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Casey Hampton: HOLY *Insert Blubbering Sounds* MOLEY!

Dear ESPN Magazine: OMG.  Thank you!

I was pretty harsh on ESPN Magazine’s 2010’s “The Body Issue” when Steven Holcomb’s godly physique was digitally altered.  However, thanks to GE, he pinpointed me to ESPN Magazine’s “The Body Issue 2009: Battle Scars” which featured a close-up of Casey Hampton’s magnificent belly.  Needless to say, seeing an almost-nude image of Mr. Hampton is an excellent way to win someone like me over — even though this was shot a year before the Holcomb-Gate fiasco.  ^___^

Here is the link to the Flash Gallery of “The Body Issue 2009: Battle Scars”:


I can’t seem to embed this ESPN video, but you can briefly see him in an interview with all of the athletes — including Randy Couture — involved in that photo shoot.


Unfortunately, the Pittsburgh Steelers did not win the SuperBowl this year, so we’re gonna miss out on seeing a shirtless Casey Hampton at a SuperBowl Parade…  🙁

NFL MANIA 2009 (Shirtless Saturday): Casey Hampton

Casey Hampton shirtless 201from AxsDeny Flickr Photostream

I’ve posted about Casey Hampton before, but I had to save his awesome shirtless photos just for this day.  But before we continue, here’s a video of the massively beautiful and shirtless Casey at the SuperBowl XLIII Champions Parade.

The above video of Pittsburgh Steelers’ defensive tackle is unfortunately blurry, so here’s a short interview of the big guy.  He might not be shirtless, but he’s got to be viewed as clearly as possible.

And as we resume our regularly-scheduled program, here are the amazing shirtless photos of our deliciously chubby football player that my great friend, D.T., has found and shared for us…

Casey Hampton superbowl parade 01

And if you are looking for more photos of this handsome bear, let me direct you to the Flickr Hive Mind.  I am so obsessed with this Flickr feature that I’ve lost sleep over it.  Experiment with differing keywords when you’re “researching” for our spectacular biggins; who knows what awesome discoveries you’ll find…

Casey Hampton superbowl parade 02

Casey Hampton superbowl parade 03

Casey Hampton superbowl parade 04

Casey Hampton superbowl parade 05

Casey Hampton superbowl parade 06

Casey Hampton superbowl parade 07

Casey Hampton superbowl parade 08

Casey Hampton superbowl parade 09

Casey Hampton superbowl parade 10

Casey Hampton superbowl parade 11

Casey Hampton superbowl parade 12

Casey Hampton superbowl parade 13

Casey Hampton superbowl parade 14

Casey Hampton superbowl parade 15

Shirtless Steelers’ Casey Hampton = I Have “Nothing Left To Say”

In the above photo, Casey Hampton of the Pittsburgh Steelers celebrates his team’s SuperBowl victory with his adoring fans.  Man, don’t you just want to hug the big guy?  You can find him semi-shirtless in this post as well…

Seriously, I have nothing left to say by just staring at that beautiful perfection.  And with that, here’s one of my favorite R&B groups from back in the day, Mint Condition, singing “Nothing Left To Say.”  They’re back with a vengeance and still delivering dope (yeah, I said “dope”) rhythms.

Shirtless Saturday: Football Biggins

The title of this edition of Shirtless Saturday is in honor of one of my early favorite websites ever: Football Biggins.  It’s a photo site “dedicated to the often overlooked hogs in American football.”

Gawrsh, what a sweet gig she has…

So, today, I have compiled some shirtless photos of football bears, chubs, and their equally handsome fans.  Enjoy the delicious pork and beef on display…

This is actually not football-related, but I did find it on a football-related site.
Does that count?  More importantly, does that matter?  ^_^

Anyway, I only posted that really because it reminded me of these fantastic screenshots of the retired NFL player, Tony “The Goose” Siragusa, enjoying his big sexy body under the sun…

Oh, come on.  What a tease!

The Goose is not shirtless here, but they’re just some of my old collages of this gorgeous athlete.

Doesn’t he resemble John Goodman on the top-right?

Pittsburgh Steelers’ nose tackle, Casey Hampton
Hmm…  Can we please order more Belvedere for that hot musclechub?

Original photo from BigJilm84’s Flickr Page

I’m not sure who they are, but the original title of the photo is “JH-BYU Media Day 3″…
Either way, this is what you would call “Shirtless Football Porkers.”  😛

I raise your “Shirtless Football Porkers” with the “Shirtless Football Beefers”
Fortunately, I would have to go all in, as I prefer the meatier and tastier porkers.  -_^

I’m not quite sure what this lady is doing to Frank Winters, but it definitely
has brought to my attention that I should have had chosen this profession!

Former Green Bay Packers quarterback Brett Favre, right, jokes with Frank Winters
during a news conference before the Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame induction
banquet Saturday, July 19, 2008, at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Here’s a shirtless NY Giants’ fan who has managed to give me a *boing*
just on the folds and curvatures of his belly alone.  I give up!

Finally, here’s a photo that I did find from Football Biggins a few years ago…
I wonder who he is, and I wonder if he ever made it to pro…