4 thoughts on “Keith Knight: “Queer As Folk””

  1. I haven’t watched “Queer As Folk” at all and I just used Keith’s IMDB info to find that specific episode where he was in.

    He had a great line when he was showing his client 3 men with their “surgically-enhanced buttocks” exposed:

    “I did them all myself… (devilish grin) I also did their asses.”

    Awesome. You go, daddy!

  2. God, this guy is amazing. Just my type.

    It’s funny – I don’t even remember this scene at all. I must have somehow missed it, there is no way I wouldn’t have paid much much attention to this guy. But man is he perfect.

    There’s another scene from QAF, but I don’t remember the episode or season. Brian is at a bathhouse and briefly chats with a hot chub that pokes his head out of a door. Really hot.

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