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March 30, 2017

It has been my 6-year sabbatical since I last posted in WordPress, and everything I had written back in December 7, 2007 applies today. I have grown “wiser” I believe. Though I’m not sure when the bug of loneliness will eventually come to bite me in full force.

I vanished for awhile though I was off/on would post and just lose myself in Tumblr. There were a few things that I learned…

  • Most Bears (hirsute/husky/chubby gay men) tend to gravitate or are attracted to fellow Bears.
  • My tastes in men (gay or straight) are completely specific and not as diverse as I once thought I was
  • Other folks’ tastes in men of the bear kind are fantastically diverse

So when I say “wiser,” I feel that I need to emphasize that this blog is strictly “my” opinions on what makes a “bear.”

Yes, I am still attracted towards such bears And I am back for as long as I can to document such beautiful creatures…


December 07, 2007

“Oh noes!  He’s not a bear!!!!”


Like some of you, I am that solitary gay man living a life of false identities and mistaken friendships.  Yet (hopefully this is not true with some of you) I am somewhat content and even satisfied with this chosen lifestyle of solitude and despair.  Dramatic, ain’t it?  Natch.  My best friend (a straight man of all things) jokes about me being emo.  Be that as it may, I am 35 years old and I don’t really care as to what I am.  This blog will be my release.  I love bearish men.  That’s all.  I think about them daily and quite possibly even unconsciously.  I’m a polygamist, I guess, as I tend to feed my visual hungers with various men.  I know no loyalty nor commitment to such men I’d lust on film, tv, music, internet video clips, and those random husky bears that I happen to notice around me, as some will be my object of addiction for months while some simply become flavors of the day.


Would I like a partner eventually?  I have two lame answers: “Of course” and “Probably not.”  I am just so used to what I do everyday that I’ve pretty much given up on looking for that Mr. Right Bear.  So, until then, I will be releasing my demons and using this blog as my way to express myself as well as hopefully entertain others who share my same tastes and passions.

This is Will. Welcome to my psyche. Welcome to my lusts. Welcome to BearMythology.



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  1. Hi Will,

    So happen that I “accidentally” come across this site, and I can tell you, I simply love it! I like big men, of course! Not sure if you have any postings on David Morse? Hehe… 😛

  2. Will I LOVE this blog so so much, thank you! I’ve been casually checking in every so often for about 2 years now and I absolutely love it here. I am exactly like you (or even MORE of a non-bear I think) but I love these guys so much so I just wanted to thank you for creating this blog. Is there a way I can follow it or something?

    Also I am a Russian speaker so if you want any more info re: Mikhail Porechenkov I’ll see what I can drag up. I first noticed him while living in Russia for a year and he is great isn’t he? It is also thanks to you that I discovered the delights of Terry Hollands who is, quite possibly, the most adorable man on the planet. So thank you so much, keep up the good work!

    Occasionally I’ll be posting pics of bears and stuff on my blog so stop on by if you like!
    It is http://queercomedian.blogspot.com

  3. Will I LOVE this blog so so much, thank you! I’ve been casually checking in every so often for about 2 years now and I absolutely love it here. I am exactly like you (or even MORE of a non-bear I think) but I love these guys so much so I just wanted to thank you for creating this blog. Is there a way I can follow it or something?

    Also I am a Russian speaker so if you want any more info re: Mikhail Porechenkov I’ll see what I can drag up. I first noticed him while living in Russia for a year and he is great isn’t he? It is also thanks to you that I discovered the delights of Terry Hollands who is, quite possibly, the most adorable man on the planet. So thank you so much, keep up the good work!

    Occasionally I’ll be posting pics of bears and stuff on my blog so stop on by if you like!


  4. I’m sorry to hear that you have decided to live a solitary life. I also considered that path, but thanks to many fortunate happenings I am not in that place any more.

    I am “out” with close friends and family (yes, all my family including the conservative ones). I have found a wonderful bear partner who I love with all my heart who I would never had met had I not decided there were other options besides isolationism.

    I am happy that you have found some peace in your isolation and that you haven’t given up all hope for a partner. I promise, somewhere where you least expect it, there is a bear waiting for you too. 🙂

    Check out this website. It is a good place to look for other bears who might be looking for something more: (and it’s free!)


    Good luck from a fellow bear lover!


