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One Thick Muscle Guy Getting Massaged Coming Right Up

At BearMythology, it’s all about the simple and finer things.  In this case, a little thing such as a “massage” ends up becoming more than just the act.  So on this late Sunday edition, we have a smooth muscle man wearing only briefs while he’s being massaged by a very lucky lady.

Check out the boy watching the whole thing unfold.  If I was that kid, I’d be completely entranced and not getting bored and yawning.  😉  Thank you to petrbrezna from YouTube for this three-part massage session series of videos…

PS: What happened to Part 4?  There’s definitely a major body part that’s been unfortunately missed!  I mean, how could you have missed it?  -_^

Baytown Bear Flexes Chest And Displays The Bacon & Crawfish Explosion

This gosh-darn cutie is Ash Tallant, a resident of Baytown, Texas.  Those killer dimples should be illegal in all States.  He’s a friend of YouTube’s BayTownBert.  In the above video, Mr. Tallant shows a talent hidden within his uniform.

I probably don’t know my bacon, but that’s one heck of a thick bacon
(unless it’s bacon wrapped around steak or something)

He did a quick job eating that crawfish.  A 10 out of 10.

Wade Williams: “Ken Park”

[Just a note: I might be posting intermittently as I’m involved in community work with the upcoming presidential election.  But I’ll do my darnedest to post as much as I can.]

A big “Thank You!” to Scott for giving me a heads up on Wade Williams’ revealing scene in Ken Park.  I’ve already said my negative opinion on the two films that I have seen from Larry Clark, and this film really did not do anything to change my mind (even though I just skipped through the film to get through Wade Williams’ scenes)…

Regardless, this film has blessed us with Wade Williams in all sorts of ways that completely catered to my fetishes…  Let us begin.

Pumping iron…

Muscle flexing…

Armpit shots…

And, of course, just being shirtless…

I’ve debated about posting the “private part” screenshots, but this is a PG-13 blog.  The scene is not “technically” erotic as we only see his goods because he’s relieving himself.  Anyway, here’s a teaser of sorts…

Anyway, it’s been like 5 hours since I’ve uploaded a scene from this film and it’s still being processed by YouTube.  Hopefully it gets approved or something…

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Big Bloated Bull Rollin’ Around

Bassbassboomboom has posted another great set of photos of such a massive big bull in his Real_Thick Yahoo Group.  If you love massive behemoths, definitely join his group as he and his members tend to find wonderful bear gems such as this lovely musclechub…  The title of this post is actually his group’s post title for this aptly-named photo set.  Mmm, mmm, mmm…

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BeefyRedBear Is Also A HairyRedBear

Apparently, my bear-dar was malfunctioning when I first posted about BeefyRedBear.  And for even more apparently, he’s not a straight bear after all.  Thanks to my good kaibigan, Erl, from BofB Yahoo Group, for sharing his BigMuscleBears.com profile: HairyRedBear.

Here are some of Tracy’s woofy photos from his BMB profile…

My favorite photo from his set is this fully-clothed one.
Something’s truly wrong with me. 

In my original post, I mentioned how he unconsciously massaged his
right chest with his left hand…  Tracy, sir, please keep doing it…

Beefy… CHECK!  Hairy… CHECK!  Me fainting…  CHECK!

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The Burt Reynolds Semi-Nude Pose

I’m not sure if Burt Reynolds was the very first “bearish” media personality who had posed semi-nude while lying on top of a bear rug (not cool, Burt!).  Whatever the case, he had paved the way for other woofy men to get creative with such a pose…

Those fries sure do look mighty testes, er, tasty…

Mark Addy was, unfortunately, had cheap photographers who could not afford to even rent fake fur for his sexy pose.  But, who cares?  When you’re smoking hot and cuddly as Mr. Addy, you don’t need any fancy schmancy accoutrement.

I would love to inspect his crown’s two jewels.

Jerry “The King” Lawler looks very majestic and studly in this photo.  His beefy build and furry body truly displays his handsome regal excellence.

Who wouldn’t want to dribble that ball?

Terry Crews has got his bling on with that expensive looking fur rug.  His bulging muscles and killer smile are the things that could warm you down during those cold winter nights.

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Reese Hoffa: Two Mothers’ Teddy Bear Son

Shotputter, Reese Hoffa, has a blog at iVillage and you guys should check it out. The 2008 Summer Olympics at Beijing is close at hand and I’m definitely cheering on for Mr. Hoffa.

Reese’s iVillage webpage also has some wonderful photos like the following:

Reese’s birth and adoptive mothers

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Bob Sapp Scares You Into Buying Panasonic’s DIGA DVD Recorders

Well.  It worked.  😛  I mean, I bought one.

Lol.  FTW!

For those who don’t speak Japanese, this is my interpretation of what Bob Sapp said in the video (bear with me, I’m somewhat rusty with my Japanese):


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