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[Unknown] Bartender From “Bored To Death”

Bored To Death 03

Bored To Death has quickly become one of my favorite TV series.  Not only is the woofy Zach Galafianakis in it, the show is smartly-written and perfectly cast with Jason Schwartzman as the lead.

But on today’s post, I just want to point out a handsome actor who played a bartender in Season 1, Episode 5 (The Case Of The Lonely White Dove).  Unfortunately, IMDb nor the end credits shed any light on this mysterious stranger’s true identity…

Unknown Bartender - Bored To Death 03

Unknown Bartender - Bored To Death 01

Unknown Bartender - Bored To Death 02

Unknown Bartender - Bored To Death 04

Anthony Caporale: Concocts The Baracktail

Anthony Caporale is the creator and host of the web series Art of the Drink TV.  It’s an educational series which exclusively focuses on bartending.  The above is his latest drink concoction specifically tailored for this upcoming U.S. Presidential election: The Baracktail.

I’m not really a drinker, but if this Italian bear was a bartender in my town, I think that I’d be in trouble.