Keith Knight: “Queer As Folk”

What exactly is it about chubby bears with glasses that drives their admirers crazy?

So here we have Mr. Keith Knight in his late 40’s. Incredible how his wonderful cherubic “nerdy” chubby look has kept up with him. He played a plastic surgeon, specializing in derrière enhancements, in Queer As Folk (Season 2, Episode 11).

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4 thoughts on “Keith Knight: “Queer As Folk””

  1. I haven’t watched “Queer As Folk” at all and I just used Keith’s IMDB info to find that specific episode where he was in.

    He had a great line when he was showing his client 3 men with their “surgically-enhanced buttocks” exposed:

    “I did them all myself… (devilish grin) I also did their asses.”

    Awesome. You go, daddy!

  2. God, this guy is amazing. Just my type.

    It’s funny – I don’t even remember this scene at all. I must have somehow missed it, there is no way I wouldn’t have paid much much attention to this guy. But man is he perfect.

    There’s another scene from QAF, but I don’t remember the episode or season. Brian is at a bathhouse and briefly chats with a hot chub that pokes his head out of a door. Really hot.

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