Claude VonStroke: DJ Bear, Bird Lover

I just got a fantastic tip from iBear about a woofy DJ named Claude VonStroke.  He is an American house, electro house and ghettotech producer based in San Francisco [Wikipedia].

While just looking at those photos of him, I told myself, “Well, self, he is quite handsome.  Maybe not a bear, but definitely a cub of sorts.  I think that…”

Then I saw this:

More photos here

Let’s just say that I have definitely reconsidered my original assessment… ^_^

Finally, here’s one of this woofy bear (yeah, I’ve upgraded him from “a cub of sorts”) music video and an example of ghettotech.

This is definitely gonna be on my GTA IV playlist…

4 thoughts on “Claude VonStroke: DJ Bear, Bird Lover”

  1. Hmmm… since we’re picking favorites here, I’ll have to say that mine is either the very first one (chubby boys in geek glasses = OMG yes yums!) or the one in bed with the bird. His fuzzy chest is very inviting and I bet the egg in his eye is a thinly veiled euphemism for something else.

    The mini-Coke one is great too, he looks so cute with it. The big Jackie-O glasses are also a good touch.

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