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I was just watching some episodes of Sell This House, and I remember being smitten by the burly Roger Hazard.  Because of him, I always make sure that my home is in tip-top condition as though I am about to sell it.  That’s actually a great incentive to keep your house clean as well!  🙂  But to be back on topic, how can one concentrate if Roger is in your home?  Yes, sir, you do all the work while I sit on that corner and swoon.  😛

Anyway, make sure to follow Roger on Facebook and Twitter!

34 thoughts on “Goonday Moonday: Roger Hazard”

  1. LOL…I think he is great, sexy and all muscle but I agree with you Midknight, when he starts to talk a purse falls out!!! LOL.

  2. He might be built like the incredible hulk but no amount of muscles can cover up sissy, feminine movement.

    1. If you follow him on facebook you’ll see hat he’s quite openly out, he just did a photo shoot of the house he shares with his partner (Chris I think) with both of them in shot and both men.

  3. okay if you ask for my opinion about that i think roger is married to the guy from chubby chasers. he isn’t a good project manager or what ever he is. did you know that mario halario is gay. maybe those two got married.(i still think he’s married to the guy from chubby chasers) also i know he has a lot of money tina but you don’t know what the fuck your talking about.

  4. Does it never enter anyone’s mind that few things in life are not just black or white? Believe me, there really are bisexual people out there, I know it to be a fact. If Roger is bi, that’s OK. Let people be what they are! If you are bi and settle on one person, stick with them.

  5. Man.. Roger’s bear profiles on bigmusclebear is no longer active 🙁 They took it off! Arrrrr.. when I first saw him on Sell This House, I knew he was gay. But he is a such a hunk! Big Beefy Bear…. sexy!

  6. Well, if he’s gay or not … and it’s not a matter of hating faggots or anything, but if I dropped a paint brush in front of him … I’d ask one of the lady’s to pick it up for me …

    Just say’n!

  7. so what if he is gay????? he has more flare than any of you shit talkers…..and more money! I’d let him paint my walls anyday!

  8. I have watched Roger for quite a while. It didn’t dawn on me he might be gay. I’m a senior woman and very straight. I think he is such a talented wonderful man and what difference does it make. It’s his business and no one else’s. Keep up the good work Roger, we love you straight or gay.

  9. If you’ve seen the show, you would know he’s gay. 1, he’s a male designer and 2, a dick falls out of his mouth when he talks lol. That part is too bad but he still makes some damn good eye candy!!!

    1. Right, gay or straight and just think he’s hot and being gay myself it’s nice to fantasize about the thought of it.
      He seems like quite a nice guy on the show, he’s the reasons I watch!

  10. I hope the day comes when nobody will ask if someone is gay or not. What does it matter? Roger seems to be a lovely gentleman and everyone— gay or straight deserves to be respected.

  11. I used to see Roger out and about when he lived Houston. He has always been big and good-looking especially in the 80’s cause that is when I would see him out, especially at “Rich’s” a big gay dance bar and later when visiting Atlanta for Hotlanta at “Petris” circuit place… ah the good old days..Love your site too!!!!!!

  12. It doesnt surprise me he took his profile off whatever web site it might have been on. Once the show started Im betting they made him do it. With the way the right wing and christians get their feathers in a ruffle over everything(including this week sesame street using acronyms that sound like fox tv calling it pox and saying how bad it is and supposedly pushing a left wing agenda to toddlers)I bet they told him to take himself off all web sites.

  13. I also worked out with Roger when he lived in Houston & after he moved to ATL. My BF did his hair. Been to his house. Been to bars & parties with him. He lived with an ex-BF. Unless he converted to hetero somewhere, he is as gay as they come. And a really nice guy.

  14. That’s why he’s got profiles on and and likes big musclebear types… makes sense.

  15. I used to belong to the same gym as Roger Hazard. He is very much straight. When we worked out and some one told me he was a designer, I thought GAY, but turned out to be wrong. At the time Roger was happily married.

    Yes, I did see him in the lockerroom. WOW.

    1. Roger is gay and has a partner Chris Stout.
      They are in the design business together.
      Don’t know anything about Roger being
      married before, unless you call his part-
      ner he’s with a marriage. Good day.

  16. God this guy Is WOOOF! Im a fan of his and want to sell my place just to meet him. Will,how could your Bear-dar miss him???

  17. First time comment recent follower of your blog. It has been quite a few years but I remember being at one of the bars in Seattle and my partner had gone up to introduce himself. I didn’t realize who he was till after the fact and I kick myself for not stepping up to meet him also. I have a big crush on Roger and this photo only confirms it. Great site! Keep up the awesome work.

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