  5. Wow, very interesting conversation sparked out of a profile. Just found the site, much appreciate reading your bio.

    My 2 cents: while I agree with Mike (without getting all coffee psychologist about it and say how he may be bitter because someone didn’t like him back or some other biased own-experience backlash crap), mainstream gay culture has indeed commercialized and bastardized the bear community to an extent; I can definitely speak to what Will was saying: that the so-called ‘bear scene’ is bigger than a bunch of queens, or bear bars, or attitude, or a ‘look’.

    For some people it’s really their lives and who they are, not a f*ckin gimmick that they put on Saturdays. And definitely for a lot of us, life doesn’t revolve around ‘the bars’. You won’t find many of us at your local bear beer bust event. i’m just sayin’…

    oh btw, hi Will~! (^_^)V


  6. Hello there and congratulations for your blog. Can we help / contribute in any way?

    (I can’t believe the Mike’s post up here… he must be a seriously frustrated person in the real life LOL He should come and get some with South European bears and he’ll change his mind real quick – never seen a Queen in my entire life here!)

    [is the heading photo a view of one of the Azores Islands? São Miguel by any chance?]

  7. Ummm. . . a Bear is an overweight Queen with hair? Funny: I always saw them as distinctly different personality types. I mean Dame Edna is a Queen, Carl Hardwick is a Bear . . . how could you get them confused? Here’s one thing I know for sure – ‘Mike’ is one self-righteously judgmental little Pissant, and that’s a personality type of its own.

  8. @ Mike

    I would like to apologize on behalf of the Bear that was getting all the attention at the bar that you so rightfully deserve. I am sure he meant no offense.

  9. @ Mike:The Bears I know haven’t gained weight to belong,they’ve always been big,and this doesn’t always mean unhealthy.As far as class and ambitions,I’ve been blessed to know guys who are doctors,nurses,geologist,archaeologist ect…not that they think that they are better than me.There are also a lot of guys who have always been masculine and acting so is not a mask-acting otherwise would be.I,myself,did not stop shaving cause I wanted to join the Bear family-I’ve always had whiskers.Also,the Bear movement has been around for more than just a few years as you stated.I’m interested in what your definition of a man is now that you’ve shared your definition of a Bear.You said at the start of your email that you knew the difference between the two. Part of being a man to me is calmly sitting down and collecting my thoughts before I respond, so that I don’t type out a diatribe full of bad punctuation and misspellings.

  10. @ Mike:
    I think that you need to stop being too hung up with “The Bear Scene.” You have a very narrow-minded one point-of-view about what a “bear” is that you’re completely missing the big picture. Like it or not, there are people out there who love “bearish types” of men. This is not a fad or “pathetic trend.” It’s fact.

    Human beings use metaphoric language to communicate and with a global world, the term and idea of “bear” speaks to all gay people AND women who are attracted to, well, “bearish” men.

    I’m not judging you nor belittling your experience with “The Bear Scene.” But I hope you realize that “bears” are not strictly limited to the “queenie bars” that you used to probably frequent and were either disappointed or was heartbroken by some big, fat hairy queen.

    I’m no therapist (Lord knows I need counseling myself), but I just want you to become aware of what’s important in life and stop dwelling (and even hating) on the “pathetic” “Bear Scene.” “Bears” are not just about “free-beer-underwear-night” at the local bear and leather bar…

  11. Why do you call men “bears”? Aren’t men, just “men”?

    Don’t you see the difference between a beast and a human being?

    Over the years I have clearly learnt the difference between a man and a “bear”:

    – A “bear” is basically a gay man, that a few years ago was referred to as a “queen”, but that with the new trend, has gained considerable weight, quit shaving, and lacking personality, dresses and acts a certain way, in order to belong to this group of gays that refer to themselves as “bears”.

    – A “bear” is tipically middle to low class, and has few ambitions in life, aside from bear bars, bear events, sex, “bear” related nonsense, so on and so forth..

    – Nowadays, the “bear” identity has become mainstream enough, to the point that the typical “queen” doesnt even need to gain unhealthy weight to be considered a “bear”. Just not shaving and adopting the group loser-mentality is enough.

    It is obvious that a man, with a minimum of values and self respect, when entering a “bear” bar or event or group, is going to see the “queen” element–which is far more obvious–and not the superficial hair and fat or muscle that is the mask. Thus “bears” are a major turnoff for a man.

