric Allan Kramer showed up shirtless on, well, Shirtless Saturday.

Battle of the woofiest Tenacious D member in Two Woofy Tuesday: Jack Black versus Kyle Gass.

Tanktop-related photos and a highly-recommended viewing of a particular training log showed up for Ryan Vierra.

[BearPit] Ryan Vierra part two: The closest thing this blog will ever get to softcore.

Chunky Indian Wrestlers and an unknown big bear from Slumdog Millionaire thought about getting outsourced for softcore support.

Max Flövik was your victorious rocking nudist on Woofy Winner Wednesday.

BBC’s Last Man Standing had a Kushti wrestling video clip which is The Most Erotically-Charged 2:19 Minutes Of Your Life.

A beefy Kushti Wrestler washes up for his next softcore support…

Excuse me, Mr. Blogger, it’s “software“…

Well, oops.

* * * * * * * * * *

As for the answers from last week’s TGIF:WWU…

Super Woofy Tommy got last week’s Weekly Wrap-Up correct: Barry Corbin is on the left while Richard Masur is on the right from the film, My Science Project.  I thought that was a hard one, so excellent job!  ^_^  (And, wow, for getting Ann Wedgeworth!  I had to IMDb [is that a verb?] it as I didn’t know!)

I was already a big fan of Barry Corbin when I saw WarGames when I was 11 years old (man, I lost count as to how many times I’ve seen this as a kid), so imagine my pleasant surprise when I found him shirtless in My Science Project. As a pre-’80s tween-geek, if you would watch a movie like WarGames then it follows that you had a 100% probability that you knew you wanted to see My Science Project.





Richard Masur was definitely one of my earliest crushes.  He and Bruce McGill really knew how to sport a very bushy moustache…