Drew Powell: “Turbo Dates” (Dudes)

Drew Powell has two new video clips that were uploaded in his Official Site.  One of them is Episode 25 (“Dudes”) of a television series called Turbo Dates.  I haven’t heard of this series, but it appears to be a collection of short videos concerning “Speed Dating” (though their slogan is “Speed Dating … Only Faster”).

Definitely check out the much preferred and much clearer Quicktime version.  In the meantime, here’s my “borrowed” YouTube version…

[EDIT: (11/18) The producers of the show had requested to remove this video as the show hasn’t officially aired yet.  It was also removed from Drew Powell’s official site as well.]

(higher quality version)

Watching the video, it somewhat entered the realm of my wishful thinking subconscious where in some alternate universe, I’m partnered with a straight bearish man and I won’t mind if he’s fulfilling his sexual appetites on other means while I’m just enjoying his very company.  Yeah, I’m probably the only one who thinks like that.  😛

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  1. Your post gave me pause. Why would you want to be partnered with a straight man?

    I realize you are not out (yet?), but still, this to me is somewhat curious and intriguing. And, I have to say, a bit disappointing. What would a straight man offer a gay guy that another gay ‘bearish´dude wouldn’t?

    *Please* don’t think I’m trying to be offensive, here, because that is the furthest thing from my mind. I’m just wondering.

  2. His smile at 2:15-18…

    I could be damned for this smile…
    and his leather jacket!

    ‘frubus is right!
    And Carl made me think about all this…

  3. @ Carl:
    Don’t worry, I’m not offended at all. I should have been more clear, but I did not imply that I want a relationship with a straight bearish guy. Not only is this truly impossible, it is just a “wishful thinking” on my part. Also, not only is such a relationship unhealthy, such a relationship can only go too far.

    In short, I do agree with you. I would much rather prefer to be partnered with a gay bearish man. ^_^

    However, I only mentioned that because I am pretty sure that I am not the only one who would feel that. There’s that allure of “The Unattainable” — and PORTO could attest to that! (lol)

  4. Oh yes!
    “Unattainable” was the word i was looking for!

    And, God…it fits so well to Mr Powell.

    Why don’t we see him as a regular in a tv show?

    A new doc in ER? hmmmm

    A new “other” in Lost? hot!

    A new buddy of Jack Bauer in 24? yes!!!!!!

    Damned hollywood executives…

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