    In other words, “bear” = loser

    I just cant wait until this pathetic trend is over and done with and queens go back to being the same queens they always were, without the need to dress or eat a certain way.. (not that they ever stopped being queens, even in this “bear” identity)

    Like they say in SF: the more leather, muscle or facial hair, the bigger the queen.

  12. Hi Will,

    i just read all the posts about my youtube videos, im glad to see that lot of guys missed them.

    Yes, after the ban cause “violation” of the website rules i decided to suspend all because all the time lost for upload them, set descriptions, answer to all subscriptioners questions maded me angry!!!

    I think like u that 4-5 min. of a movie can be mostly a promotion of it and not a real piracy.

    Btw thinking maybe in a return soon, deciding only a good and right way.

    Ur work here is like always amazing so please don’t stop it.

    Big Hugs for All

    P.s. yeah i know my italian english sux ahah

  13. DUDE! I stumbled upon this while looking for content for one of my blogs: “http://brockobrien.wordpress.com/”. I gotta hand it to ya… VERY cool site – THANK you!

  14. Hi, here from chubarama’s site. I’m a straight woman who finds large, fat men very attractive (fortunately I’m married to one.) The best of luck to you with your site.


  15. I’ve been spamming you with comments lately, but it took some serious work to ignore my raging hormones for two moments and find out about the man behind this menagerie of lust and beauty! Not to say you aren’t at all interesting, mind you. 😉 I’d go so far as to say your atypical outlook and behaviour are rather fascinating, considering they’re so far removed from my own.

    I don’t even remember how I stumbled upon your little slice of heaven – I was probably googling something bear-related while my brain was swimming in a sea of testosterone. Needless to say, this has become one of my daily visits, and I don’t visit many blogs on a daily basis (be they bear-oriented or not), so that says something.

    Regardless of how different we are, what you’re doing here really resonates with me. Please, keep up the fantastic work! And feel free to come visit Canada – home of the bears! I can’t walk around without my radar going off, I swear.

    Oh, and don’t give up yet – there’s a bear for everyone…. Hopefully two or more. 😉 You’ll find him/them.

  16. Hi, Billy.

    A Paul Smith experience:

    Hi, Billy.

    I enjoyed your pics of Paul L Smith. It was great to see his rarely-seen chest hair. Speaking of pics, earlier this year I had the good fortune of getting Mr. Smith’s autograph via mail after sending him a fan letter. The beauty of the thing was that I’d really wanted an assortment of pics spanning his career, and that’s what he sent me: 7 gorgeous photos, all personalized. Not too bad for someone like me who is kinda shy and has never asked a celebrity for an autograph before. I even received a friendly phone call from him from Israel and we got to chat for a bit. All in all, it was a fantastic dream come true for a fellow 35 year-old bear lover like me.

    By the way, 35 is still quite young. To put yourself out to pasture at 35 is ludicrous. We have the rare good forture of being kids in a candy store. Go out there and feast on all the bears you can until you’re 90 and your sex drive disappears. Get laid. Find love. Ageism is a filthy illusion. Now go find gay Paul Smith look-a-like. They’re a dime a dozen. 🙂

  17. Love your site Will-been a fan for awhile now.Im a polygamist myself,In the same way you described. Also a HUGE Jeff fan! Have you ever seen his fellow BearFilms alumni Venice Cub?

  18. @ Glenn:
    Lol. This is just a personal blog and I will never make this a pay site. (Someone should have told Seth Rogen’s character to create a “Mr. Bear Skin” site instead in “Knocked Up.”) Furthermore, every bearish guy here deserves all the exposure they can get. Unfortunately, I tread the line where I could potentially offend them; but thankfully, such folks are not too many. However, the vocal ones do take a toll on me.

    Anyway, more importantly, it’s comments such as yours are the ones that keep me going. I really appreciate your honesty. Thank you.

  19. Wow, what a gem of a site. To Will – thank you for your obvious “will”ingness to share your passion and collection to the public.

    I dont really know how i stumbled onto this site, but getting off is going to be a bit difficult.

    I plan on being a regular here, so hopefully you dont make this into a pay site.

    Great read above, and it is somewhat scary how similar so many of us really are. Now if you would excuse me, as I have to get back to reality and enjoy a not-so-good dinner that my wife just microwaved.

  20. Hello, I came across your blog while I was searching for Justin Morinetti’s last name (I can never spell it correctly, and once every half a year I will be in a desperate Justin Morinetti craving). Just thought I’ll drop a line and said I love your site and your honesty in your bio.

