BearSong Sunday: “Toxic” (iMaykel’s Lip Synch Version)

I’m stealing this from Chubarama because I freaking love it.  It’s from a YouTuber called iMaykel and he performs a pretty creative lip singing version of A Static Lullaby‘s “Toxic.”

I don’t understand French but I could listen to this cutie speak French all day long.  This guy oozes that geek look that I go crazy for and not to mention that he’s just extremely hot.  He also somewhat reminds me of a hybrid between Tyler Labine and Stellan Skarsgård.

I then stole this comic strip he made from his blog:


Man, I’m like so in love it’s not even funny.  ^_^

6 thoughts on “BearSong Sunday: “Toxic” (iMaykel’s Lip Synch Version)”

    1. He has a bunch of videos on X Tube under the name khalieldeckard, and yes they are, if anything, explicit. Really hot man;wish I spoke French fluently.

  1. He USED to have a TON of super hot, super explicit videos over at Chubspot under the username Khaliel. Sadly, since the site went belly up his XXX vids have disappeared as well.

  2. OK, since I’m French, here’s my contribution to this post 🙂

    Transcript (in French) :
    (Number 1 represent the character in the top left corner and number 4 is the bottom right corner)
    4 : Il est où lui ?
    1 : J’suis là, vous m’attendez, j’arrive. Quelques secondes les gars.
    1 : Putain, où est-ce que je l’ai mis ?
    4 : Bon, on t’attend, on t’attend. Tout le monde t’attend.
    1 : Ha ça y est, je l’ai !
    4 : Oh, il est lourd…
    1 : Désolé.
    4 : Il fait une chaleur ici. Incroyable.
    4 : Les autres, vous êtes prêts ?
    1 : OK.
    4 : Hum, faut pas parler surtout.
    1 : Bon bah ça y est, j’suis prêt. Quand vous voulez.
    4 : Bon c’est bon, on va y aller, on va y aller.

    And here is my translation in English (more detailed than his) :
    4 : Where the hell is he ?
    1 : I’m here, hold on, I’m coming. One moment, guys.
    1 : Fuck, where did I put that ?
    4 : All right, we’re waiting, we’re waiting. Everybody’s waiting.
    1 : OK, I got it !
    4 : What a pain in the ass…
    1 : Sorry.
    4 : It’s so damn hot in here. Unbelievable.
    4 : You guys are ready ?
    1 : OK.
    4 : Yeah, don’t answer me (ironic).
    1 : OK fine, I’m ready. Whenever you want.
    4 : OK, OK, let’s begin.

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