Scouserugger’s Real Men: Darren Garforth & Rugby Bears Approve

Scouserugger’s Real Men is not just my latest favorite blog, it is also precisely the type of blog I wish many bear/chub admirers would create.  I also love the fact that he puts names to their faces.  As a tribute to this awesome blog, here are two rugby-related collages I did a few years back…

Speaking of putting names in faces, I was wondering if any of you guys know the big bear blokes on the first collage.

bigpropsyahoogroup1This BigProps Yahoo Group is gone now, I think…


11 thoughts on “Scouserugger’s Real Men: Darren Garforth & Rugby Bears Approve”

  1. welcome to the discover of the FRONT ROW or 1ROW : 2 two props and 1 hooker are the usaully the players of front row in a rugby team on field .
    Their plays in a rugby team are many times little bit undercover but absolutly mecessary for the team plays of defense and offensive sides .
    I like rugby too much and the props are 100 reasons that I like rugby
    Os du Randt CJ Van den Linde Vickery Payne Somerville are a little part of the intresting props around the fields of world

    P.S. my secret dream is to have as husbear a redhary prop
    hugs by kodiak3u

  2. Sorry for the delay in following my post from a few days ago promising to explain why there is crotch grabbing in Rugby Union.
    So….basically in the pic of the Welsh boys above where the crotch grabbing is taking place: they are the “front row”. The guys behind are the “2nd row” and they are grabbing the front rowers to help make a “scrum”.
    Watch this, it will explain all (I hope):

    If you’re still not sure what’s going on after watching that, let me know. Cheers lads.

  3. P.S.: Sorry, “Mr. Smashedbilly”, I´ve yet seen (quickly) so many “things” in your blog, that perhaps I´m a bit dizzy. I laughed due to your words on celebrating one year of this blog (ME? STRAIGHT? NOT EVEN DEAD, ah ha ha!… – wasn´t this that you meant?) and watched those beasts, lol. I´d just like to add, when I mentioned, above, athletes´ bodies, especially thru your pix, I had to have said, I then behold more faces than… legs, which is almost a bomb from your photos choice. Congras.

  4. My goodness, “Smashed”, how/where could you find out so many beauties and join them all like in a children´s album? Man, not thinking of athletes´ bodies only, these guys have marvellous faces, maybe all of them look so cute, so handsome! It´s really awful. What a good taste, “Billy”!
    Thanks and good luck!

  5. Mmm, why do Rugby players grab each others crotches?
    It is actually an integral part of the game, believe it or not, but I have been downing the beer tonight and so am not really in a fit state to give a proper answer.
    I shall try and do so tomorrow when I can think properly!
    But for your starter for 10, please be aware that there are 2 main types of Rugby; a) Rugby Union and b) Rugby League.
    I follow Rugby Union (as I think it is the superior game), and it is in Union that crotch grabbing happens, not in League.
    Okay, until tomorrow, stay cool fellers!!

  6. @ Scouserugger:

    I’ve always been trying to figure out their names and now I can rest easy. I bow to your rugby knowledge. I am in awe.

    I figured that you were familiar with that Big Props Yahoo Group which was why I posted those collages. ^_^

    Keep up the great work on the blog. You have a big fan right here and I really love what you’re doing with it. Give me a holler if there are any photos you might be looking for…

    @ BioBear:
    Oh my gosh. That would be TOO HOT!!! *swoons*

    @ DG:
    I’m not too educated in Rugby, but I’m sure Scouserugger could explain to us why it’s common for Rugby athletes to grab other players’ crotches.

  7. Thanks for the shout out and the very kind compliments, that should shove my visit counter right up!! It’s getting tougher trying to find decent photos for the blog, but I shall endeavour now that I have such a distinguished supporter!

    The first guy in the top left hand corner looks like Olivier Azam, but he plays for Gloucester and that jersey does not bear their colours (though it could be a “change” kit). Anyway, you could do worse than to “Google” Olivier as I think you would like him.

    Next to him, in the Welsh jersey, is big Darren Morris (lurrve him), then in the right hand corner is David “Dai” Young (who recently appeared in my blog).
    Second row starts with two more pics of Darren Morris, then the awesome Mr Garforth. I don’t know the guy next to him in the black vest, but that is definitely a French team he is playing for – clues are a really naff kit design and Peugeot sponsorship on the shorts. David Young (again) in the bottom left hand corner (with a very natty old Welsh change shirt on, nice hoops). Then, the best pic on the right, of one of the greatest Welsh front rows, both for skill and horniness. Left to right: Dai Young, Garin Jenkins and Peter Rogers (who was actually South African, but qualified to play for Wales).

    That “big props” Yahoo group was fantastic wasn’t it? That’s the kind of feel I’m aiming for with my blog, hope I’m getting close to it.

    BTW, I have another blog on Live Journal, just called “Scouserugger’s Blog”. I just generally tend to moan on it, but there are some decent pics too. Have a look and see what you think.

    Cheers !!!!!!

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