Thomas Kelly: Dave & Buster’s Commercial


I was just channel surfing when a certain Dave & Buster’s commercial caught my eye.

According to one of the posters in YouTube, the woofy actor’s name is Thomas Kelly.  I’m not sure if it’s completely accurate, but I’ll go with it as I can’t seem to validate it.  Just call me Fox News Reporter.

Anyway, man, he’s definitely a cute cubbie bear.  His facial expressions totally remind me of Tyler Labine.

OMG.  What a deal.  I have dibs on him on Sunday.  That’s right.  ALL DAY!

13 comments on “Thomas Kelly: Dave & Buster’s Commercial

  1. Mark says:

    this is the best commercial out there, tied with the comcast commercial with the big red head.

  2. Tim says:

    Unf! This guy drives me up the wall.

  3. NetBear says:

    I love him in those commercials for Dave & Buster’s. He’s got a cute, mischievous look in his eye. And you can’t beat those cubbish good looks. (swoon)

  4. c says:

    Holy geez! I know this guy!

  5. bearlover says:

    Thomas Kelly in this commercial is super cute. How do you know him, c?

  6. Travis says:

    I wish I could live with Thomas Kelly and spend all of my time with him.

  7. ran dite says:

    I wish I had a lock of his nipple hair to call my own.

  8. Ewww yukk says:

    All who commented this are the gayest most pathetic and bizarree faggots in the world

  9. Buddy says:

    Hey Eww yukk,I don’t mind hearing your thoughts,but could we keep hate and stereotypes out of it. It would be like me saying that all people who can’t spell and use bad grammer are ignorant biggots with a 3rd grade education, who have no communication skills and will never amount to anything.

  10. Guess what you snivelling, ignorant, and whiny cunt who’s suffering from vaginosis and internet halitosis. You commented here as well.

  11. Tony Cobb says:

    His name is Thomas Kelly, he and I worked at about Bible camp about 6 years ago. He is also in a Castrol Motor Oil commercial where change flies out of the dash, and he is in a Cincinnati Bell Commerical with Nick Lachey, where Nick keeps saying fact. Thomas is holding a cinnamon roll.

  12. Le says:

    Google “Sleepy Steve” and be prepared to lose your mind

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