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Orlando Pace Moves In With Da Bears

When the Chicago Bears added Jay Cutler as their new quarterback, they also acquired an experienced burly bodyguard for him: Offensive Tackle Orlando Pace[from ESPN.com]

Orlando Pace The Sporting News

Here is Orlando Pace back when he was with the Saint Louis Rams…

Orlando Pace 101

Orlando Pace 102

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[BearPit] Jimbo Covert: A Chicago Bear In The WWF

…as in the old school World Wrestling Federation.  Mr. Jim “Jimbo” Covert was an offensive lineman for the Chicago Bears.  And in 1986, he was involved in a 20-Man Battle Royal at WrestleMania II.

Ah, yes, that moustache…  Reminds me of my favorite Reverend —
the Reverend Donnie Davies…  In fact, shave off the beginnings of a mullet
then thin it out, you will then get a bear version of the cute cub, Joey Oglesby.

As for that bearmythology Yahoo group url in the collage, um, well, it’s completely abandoned.  ^_^