Ervin Katona: Serbian Strongman

Ervin Katona[]

Ervin Katona shirtless 03That big brute you’re seeing is Serbia’s own, strongman Ervin Katona.  Just like Travis Ortmayer, I also did not notice him before, but that photo above made my eyes dilate from seeing such pure, unadulterated handsomeness.  So I did my own investigation on this beautiful behemoth…

Here’s a video of this massive guy (you see him for the first minute):

And here be even more photographic evidence of this man’s spectacular physique…

Ervin Katona shirtless 01from demomile’s Flickr Photostream

I will be posting about the other guy too
I will be posting about the other guy too

Ervin Katona shirtless 04

Ervin Katona 01

Ervin Katona 02

Ervin Katona 03

Ervin Katona 04

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  1. Another very hot man… There are some more vids with him on youtube if you look for strongman stuff. That vid’s nice, the guy interviewing him is actually shocked! Hehe.

    BTW – The first pic’s awesome!

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