Vasyl Virastyuk: A Series Of Shirtless Photos

Ah, yes, Mr. Vasyl Virastyuk.  I have been going crazy for this WSM competitor lately.  I wonder why he wasn’t part of this year’s WSM event?  I missed him so here is a series of shirtless photos of the incredibly husky Vasyl Virastyuk:










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2 thoughts on “Vasyl Virastyuk: A Series Of Shirtless Photos”

  1. The last I heard, Vasyl’s wife was killed in a skiing accident and he doesn’t compete much. I really don’t know if it’s true but, I think I did see something online about his wife’s death. I could care less about his attitude. I don’t think his pictures are here because we’re interested in his personality. He’s a beautiful man. And a bear god. I’d give my eye teeth for a chance to have him be rude to me. I love you Vasyl!

  2. I met Vasyl at the Arnold Classic, he was most objectionable person in the entire contest and he didnt even compete. He was rude, and so full of himself it was incredible. Other than his gut his ego is the largest thing he has going for him. He wont last long to be honest, this contest if for people who have to enjoy the crowd a bit, the reason they make money is people come to watch them, if you spit in the fact of everyone who wants to take a picture of you with his son, well you wont make money long,,,,,,,,,,

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