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BigOfficerBear: The Big Boss Man Version 2.0

The Big Boss ManThe Big Boss Man was definitely one of my favorite pro-wrestlers growing up as a teenager. He was a musclechub before I had any idea what a musclechub was. Others would probably just call him a “chub,” and that’s okay.

To me, he was still a “bear” — “bear” being an umbrella term to describe large men. Honestly, if I could rewind time, I would have just started a blog called “Large Men.”

However, that just sounded so plain. And the term “bears” made my inner hipster extremely happy.

The Big Boss Man (real name: Ray Traylor) is not in this world any longer. However, he had made my teenage years very exciting (I had a very boring teen life). He was literally an exciting figure: he was a cocky heel and that sky blue police uniform made him an imposing figure that fulfilled my fantasies. And don’t get me started when he started sweating…

Fast-forward 32 years later. I was just browsing through YouTube when I was recommended by YouTube’s algorithm to watch a video titled “Wresting BIG Officer Bear” (you can only watch this video in YouTube):

Suddenly, I was whisked away to my teenage years. This BigOfficerBear brought back fond memories of The Big Boss Man (the “heel version” of course). That video was not a short clip, but an actual full match. Granted he completely dominated the whole match but it was still glorious to watch it nevertheless.

BigOfficerBear ScreenshotI wanted more and I found out that he has a website: bigofficerbear.com. Wow, he has videos from BDSM, wrestling, squashing, and smothering. I was a bit disappointed that he only has one video where he got dominated. But beggars can’t be choosers! I mean, it’s BIG OFFICER BEAR! The name says it all.

BigOfficerBear 02What’s even cooler is that he doesn’t role-play just a police officer. He also cosplays as Roadhog!

(As an aside, check out my numerous Tumblr blog posts on Roadhog; by the way, I am Gizmo72 on Overwatch PC. Not surprisingly, my main character is Junkrat.)

BigOfficerBear as Roadhog

Anyway, needless to say, this site is for the 18+ and over crowd. I try my best to keep my blog PG-13, but based on what the majority thinks of my blog, I am Rated XXX. So, once in awhile, let us post something that is actually Rated XXX. 😉



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I used a cloud software to make the above video. As a side-hustle, I have been using this to make Facebook video banner ads. I normally use VSDC Video Editor Pro, but Offeo does its job amazingly well if you want to make really short videos (like seconds short) with nifty special effects.

Most if not all of the images that I upload here will be enlarged and enhanced by a software called Topaz Gigapixel AI.

Shirtless Saturday: Phil Hickerson As PY Chu Hi

Here’s an old-school Shirtless Saturday post.   Phil Hickerson is a wrestler I discovered a few years ago thanks to the classic pro-wrestling matches shown on ESPN.  I missed out on his younger and furrier persona, so I just knew him as his villainous Japanese counterpart, PY Chu Hi. [KEEP ON WOOFIN’!]

Super Shirtless Saturday: Jock Samson

Jock Samson is one of my current intense obsessions.   He’s amazingly agile, cocky, and he always strips off his wrestling singlet, revealing his magnificent and gorgeous build.  I’m sure I will be posting more about him, but I’d like to remain focused for a moment and let’s discuss his shirtless appearances, shall we? [KEEP ON WOOFIN’!]

Super Shirtless Saturday: Unknown Pro-Wrestler Pharaoh

One of my favorite pro-wrestling photo blogs is Wrestling Great.  There’s not a lot of big guys (at least with my definition of “big” is); but for the ones who do show up are simply “great” to behold.  One of my finds is a pro-wrestler who dons a pharaoh costume.  Unfortunately, I have no clue as to who he is and I’m begging any wrestling expert out there to provide us with the 411. [KEEP ON WOOFIN’!]

Super Shirtless Saturday: Bulldozer

If you want to see old-school musclechub wrestlers, then the indy circuit is the place to be.  Case in point: the masked chubby known as “Bulldozer”… [KEEP ON WOOFIN’!]

Super Shirtless Saturday: “The Monster” Malachi

Why is this “Super Shirtless Saturday”?  Because I will be posting a handful of shirtless pro-wrestlers today and what better way to honor their athleticism and theatrical skills by describing them as “super”?

