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Happy Father’s Day!

Look long and hard enough, you’ll find My Number One Bear wearing nothing but his full Father’s Day suit…  -_^

Chad Brock: A Man Perfect


This was actually 1 of numerous newspaper clippings that I bought off from eBay.  Lol.  There was actually a lady who collected newspaper/magazine clippings of country music singers and she had a lot of Chad Brock clippings.  Needless to say, I was one of her best customers.  I still remember an eBay nemesis who had tried to win those Chad Brock clippings.  Sadly for her, I had won.  Yes!  Lol, she was only 15, I think, and I paid a hefty sum of 5 bucks (including shipping!).

And here’s Chad Brock in a video for “Lightning Does The Work.”  Even with the pixellated YouTube video, his masculinity just plain oozes out of it.

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Chad Brock, Me, And My Self-Hating Neurosis

I am very self-conscious about my looks.  In fact, I don’t particularly like my face and body at all.  I actually wish that I was bigger, well, “bearish,” more specifically.  Or for heaven’s sakes, even “cubbish” would have been nice.  Well, not much I can do about it, unless I got an ExTrEmE BeAr MaKeOvEr.  ^_^

Anyway, as this is my personal blog, I figure that I come out of the closet and slowly introduce myself by showing off my mug.  At least, I’m introducing myself to sympathetic (I hope!) guys and gals who are like me.  I actually snuck in a few photos of myself in the “About Your Rambling Author” link above (yes, I am not an openly gay man).  I figure that no one will really discover me as the web is such a massive place.  Lol.  Famous last words.

This was me 5 years ago.  I figure that I put me sad mug because I believe in karma,
or specifically, “reciprocation.”  I’ve posted so many images of woofy bears — who
are still human beings after all — in
various “revealing” photos/videos.  So let me
repay them in kind with images of my (lolz) armpits…
Eh, what the heck.  You only live once, you know?

And, finally, here’s a 2001 photo of me with Chad Brock.  It was my second Chad Brock concert.  And if it’s not obvious enough, I was beaming and gleaming (damn you, oily skin!) with drunken joy.  To this day, I can vividly recall what it felt and smelled like being extremely close to Mr. Chad Brock.  I mean, check out my right shoulder happily buried in between Chad’s armpit.  Man, I can still feel his beefy chest and bicep squeezing unto my lucky shoulder.  Also, if you can see through my glasses, my eyeballs are actually staring at Mr. Brock’s chest hair.  😛

Chad Brock and a Filipino K.D. Lang impersonator

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[BearBeat] Chad Brock: Why This Cowboy Got The Blues

Chad Brock also used to be a professional wrestler back in the WCW days (as Chad Brock, a country-singing pro-wrestler!).  He was mostly a jobber and got dominated a lot.  Unfortunately, he got injured and decided to completely pursue his primary love: singing.  I’m just proud of this man for making his dreams come true.

Here is a Chad Brock ad scanned for me a few years ago by a good friend named Sparky:


And finally, this is why our woofy cowboy gets the blues.  He got beat up a lot.  As in, he never even got to land a blow <giggle> on Mike Enos.  I wish I had the full match, but as you folks know by now, I extract just very specific clips — and in this case, it’s the Chad Brock beatdowns.  It’s a problem, I know.  I’ll be in that anonymous meeting soon.

BearBeat Score:
3 out of 5 Pawnches

Why the average score?  Well, I did not appreciate his opponent, Mike Enos, dropping Mr. Brock’s neck on the top ropes [0:20 mark].  The inconsiderate and pumped up Enos did not even wait for Chad to get his armpits on top of the ropes to minimize the painful impact of his neck on the ropes.  I guess I can’t blame Enos since he felt like the king of the world dominating a guy smaller than he was.  Bravo.  So that’s the reason for the decreased score.  The fantasy aspect of the clip disappears once someone actually gets hurt.  Not nice at all.

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Chad Brock: Woofiest Country Singer, Definitely

I’m not quite sure what Chad Brock has been up to lately, but he will always be my favorite country singer.  I have all three of his albums and most of his songs are mostly pop-country goodness that I tend to enjoy.  Here are some scans from his last CD, simply titled “III”:




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