    You will see me dropping by very often. 😀

  21. Just stumbled across your website, and I must say, it’s an engaging, interesting, intelligent look at some of the sexiest men I have ever seen. Thank you so much for sharing your tastes and extensive gatherings with the world!

  22. Hi Will, I’m glad to have found your website. I believe I got here when I googled LFBears. He happen to have a channel on google that I love. We have exactly the same taste in men and so I subscribed to him. I was planning to download all his stuff but for some reason all his videos were taken down by YouTube. I was so upset. I tried to search for him on Motionbox, Veoh, and other video sites to no avail. Well my search of him led me to your website. We have very similar taste in men. Mine tends more towards older and caucasian but I make exceptions on some rare occasions. I love your weblog, it’s something I would have done myself if I had the time and web savvy. I share your psyche as well about bears (damn so many of them but just one of me!). Those bear pics and videos you post are so freaking hot! BTW, someone called you kuya so I take it that you are Filipino too? Ok…that’s all for now, meanwhile I’ll be contributing to your newly setup message board and place comments on your daily weblog. Keep up the good work! Oh…before i forget BEAR411 sucks!!! (more on that later).


  23. Hey Will,
    I remember you from the good old Bearmythology group days at yahoo. I used to go under WarmCuddlyGuy, and we had a lot of fun back in the day. I came across this site by accident, and I’m so glad I did. This is a great site.

  24. My best buddy and I were cruising down Pacific Coast Highway and we stopped by Gladstone’s in Malibu Beach. The first photo is me chilling at a table in Gladstone’s while I waited for my order of their World’s Famous Clam Chowder. It was indeed delicious. Second photo is further up the highway and we found a nice spot for some photo ops. And, yes, the place was unbelievably beautiful. When I retire, I’d love to be near the beach.

  25. Hi Brownielocks,

    I’m glad you’re enjoying this. I love hearing from both gay men and straight females who appreciate our handsome and beautiful bearish men.

    Thanks for the heads up for that GvE series. But, believe me, though, I already know about it. Lol.

    And I’ll definitely keep Wisconsin in mind! Sounds like paradise.


  26. Hi Bill,
    thankyouthankyouthankyou for your site. I’m a woman from Wisconsin who has been attracted to bearish men since my first boyfriend (imagine a torrid relationship with a blond Charmin bear). I’m convinced that set the stage for my lifelong tastes. I actually found this site Googling Googy Gress. Felt guilty… Had to do it… Thanks for being there for me. Check out the Good vs. Evil series if you get a chance. It’s sc-fi from 1999-2000. He looks chubby and sweet, and it’s fantastic fantasy material while I’m between buddies. Also, if you love bears, you may want to at least vacation in Wisconsin. Lots of hair and large, masculine bodies… mmmmm.

  27. Hi Porto. Thank you very much for all of your kind words. And I’m glad that you found my psyche “exciting.” Lol. If you only knew. 🙂 But, seriously, I hope I’m connecting with others out there who are just like us. I am a bit particular with my “tastes,” but I try to be open as I get older.

    If you have any bear requests, just let me know. I can’t conceivably be aware of all woofy bears out there, you know. ^_^

    And thank you for staying tuned in, my fellow 12 year old sis. 😉

  28. Hello from a french bear admirer-chaser.

    Very nice blog, so take us again and again into your psyche because it’s exciting, entertaining and … sooooo close of mine. 🙂

    When i see all these collages (bearjeff, manuel martinez…), i say: another “12 years old girl” like me! lol

    I will stay tuned here, for sure.

  29. Hi Kuya Will! How are ya? Thanks for writing a note in the BoB group. I missed you so much. It was such a pleasure hearing from you again. Take good care, and DO NOT be a stranger 😛

    Bearmythology forever!

  30. GREG AND RICH!!!!! HOLY SH… Wow. Just seeing your names reminded me when I was just starting out with the Yahoo Group. Fun times, they were. I hope that we could duplicate that here or anywhere, for that matter, since hi-speed internet is just like the best thing ever.

    Anyway, I’ve emailed you guys. Man, I’m so happy to hear from you! Emails sent, bear buddies!

  31. Will…. another bear buddy from the past. It’s Greg also from the old Bearmythology group. Give me a shout when you can. I missed you buddy.

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