After seeing the super musclechub, Mark Henry, in his sexy hot tub video, let’s get to meet a beastly warrior who sports one of the coolest beards around: “The Monster” Malachi. [KEEP ON WOOFIN’!]

Super Shirtless Saturday: Mark Henry In Red Speedos

The BearMythology look has been updated again by your finicky and oft-absent blogger.  Also, based on numerous suggestions, I will finally get with the 21st Century and start placing “Continue Reading” links on every post for easier reading consumption…

Anyway, my great friend, GE, sent me a link to a video that gave me a heart attack (I wonder how many heart attacks I’ve had during the course of this blog’s lifespan?): it is a video of pro-wrestler, Mark Henry, wearing only skimpy bright red speedos!  Seriously, why can’t he wrestle with this type of outfit?! [KEEP ON WOOFIN’!]

Bears In Games: “Legends Of Wrestlemania”

Burly Legends Of Wrestlemania
I grew up with these bearish behemoths — in more ways than one…

Koobert from Bears In Games has a threesome of great videos about bearish men in sports-themed video games (check out Bears In Games’ YouTube Page).  The one I’d like to highlight today is Legends Of Wrestlemania.

It’s pretty cool that even when Koobert designed a very obvious gay-looking character, his online opponents would not harass him nor negatively criticize the flamboyant look of his wrestler.  I found that interesting as pro-wrestling fans tend to get an image of being extremely homophobic.  Unfortunately, we find our homophobic brethren in video games like Halo.  I actually watched my co-worker’s 14-year-old son spew insults like “Fucking fag that is so fucking gay you’re gonna get it fucked up in your fucking fag gay ass” in Halo 3.  Ah, to be 14…

Pro-wrestling, especially WWF in the ’80s and ’90s, was my source of a “different type” of entertainment.  It was a world where half-naked burly men role-played a character, as they sweated and wrestled away.  I had a personal attraction towards wrestlers who were cocky, arrogant, and just plain villainous (check out my Sonny Roselli post).  If you looked at the wrestling roster on the above image, I only have about three “good guys” (or “faces”).  But then again, they were also at one point villains prior to WWF.  I guess I just love “bad bears” (I was so angry when I rented The Bad News Bears in Betamax).  Anyway, I feel that today’s pro-wrestling does not have the same mystique that these bearish wrestlers provided back in the day.  There was a rawness and realness to the theatrics that they used to entertain us.  It’s probably still out there since I viewed pro-wrestling a bit differently as a child, teenager, and heck, as an adult in my early 20’s.

Anyway, if you like these bearish pro-wrestlers, SDW Media is the source for all classic pro-wrestling videos (you can read more on my write-up about that company here).

Finally, let me end with an Arn Anderson entrance video from Legends Of Wrestlemania as well as a high-res image of Big John Studd.  Yes, if you look at the collage again, they are my top two professional wrestlers of all-time.

big john studd legends of wrestlemania

Thank Grizzly It’s Friday Weekly Wrap-Up

Every Friday, I will provide a weekly wrap-up then post a screenshot from a movie and I would like for you guys and gals to guess who the actor is and what movie it is from…  Just post your answers in the comments section.  The answers will be posted the following Friday.

thankgrizzlyitsfriday-2009-02-13Who is this bearish warrior?

Shirtless Saturday got a barrage of sweaty & oily beefy men from OilWrestlers.com.

Goonday Moonday got a visit from the Sell This House host and musclebear extraordinaire, Roger Hazard.

On Two Woofy Tuesday (Beary Yummy Seconds), John Goodman not only made an appearance, but also became our visual aid for the Lost Art Of Copping A Bear.

Strongman Jay Hughes showed us why his nickname is “Hollywood.”

The ghost of Flannery O’Connor was supposed to possess some blogger from East Tennessee, but she got lost and inadvertently possessed a gay man.  The result: “A Good Bear Is Hard To Find.”

* * * * * * * * * *

As for the answers from last week’s TGIF:WWU…

That big, big, big grizzly bear is John Minton, popularly known as pro-wrestler, Big John Studd (check out my Bearotic write-up), from the film, Harley Davidson And The Marlboro Man.

