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Flesh Fair Bears Of “A.I.”

A.I. is one of my favorite films of all-time.  In fact, this is a sampling of my similar top films: 2001: A Space Odyssey (favorite film of all-time), Blade Runner, and The Matrix Trilogy (yes, all three of them).  See a pattern?  I tend to enjoy movies that involve artificial intelligence as their main theme.

Anyway, I once posted a visual analysis of A.I.  Unfortunately, when I abandoned the whole internet thing (I did not know it was possible), I also abandoned paying for my web hosting.  $6 a year can break a man.  However, to my pleasant surprise, a great group of “A.I.” fans have managed to save it.  Wow.  I am very honored and impressed.  If you guys are interested, please check it out: Bill Coronel’s A.I. Visual Analysis*.

* I called myself “Bill” or “Billy” when I was doing “straight”-related stuff on the web.  I feel that it cleverly hid my true identity.  Lol.

Big Bear and Little Bear

Brendan Gleeson

Brent Sexton and that dude from Prison Break Season 3
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“Don’t Drink The Water”: A Pepto-Bismol Commercial

Here’s a funny commercial with a cute, woofy bear who’s just lounging on a beach chair, enjoying the sun, and drinking cocktails.

I just love his squinty eyes.  I tend to get attracted to bearish folks with those eyes: they appear somber and aged.  Since I gravitate towards older bears, I think I’m attracted to their life’s experiences, from their hardships to their accomplishments.  There I go again, romanticizing things.  Lols.

And here’s a collage from that commercial.  At the time (2001), I thought that the actor resembled an actor named Brent Sexton which is why he’s included in the collage.