Rick Zumwalt: Prime Example Of A MuscleChub

I was just doing a Google Image search on “musclechub” only to surprisingly find images that I have posted on this blog.  I guess that I have been posting mostly about musclechubs (though not “muscle chubs” specifically).

I guess for pure, unadulterated attraction, I tend to gravitate towards muscular chubbies.  It probably has to do with the film, Over The Top, and the very presence of the late Rick Zumwalt.  I was 15 when the film came out; and because of it, the very idea of myself worshiping such mythological bearish behemoths was born.

Here are some photos of the ever-burly musclechub, Rick Zumwalt.  And make sure to visit The Rick Zumwalt Fan Site, created by a great friend of mine.

Strongman Ginaud Dupuis had also played Mr. Zumwalt’s role in
Cirque de Soleil’s Alegria

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9 thoughts on “Rick Zumwalt: Prime Example Of A MuscleChub”

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  2. I knew Rick in high school. He was a great guy to his friends and always a gentleman with the girls. We never hung out much, but he and I shared some close friends and I heard many stories of fistfights in the Highland Park & Lincoln Heights area where Rick played a starring role! He once showed up at my fiance’s apartment in the middle of the night to politely ask for access to the bathroom to wash his bloody nose (can’t imagine what happened to the other guy). I served in the Air Force for many years and lost track of him. I saw him again about 25 years later (and around 80 pounds heavier) as a fellow member of AA. He was being of maximum service to others, even while at the height of his film career. Then I lost track of him again. I was very grieved when my former wife called me last year to tell me she’d found out he’d died. I always wanted to see him again. Maybe on the other side.

  3. I met Rick back in the mid 90’s. I was a friend of his brother Bear. When I saw Rick at AA Convention in Anaheim, CA I asked him about Bear. He had told me that Bear had committed suiside. I was saddened by that revolation. Now here I am in 2008 and I just learned that Rick Passed in 2003. I feel so sad. I had no idea. I only met Rick by chance. But in that brief meeting he left and life long impact on me. He was a gracious person I could have ever met

    1. Armwrestling is a great sport,I love it. I met Rick in 1987, he coached me on how to armwrestle. great teacher and friend. He shared a lot of funny stories about his life. Although he was a giant by size he was a gentle man.

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