What’s great about pro-wrestlers is that they typically would make great actors as they’re practically playing a live theatrical role every time they’re out wrestling for the public.  I always get annoyed at people who criticize and insult people who watch pro-wrestling and proudly pronounce it as “FAKE!”  Here’s a news flash, movies and television are also fake, but for some reason, they watch them.  Hypocrite much?

With that random rant out of the way, here is Big John Studd in all of his woofy glory…





bigjohnstudd047Hey, Studd!  I hear that wrestling’s homoerotic!

bigjohnstudd071Listen, punk…


bigjohnstudd092…is not…






Shirtless Saturday: Real Thick’s Top Pics/Men Of 2008

Bassbassboomboom of the Real_Thick Yahoo Group has recently emailed his Top 25 Pics/Men of 2008.  Needless to say, the group exploded into a frenzy as these images are definitely the creme de la creme of any real thick, musclebear, big bull admirer…  As this is Shirtless Saturday, I will be posting the shirtless photos from his collection…

real-thick-big-bull-08More photos of this big bull here

real-thick-chad-aichsPrevious posts & photos of Chad Aichs here

real-thick-ryan-kennelly-02Guess who?  You’ll find out in the next photo…

real-thick-ryan-kennelly-01It’s the one and only Real Thick’s all-time favorite, Ryan Kennelly.
Check out BassBoom’s Ryan Kennelly video clip

real-thick-big-hoss-wrestlerBig Hoss of Old School Championship Wrestling
(make sure to check the Photos link on the above MySpace link)

real-thick-and-real-bigI have no clue who this big bull is

real-thick-massive-bruteDammit.  I’ve seen him before, but I can’t put a name…  Halp!

real-thick-mystery-bearlugI’ve posted about him before.  In the comments section,
BassBoom gave us YouTube links of this mystery bearlug

real-thick-powerlifterNot quite sure if he’s the same as the above “mystery bearlug”

real-thick-powerlifter-wrestlerHis name escapes me at the moment.  Argh.
This will annoy me the whole day now…

real-thick-powerbearA definite musclebear.  Unfortunately, I don’t know who he is.

By the way, Double Bass Double Boom is a good buddy of mine and if you want an excellent holiday present for yourself, you need to check this amazing deal of 8.15 GIGABYTES worth of brutes, musclebears, bulls, and behemoths.  Can your DVD-ROM drive handle all of this digital hotness?!

But, first, you need to join the Real_Thick Yahoo Group.  And lastly, by becoming a member, he will provide you with this most awesome December deal ever.  It is so awesome that it’s practically a steal to get such a deal.  I proudly own the whole DVD set and it’s worth every penny.  Check it out…

Special for month of December

Meatheads & RealThick DVD-r Full Set for $15

there’s also an option now to download as soon as I receive payment. email bassbassboomboom AT yahoo.com for more info.

I’d like to offer the group a big collection of videos I captured myself. From searching the net I know that this kind of media content is hard to find. The videos from this YOUTUBE CHANNEL are just a small sample; we’re talking 8.15GB’s of video clips (higher quality than youtube) on 2 full DVD-r’s of Big Brutes just like this that you can’t find on the internet, for $15US, postage included in N. America ($5US extra overseas) there’s also an option now to download as soon as I receive payment. email for more info.

You can see more clips and screen captures from the collection at the links below. You get all 10 volumes for $15US:

MEATHEADS Collection

MEATHEADS Vol. 1 + 2
MEATHEADS Vol. 3 + 4
and another Meatheads Volume 5 that never had a website made for it, so 11 volumes.

The REAL THICK Collection

The Real Thick Collection Vol. 1 + 2
The Real Thick Collection Vol. 3 + 4
The Real Thick Collection Vol. 5 + 6

To put in an order for the collection or ask questions, email me at: bassbassboomboom AT yahoo.com

– BassBoom

Mike Knox: One Furry Muscle Beast


Though I have a handful of favorite wrestlers in the WWE (Mark Henry, Big Show, Festus, Ezekiel Jackson, Shad Gaspard), there is one in particular who I never paid attention to before because he was slimmer and smoother: Mike Knox.  Today, he has completely grown out his beard and mane and you can also now see some fantastic furry pelt on his beefy thick physique.  He possesses this stunning look of an intimidating barbarian, popularized by classic wrestlers such as John Nord (“Nord The Barbarian”) and Bruiser Brody.  This massive and tall bear would make a perfect Greek God, Zeus…

