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Wild Cherry Pepsi Commercial: Just Another Ad Where Fat Dudes Are Laughed At

Got these screenshots when AdCritic wasn’t part of a subscription-based site
back in 2001.

Ridicule all you want, bear/chub/fat/big/large/hairy-hating-folks.  Keep doing it just as long I get to see these type of awesome softcore porn in the form of commercials…

Tim Rossovich: “Night Shift”

If Tom Selleck and Will Ferrell were to spawn a manbear, it would result into the woofy Tim Rossovich.  According to Mr. Rossovich’s IMDB bio, he used to be college roommates with Tom Selleck at USC.  That would explain the similar ‘stache and ‘fro.

Here’s a scene that you can bet your money I watched a lot when I was a kid.  It’s from a great flick titled, Night Shift.

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