Shane Morbid Needs Your Help

Shane Morbid was my very first interview on this blog.  He was one of the very first straight bear who also became my friend.  And, now, he needs our help.  In The Oklahoma Wrestling Fan’s Resource Center, there will be a 2008 Year-End Awards.

In order to even be able to vote, each voter needs to register first.  The registration ends on November 30.  Once December comes around, registration closes.  The Awards Poll will then be opened for voting some time on December.

Here is a sample of 2007’s Year-End Awards Nominees.

Let’s all please show our support to Mr. Shane Morbid!  Register now!




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7 thoughts on “Shane Morbid Needs Your Help”

  1. Thanks a ton. As you know, I won best wrestler in the state as well as tag team of the year along with match of the year.

    Thanks again for all of your support.

    You guys are “AWESOME”

    Mr. Endurance “Sugar” Shane Morbid

  2. Thanks to everyone who votes me this year. I hope that I can win this year.

    Thanks for eveyone’s support

    Mr. Endurance “Sugar” Shane Morbid

  3. Oh, I forgot to mention – registered and voted! Yes, Mr. Morbid can count on my -support- for -anything-. ANYTHING. XD

  4. Mr. Shane Morbid is one sexy beast!

    I love how eager the guy on the right-hand side of the middle picture looks. *laughs* Clandestine lovers for the win!

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