All of these photos are from his days at ECW.  He’s currently part of the WWE Raw stable.

mike-knox-and-shelton-benjaminShelton Benjamin (right) is not technically “bearish” but I do
consider him as a musclebear










Shirtless Saturday: Jacob duRandt-Ahlstrom or Dávid János, Either Way, I Don’t Care Who You Are


Hey, being gay allows me to quote sugary pop bands, such as the Backstreet Boys (and whether you admit to it or not, their songs make for great karaoke).  Anyway, on today’s Shirtless Saturday, we have this beefy pro-wrestler from Canada (based on his MySpace bio) who goes by the name of Jacob duRandt-Ahlstrom; however, he also goes by the name of Dávid János when competing in strongman competitions (check out such photos here).  So, I’m not pretty sure what his real name is, but all I can say is that he is one heck of a stunning musclebear.  I initially found the following two shirtless photos from the currently-on-hiatus blog, thickslab.com (1st post; 2nd post).



Happy Thanksgiving From The Shane Twins

Unfortunately, I only have the final 3 seconds of this commercial (someone shared it from my old BM Yahoo group).  I haven’t uploaded it yet but will do so when I get to it.  Right now, I just want to get back to eating, just chilling, and watching some games on the television.  Anyway, here are the screenshots from that Shane Twins commercial for Sonny’s BBQ…

And if there are any reasons to be thankful today, it is that we’re all so lucky to be blessed by such magnificent behemoths such as these fellas…












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Shane Morbid Needs Your Help

Shane Morbid was my very first interview on this blog.  He was one of the very first straight bear who also became my friend.  And, now, he needs our help.  In The Oklahoma Wrestling Fan’s Resource Center, there will be a 2008 Year-End Awards.

In order to even be able to vote, each voter needs to register first.  The registration ends on November 30.  Once December comes around, registration closes.  The Awards Poll will then be opened for voting some time on December.

Here is a sample of 2007’s Year-End Awards Nominees.

Let’s all please show our support to Mr. Shane Morbid!  Register now!




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Woofy Winner Wednesday: The Shane Twins

As I don’t involve myself in this weekly poll/contest, I have to say that I’m very shocked to see not just The Shane Twins win, but for them to win by such a large margin — based on emails, comments and this poll (100-11).  But the fans have spoken so here are your musclebear winners, The Shane Twins: Mike and Todd Shane…

(My straight best friend actually even voted for The Shane Twins and I said, “What the?  You’re not even gay.”  My buddy then said that I’m a “Bear Hack” and that I did not know what a “true bear” looked like and that I should go back to “Bear School” as I needed some remedial lessons.  Lol.  What a friend.  But, again, I am just truly surprised to see very few votes for The Power Twins!  In my not so humble opinion, they’re the most “bearish” in contrast to The Shane Twins.  However, I did ask you guys who the “woofiest” was.  Ah, semantics…)

















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Two Woofy Tuesday: Shane Twins Vs. Power Twins


Today’s Two Woofy Tuesday theme is “Pro Wrestling Twins”: On one corner, we have the musclebound Shane Twins (Mike & Todd Shane), while on the other corner, we have the husky Power Twins (David & Larry Sontag).

[FUN FACT: The Shane Twins were in a commercial for Sonny’s BBQ (pictured above) while The Power Twins played Andy Garcia’s bodyguards from the Ocean’s Eleven films…]

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Shirtless Saturday Night: Big Van Vader

Here is Big Van Vader from his WCW days…

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you went home to relax on a Saturday night then find this giant behemoth of a bear lounging shirtless on your sofa?











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Shirtless Saturday: Leon Allen White As Bull Power


Leon Allen White (popularly-known as the massive and acrobatic pro-wrestler, Big Van Vader) once appeared as “Bull Power” in a television commercial for a waterbed company.  Unfortunately, I have yet to find this blurry commercial somewhere in my aging VHS archives.  In the meantime, here are some collages from that pretty funny ad.






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Larry Hennig: Classic Daddy Bear Pro-Wrestler

Larry Hennig is a retired American professional wrestler (from 1963 to 1985) and the father of the late “Mr. Perfect” Curt Hennig.  He started out as a heel with the moniker of “Pretty Boy” Larry Hennig while partnered with “Handsome Harley Race” and later turned into a face (babyface/”good guy”) as Larry “The Axe” Hennig.

