Warren Sapp: Big Bear Channels Fred Astaire With The Foxtrot

Ah, yes, Mr. Barack Obama won.  Happy days…  However, as for Prop 8…  What a roller-coaster of emotions I’m feeling right now.  I’m proud to be an American, yet crippled by the anti-equality votes for being gay.  Oh well, much love for the lovers and even more love for the haters.  Let’s keep back on track…

This was Warren Sapp‘s not-so-stellar performance, but I personally thought that he deserved a higher score than three 7’s.  This is the big guy rehearsing then performing the foxtrot with Kym Johnson…  Methinks, I personally prefer the rehearsal session.











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2 thoughts on “Warren Sapp: Big Bear Channels Fred Astaire With The Foxtrot Leave a comment

  1. The easy pass of Prop 8 is extremely disturbing. If we happen to have some kind of easy attitude toward our rights and cause because of the Obama phenomenon or lethargy, we should reconsider. It’s a call to arms literally. There are a whole bunch of homephobes and bigots in every corner of this society including some “practicing” but indifferent gays. We should be watchful of our work. On this loss in specific relations to this election, you could see this article on why we failed.


  2. It’s not just sad, but downright terrifying to learn that — even with small funding — an appeal to people’s fears of teaching homosexuality in schools, thereby making them easy targets for pedophiles and/or turning gay is what convinced the public to vote “Yes.” It wasn’t about our equal rights. It was about what will happen to their children.

    As far as protecting “Traditional Marriages” — please. I wish that there is a law that annuls marriages for people who cannot conceive children — since “children” and “marriages” go hand-in-hand. And if you bear more than 3 children, then they should be penalized for overpopulating the world. Not only do these Mormon-spawning bastards spent $20 million for Prop 8 (rather than spending it on the poor and needy), they want to put a stop to the only minority group who could adopt abandoned children in orphanages. What a fucking joke.

    Ah, I’m just rambling here. You’re right. This is a call to arms. Quite literally.

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