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The Many Woofy Faces Of Australian Weightlifter, Damon Kelly

BOOM! POW! BOOM! That’s pretty much the only way I could verbalize my instant thoughts when I first saw this Australian weightlifter.  His name is Damon Kelly and when I quickly did some thorough research (lol), I noticed that for a weightlifter, he’s quite stylish, to the point that I might even call him a “hipster” (or “bipster” for “bear hipster”).  Let me lay out the evidence, and you be the judge… [KEEP ON WOOFIN’!]

Shirtless Saturday: Phil Hickerson As PY Chu Hi

Here’s an old-school Shirtless Saturday post.   Phil Hickerson is a wrestler I discovered a few years ago thanks to the classic pro-wrestling matches shown on ESPN.  I missed out on his younger and furrier persona, so I just knew him as his villainous Japanese counterpart, PY Chu Hi. [KEEP ON WOOFIN’!]

Cute Guy Uses His Cubbish Charms To Sell Trident Layers Gum And It Works

Commercials are, more or less, fairly effective.  They are visual invasions and auditory assaults to the senses which can do their manipulative job in less than 30 seconds.  When I first saw the “Sword” Trident Layers Gum commercial, the ad did its spectacular magic on me as the cute cub in it caught my attention in less than 3 seconds. [KEEP ON WOOFIN’!]

Shirtless Saturday: Anthony Hayes (“The Square”)

The Edgerton Brothers’ “The Square” (Official Site) is one of my favorite films this year.  I’m not even sure if it was released in the US cinemas (as this was released on 2008), but I recently caught it on DVD and it’s spectacular filmmaking at its finest.  In a few words: “Australian film-noir set in the 1980s.”  And you know what?  It all worked fantastically.  As a lover of film-noir, the Edgerton Brothers did a superb job in creating a malicious world in a small Australian town.

With my fan-gushing out of the way, the film also starred a handsome actor that made my viewing even better: Anthony Hayes.  He’s a bit “smaller” for my tastes but his face, beard, furry chest, husky build, and — OMG! — that mullet!  The Mullet was a character of its own and I loved it.

And on to the good stuff.  It’s Shirtless Saturday, so here is the woofy Anthony Hayes in all of his shirtless and mulleted glory…

Unknown Bear Wearing Only A Jockstrap

In Season 2, Episode 3 of “Eastbound & Down,” this cute cub/bear shows up in the locker room donning just a white jockstrap.  (With a bonus Danny McBride armpit shot!)

It was also pretty awesome as the camera just randomly panned down to focus on his wonderfully small underwear…  😛

Then as the camera shifted its focus to Danny McBride, this deliciously woofy bear stood up then stretched his marvelous gut…

As he high fives the rest of his naked and sweaty teammates, I also offer a big high five to all of you guys to these awesome shots as well!

Here's another bonus: I'm digging the chubby Mexican bear in the dugout.

And, of course, let’s not forget the star of this show, Danny McBride:

Nip Slip!

Radu “Valahu” Georgescu: Massive Romanian Arm Wrestler

Rick Zumwalt’s character “Bull Hurley” has been a major factor and influence in my realization that I was attracted towards big and burly men.  His larger-than-life portrayal of a very intimidating and powerful arm wrestler is forever embedded in my memory: the red tanktop, the bald head, the thick & sweaty biceps, the perfect goatee, and his aggressively cocky demeanor were the physical features and personality traits that fueled my imagination and “sexual awakening,” if you will.

Well, today, I’d like to introduce to you Mr. Radu “Valahu” Georgescu or as I’d like to think of him as The Romanian Bull Hurley Version 2.0.  The more things change, the more they stay the same.  Rick Zumwalt may not be physically in this world anymore, but there will be people (from past, present, and future) who will always possess such amazingly similar traits.  Radu may not be bald nor possess a goatee, but what a trade-off with that spectacular beard!  Jury’s still out with the bandanas though…

Those screenshots from the collage were taken from this YouTube video:

And speaking of my coincidental Bull Hurley comparison, here is Hurley wearing a yellow tanktop and Radu wearing a yellow shirt!  OMG like that is so true!

The truth behind who had truly framed Roger Rabbit...

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Kristen Wiig Licks Zach Galifianakis’ Beard

When I was watching the latest episode of Showtime’s Bored To Death, I was pleasantly treated to a shirtless Zach Galifianakis getting his beard licked on by a drunken Kristen Wiig (love that gal) as she playfully tugs on the fur on his nipples while scraping off a stuck hair on her tongue.  Seriously, descriptions won’t do it justice…

Stay tuned for more dashing bears from Season 2 of Bored To Death.