Screenshots taken from The Wrestler (1974)

I just recently watched The Life and Times of Mr. Perfect (DVD documentary about Larry Hennig’s son) and I could just palpably sense his bittersweet feelings of losing a child.  It was a great documentary and you really see the close-knit bonds that exist between such rare pro-wrestling families.

The following videos are parts 1 and 2 of a tag-team match between the father/son team of Larry & Curt Hennig against Nick Bockwinkel and Mr. Saito.  Larry was a whopping 344 pounds at the time of this match back in 1984.

(higher quality version)

(higher quality version)

I’ve received a couple of emails about my previous post comparing Leonid Zhabotinsky to a husky and muscular Andy Richter (and, wow, I haven’t posted about him at all).  I do see a resemblance, but Larry Hennig was the very first person I thought of when I discovered the Big Zhabo.  They both have that very pleasant and inviting face which betrays their supposedly intimidating built.  What do you guys think?

[BearView] An Interview With Shane Morbid

[A WORD FROM YOUR AUTHOR: I’m very excited to share this post, as it’s my very first interview.  More importantly, it’s an interview with Shane Morbid — a straight man who happens to be a pro-wrestler.  This is monumental to me because I feel like I had, in some small way, broken that barrier where the fears of gay men getting bashed and straight men receiving gay sexual advances are thrown out the window.  That, in a brief moment, we can compliment a straight man while our sexual orientation do not factor in any equation.  It’s just is.  So if there are closeted gay folk out there like me, rest assured that there are actually wonderful people in the world, just like Shane Morbid.  And, now, on to the interview…]

Pro-wrestling.  You either love it or you hate it.  You also either get it or you don’t.  It’s easy to discount pro-wrestling as just a “fake sport” but when you learn about the craft and dedication of these athletes, you find out that there is far more to it.  And as much as I love pro-wrestling due to some of its “eye-candy,” I must admit that I have learned a great deal about the life of a professional wrestler from my interview with Shane Morbid.

Shane Morbid (not his real name, of course) has been involved in the pro-wrestling business for 6 years.  He has wrestled all over Oklahoma, parts of Texas, and as well as Arkansas.  He is in his mid-20’s but he has admitted that his body feels much older than that, due to the physical nature of his profession.  He’s also a very down-to-earth man who has made this interview as pleasant as possible.  Thank you, sir!

To start off, check out this great video news article about pro-wrestlers from the CXW federation.  There are things he said in the video which I later asked him to elaborate on…

(higher quality version)

I started when I was 17. I am almost 23 now and
I feel like I am a 40 year old man.

My body is so banged up. Got scars on my head. Got
scars on my body. Dislocated fingers, concussions.

They feed off the palm of your hand. Whether you’re
a bad guy or you’re a good guy. You can just suck
that crowd in. Better than a Hoover vacuum cleaner.
You know you got it.

It’s kinda like being god. When you can be god for
10 or 15 minutes and have the people believe in
everything you say is real.

Can you please elaborate more about your comment about “like being God” in reference to your relationship with your audience/fans/foes?

Well, without the fans there wouldn’t be Shane Morbid.  Without foes there wouldn’t be Shane Morbid.  It’s kinda like being in a physical play.  I play the leading role and my job is to draw in an audience.  Thus, for making me like god, I must capture everyone’s attention for how ever long my match is or my promo.

I enjoy doing what I do.  If I can draw someone in who had a tough week or a bad day and I can piss them off to were they forget about what happened that week or that day and they are focusing on giving me the “what for” talk then I have done my job and entertained them.  I take lots of pride in my work.

After a match, do you tend to experience a lot of pain afterward?  Has your pain threshold increased the more experience you get with wrestling?

Well, what I have learned is no matter how many years you have been in the wrestling biz, your body never gets used to it.  I have blown out my shoulder and dislocated my fingers.  Concussion after concussion.  And, still, I keep doing it.  (laughs)

What are your preparations before every match?

I tend to step away from everything and everyone. I do that to get mentally ready, especially for a big show or match.

Do you prefer being a heel or being a babyface?

Heel.  I don’t like to kiss the fans’ asses.  I like being a jerk.  It’s fun.

What is your favorite wrestling move?

Well, that would be my new finisher which is called the “Mustache Driver” (aka Reverse BrainBuster).  My other move was the one that you were referring to as the back splash.  It’s called a “Senton.”

[Author’s Note: I was telling Shane about how I love his “Back Splash” move and the fact that I was making up that wrestling term myself.  Basically, his opponent is lying on the mat while Shane hops over him then “splashes” his whole body backwards onto his foe.  It’s a fantastic move.]

What makes a great and memorable wrestling match?

That’s a good question.  I think it would have to be someone that you have the most fun with — the one that can bring out the best in you.  I have had very few guys that could to that.  But the ones that have done that are the ones who I enjoy working with the most.

As far as most memorable match.  Damn.  That is a tough one.  I have done anything from “Cage Matches” to “Bullrope Barbed Wire matches.”  I guess it would have to be when I won the SRPW X-division title.  It was the first time that I got a standing ovation.

Who are your wrestling heroes?

I wouldn’t say that I would have any heroes, but there are guys that I studied.  Terry Gordy, Dick Murdoch, Brusier Brody, Samoa Joe, CM Punk before the WWE, Chris Jericho before WWE, Mikey Whipwreck, The 4 Horsemen.  The list could go on and on.

What made you get involved in pro-wrestling?  What is the appeal of this career?

I have always been a fan or a pro-wrestler ever since I was able to remember.  Wrestling was a huge part in my life.  I knew, at the age of 8, that that was what I wanted to do.

I started training when I was 18 right out of high school.  I got my first match about 6 months after training.  Have been in the biz ever since.

I’ve always wondered about pro-wrestlers’ children and how they would react if their father’s a “heel” and they’re in the audience “booing” at their fathers.  As you have two children, will you have them be part of the audience when you are at work?  What is your opinion about other pro-wrestlers’ children being part of the show?

Well, my kids are way too young to go to the shows and watch me work.  Other wrestlers bring their kids to the shows.  I work them just like any other fed.  As a matter of fact, this past Saturday night, I made one of them cry.  Making kids cry at wrestling shows is AWESOME.  Now I know that sounds mean and cruel.  But that lets me know that I am an OMEGA HEEL!  Which means I do my job very, very well…

How comfortable are you when wrestling in such a “revealing” wrestling attire?

I am very comfortable now.  I used to wear a singlet.  It took quite some time to get used to wearing trunks.  But, finally, Cothern talked me into it.  And the rest, well, is history.  (laughs)

[AUTHOR’S NOTE: Cast-Iron Cothern is Shane Morbid’s good friend and tag-team partner of “The Gentlemen Thugs”.]

I must say that I miss the black mohawk.  I’ve noticed that you have grown out your hair and made it blonde.  So what’s the current look of Mr. Endurance “Sugar” Shane Morbid?  Will the trunks stay or will you change your attire?

Well, I cut the stache off and just grew out a beard.  So now I have blond hair and a beard.  Mr. Endurance is an ego-maniac, a womanizing asshole who doesn’t take shit from no one!  With a sprinkle of sugar for the dames. (laughs)

Can you please tell us the pro-wrestling federations you are currently involved in?

I have wrestled for SWCW, CXW, Compround Pro, SRPW, TPW, TAP, MSW, MSWA, TTW, OCW, NWA-U, WWG, MWA.

I am currently working for Compound Pro, MSW, MSWA, MWA, and TAP.

Thank you for your time, Mr. Morbid.  Do you have any last words to your fans?

People, what you have read is just PURE “Endurance”!  HAHAHAHA!!!

That concludes my interview with the most awesome — and, of course, handsome — Shane Morbid.  As an update, The Gentlemen Thugs had just become the Tag Team Champs of Compound Pro Wrestling this past Saturday.  Congratulations, Shane and Cothern!  And a BIG “Thank You” again to Shane for honoring me with this interview.  I hope that I have proven to be of PURE Endurance.  ^_^

Here are some Shane Morbid links of interest:

Shane Morbid Oklahoma Wrestling Bio

Shane Morbid MySpace Page

Shane Morbid YouTube Page

Compound Professional Wrestling’s Video Recaps

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