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Rob Stern: What Happens When A Hot Chubby Bear Grows A Beard?

Rob Stern PTA Wrestler

This is just awesome.  IAmAaron from Tumblr just shared this video and the actor in it looked very familiar.  Once the credits rolled, I was surprised to find out that it’s Rob Stern from ActionPals!  Holy Moley!  He is even more cuter with a beard.  Is that even possible?

[vodpod id=Groupvideo.3524926&w=425&h=350&fv=autoPlay%3Dfalse]
The Worst Speeches of All Time: Pro Wrestler’s PTA Campaign

Such a missed opportunity with the ripping of the dress shirt though.  ^_^

Anyway, I then checked out ActionPals and found 2 new videos with Rob Stern.  He doesn’t have a beard in the first one but you get to see him in his handsome bearded glory in the second one…

Got a little bit of a BearBeat action going on in this Big Dick video for me…

Rob Stern and Al Unicorn
That smile can make me do whatever he wants me to do...

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Tom Hulce: Rock Me Amadeus, Indeed

Well, I’ll be.  Bearotic just posted a series of images of an actor from the film, Amadeus, who has matured into one seriously hot and woofy daddy bear: Tom Hulce.

Say what?  Again?  Tom Hulce?  I mean, seriously, what the f*ck?  (But in a good way.)  Wow.  I’m utterly speechless to actually see a man mature into such a perfect model of immense beauty.  I mean, honestly, I’m completely stunned.

Apparently he was in Jumper and I don’t remember seeing him in that movie.  My beardar was definitely malfunctioning at the time.  Anyway, I’m definitely going to check that film out again soon.

[BearPit] Unknown Flexing Musclebear

Jim Lyons had shared this awesome photo in the BofB Yahoo Group.  I’ve Photoshopped away the text that’s blocking the view on this unbelievably sexy man’s body (the original can be found here).  I have no idea who he is nor what “lb hambone 73732” means.  It might be some l33t terminology for “I got a boner the size of a ham.”  Lol.  That doesn’t even make sense.

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Kenny Rogers And The Kid With The Potty Mouth

Another 80’s favorite of mine was the film, Six Pack, which starred THE bear god, Kenny Rogers.  It was also my source of “porn” as I witnessed Kenny Rogers doing sit ups while shirtless.  (At the time, I had no idea that I was actually attracted to Mr. Kenny Rogers’ armpits, as all I was thinking about was how sexy his furry body was.  Little did I know that I will one day evolve into an armpit fetishist.)  Anyway, I pretty much “damaged” that scene in the Betamax tape as I’d replay it numerous times.

Another reason why I loved the film was that I loved the foul-mouthed kid, Swifty.  I had no idea what he was saying, but as an impressionable kid at the age of 10, I was imitating everything he was saying.  He had classic great lines, such as,”It’s Swifty! SWIFTY, you toad sucker!”

Love that kid.  And, what do you know.  Someone from YouTube had recently uploaded Swifty’s greatest shits, er, I mean, hits.  Awesome!

And since I love the movie’s theme song, “Love Will Turn You Around,” I just have to post that here.  Someone did a pretty good job using that song with montages from “Pirates of the Caribbean”:


David DeLuise: “Who’s Your Monkey?”

David DeLuise, one of the late Dom DeLuise’s sons, looks like this…

[EDIT: My apologies for not checking my facts, but Dom DeLuise is indeed still living with us.]

Now add a dash of beard, and you get this…

Big difference, no?  El mucho handsome, methinks.  These are screenshots from the trailer for Who’s Your Monkey?.


 The beard definitely makes the man…

Unknown Woofy Biker Bear From “Death Machines”

Joey Oglesby’s semi-retro-70’s getup from my previous post reminded me of biker bears who’d wear denim outfits, bandanas, and sunglasses.  The following is an unknown actor playing a bully biker bear from a pretty-bad-movie-it’s-bad called Death Machines.





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Dato Bakhtadze: The Butcher Of “Wanted”

Dato Bakhtadze plays “The Butcher” in the upcoming film, Wanted.  We see him briefly in the two trailers and he reminds me of Survivor’s Rupert Boneham, from the long hair and the beard to the tanktop (though instead of a tie-dyed hippie tanktop, he’s wearing a Virgin Mary designed tanktop).  Most importantly, such tanktops on both bears would always reveal their woofy armpits.  ^_^

More photos of Mr. Bakhtadze (though beardless from the film Crash) at this link.